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"Cinema Stain" Cdr 2009

(No Angels Prod
/Beast Of Prey)

An impressive, collaborative release developed by two creative acts in which they incubate part of all the potential hidden. INNER VISION LABORATORY is an ambient /psychedelic act coming from Poland, and this time its own world is revealed though piano, samples, beats, field recordings and other devices, generating an integral part in the whole direction developed in "Cinema Stain". by the other side, we have ROTO VISAGE, an experimental act coming from usa and creating diverse manipulated soundscapes and atmospheres able to transport you to such in deep states of subconscious due the pen
etrating atmospheres developed here. so ,well this time they gave birth to "Cinema Stain”, more then just a release, this is a deconstructive transformation of psychic character in which you shall experience the pain,anxiety,fear,suffering in a deeper way, through each one of the 8 compositions created here. Opening the album is "Opto Mechanical Projection”, a dense, suggestive track with such twisting atmospheres and suffering voices adapting perfectly to the whole structure of the track. Sorrowful cold passages opening to you new realities based in pain and solitariness. Then comes "Where It Sleeps”, emerging from another level of existence, through degenerative soundscapes and suggestive vociferations, creating obscure currents flowing though the whole track. The impure manifestations continues with "The Crippling" is floating through several electronic devices and technological experimentations from outer structures. Without a doubt an excellent release is what you shall find here. The horror and abysmal structures emerges through each one of the tracks created here.” Ritual Scarification" is another track, built into percussive beats, voices and effects complementing each other to create a vaporous ritual piece.” No Further questions" is built into drone elements and dense soundscapes surrounded by voices crawling through the whole composition.” Bad Memories”, Porcelain Doll" and "I'll Be Looking At You" are the last tracks, in which you shall find experimental adaptations and other surprises which surely enraptures your senses. Packaging is non-typical: professionally printed and professionally duplicated CDR with additional graphical insert is placed in a plastic box (slim Dvd box type). Inserts and covers are professionally printed on gloss paper. Edition is limited to 200 hand numbered copies.

Cd 2009
(Glacial Movements)

Brilliantly perfect, is what arrives to my hands recently through Glacial Movements...An in deep vibrational ambient soundscapes developed through Italian project consisting of two creative spirits in the shapes of Enrico Coniglio,a guitar player and composer which through time has been recognized due the nature of its art through post-urban and post-industrial territory. Its development here is just amazing, through the well performed use of guitars, synthesizers, programing, sampling and more yet to be discover. at the other side we have the shape of GianLuigi Gasparetti, known as Oophoi who has been involved in alot of projects, releases in the fields of deep ambient soundscapes, emerging into his own world searching new lights through this collaborative project AQUADORSA.he appears in all his own splendor though diverse use of elements such as piano, percussions, waterphone, chimes, singing bowls, theremin, programing and sampling in most of the tracks. Really an interesting fusion developed here. The album includes a total of 7 compositions in which the majestic, in deep structures seems to catch you to such desolated icy textures through tracks as "A pillow Of Clouds" or "Daylight Fading Into Evening silence" which are the first two tracks. Then comes, "The Pond Reflected Her Smile" an in deep voyage to the center of nothing, though vast cold eerie structures and clitches aborting from time to time, dressed with such vast atmospheres filled with such monumental desolated elements. "Zero Gravity" is structured through such ethereal soundcapes,chimes and other devices which start to mutates within the whole minutes creating hybrid spaces crawling from each one of the almost 11 minutes of this composition. Another track is “Syhan" still keeping such sensitive, expressionism handled through ambient soundscapes with some voices as background of the track. This track is so calm and fragile but with the necessary power to be fell by yourself when deeply listening each one of the different facets reflected here. "Alone In The Rising Fog" is longer track with almost 19 minutes of deep explorations of sounds and structures collapsing themselves to create ghastly atmospheres with such cold soundscapes floating through the whole composition. Finally the album is closed with "Night Of Trembling Stars" another in deep composition in which both artists develops all its creativity and imaginative reflections into calm, dimensional soundscapes able to transport you to such regions still to be discovered by human eye. the album comes in a beautiful digipack and for more info just visit the Glacial Movement page in order to get more about this ethereal and atmospheric ambient Italian act AQUADORSA.

"The Heart Of The Music Box" Cdr 2009

(Black Note Music)

Entering the heart of experimental dimension where all possibilities are created, moulded, transformed and deconstructed to give birth to floating spaces is what RADIO FREE CLEAR LIGHT offer us through this release. The whole deconstructive release takes part in an invocation performance in San Francisco. The sounds were recorded with multiple microphones and integrate with loops and drones and other electronic devices to create a piece of creativity in its entire splendor. With a total of 12 tracks, such transformative pieces of music are created under specific methods which you must hear in tracks such as "Ghost In The Box" with such amazing ethereal atmospheres and after some minutes, percussive elements appear to give a dynamic touch to the track.” Cacophonous Lounge" is another track with such incredible adaptations. This time the use of ritualistic percussive sounds, female shamanic chants complementing perfectly with the total of this piece. "They Will Live" is a noise/drone structure with such eerie elements mutating all the time, giving birth to new spectrums all the time. Another track to make reference here is ""In The Velvet Forest" a dense composition with catching atmospheres and elements which penetrates your mind in a slowly but suggestive way, one of the best tracks here.”Wind Um,Watch Um" is a noise defragmentation with discordant elements appearing and disappearing all the time. Really a very interesting experimental release with such eclectic nature which surely will surprise you due the way as the whole tracks has been developed here. RADIO FREE CLEAR LIGHT is Juan Carlos Mendizabal (Aka KYRON),Etanna Sack, an explorer of ritual activity and noise. And Lydia Harari, a photographer, dancer and experimental video artist. And such trio has been developing this piece of experimental reality, with the purpose to be devoured by your brain. All in all more information visit the Black Note Music page.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


“Devices 1987-2007” Double Cd 2007
(Monochrome Vision)

Arcane Device is the project of David Myers to release his experimental works with
Manipulated feedback processing. Myers invented his own machine for feedback and started releasing his first experimental works in 1987. He has also collaborated with people like Asmus Tietchens, Kim Cascone, and others and has his own label called Pulsewidth. Through this double album, he present us his most in depth creative art though more than 20 years of musical experimentation in which he carves the most hi
dden and obscure structures of his mind in order to complete this release including rare and unreleased material created by ARCANE DEVICE. The album is divided into two parts “Rare and Unreleased Tracks” consist of 10 experimental voyages floating into sensitive abstract/ ambient compositions built though diverse minimal structures converging into experimental voyages built through the perfect use of feedback processors and other electronic devices. The first part is brilliant, because it transport you to another sphere due the imaginative and sensorial expressionism generated when you deeply hear each one of the compositions released here. The second part is called “feedback Symphony”, presented in 4 movements, creating such fantastic experimental soundscapes with so impressive moments from start to finish. The tracks are well elaborated and with the necessary force to keep you immersed in the vaporous void offered by ARCANE DEVICE. In comparison Cd one, this one offers you a more dense and well structured work with so many abstract elements and mutative expressionism ready to be devour by yourself.

“Solaris” Cd 2007

(Monochrome Vision)

When exploring the deep atmospheres and distant ambient soundcapes though the splendour of dramatic journeys and subterranean abstract realms, we must mention NIKITA GOLYSHEV,a Russian artist who has been developing his talent and artistical visions through last years, and today becoming one of the most promising individuals inside the underground Russian Federation scene. Also he is exploring another facet of his own reality through a project called CDR. Through “Solaris” we walk a path through two dense compositions in which you shall explore in deep soundcapes the enigmatic journey created by this Russian artist and visionary. The first part is developed through 32:01 minutes of drone ambient experimentations creating deep layers of suggestive nature, creating vast dense soundscapes with such hypnotic atmospheres surrounded through the whole composition. The second part is developed through 29:37 minutes in which you shall submerge to an abstract reality, created through dense drone patterns and atmospheres with an alien nature. All in all the whole two tracks are just perfect, hypnotic substances penetrating the subconscious. NIKITA GOLYSHEV, developed an impressive debut album, with such in deep journeys generated by him, through ambient/abstract elements which such notorious expressionism and highly suggestive elements.

"Gap Var Ginnunga" CD 2009
(Indie Recordings)

WARDRUNE was raised from ancestral Nordic dawn in 2002, by the shape of Kvitrafn, a creative spirit who has been involved in several metal music projects such as Gorgoroth and Jotunspor. The main idea is to focus the cultural side of cold Norwegian tradition, exploring the magickal side of runas, specially the elder runes of Futhark.
Through such concept Kvitrafn a trilogy concept album in which "Gap Var Ginnunga" is the first part. The album includes 12 compositions with such amazing Nordic folk atmospheres emerging all the time and transforming into ritualistic expressions of Norse paganism mixed with such incredible musicalisationship which transport you to the elder times where you can hear the runes shining at the sky and ravens evoking the gods through its screaming magickal calls. The context in general is such brilliant when exploring compositions as "Hagall", with such dense percussive ritual tunes and horns sounding as the background of the track in general. The expressive work of voices surrounding the whole composition and other elements adorning the atmosphere of the track."Bjarkan", is built through natural atmospheres as birds, and mouth harp elements mixed with the suggestive ceremonial drumming parts and shamanic invocations. One of the best tracks here is "Loyndomsriss", slow, dense atmospheres covered by a magickal fog, created by atmospheres and whispers arising from an eerie platform. The creative mystical path continues with "Jara" a composition floating into such Nordic-folk atmospheres and perfect work of female and male voices, mutating all the time and arranged in a perfect way.
Complementing in a very good way from each other. "Gap Var Ginnunga" is one of such releases you will never forget, due the structure of each one of the tracks are built. Deer-hide frame drums and ceremonial drums, mouth harp, clove / hoof rattles from deer and goat, bone flute, goat and cow horns, Hardanger fiddle and bowed lyres, are used so creating a dynamic album with such brilliant parts through the whole 12 tracks."Kauna" is another track with such shamanic Norse elements surrounding all the time the whole composition. The inclusion of voices from Lindy Fay Hella & Gaahl suits perfectly the whole conceptual expressionism here. So for more just visit the WARDRUNA's page and explore the in deep concept behinds the Futhark's magickal runic kingdom!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009


“Cthulhu Revisation” Cd 2007

me Vision)

An exhaustive exploration of diverse sounds and abstract concepts are the main elements we find when looking how both acts PACIFIC 231 and VOX POPULI! Develops all its own potential through this release. PACIFIC 231 is more an experimental electroacoustic ambient developed by Pierre Jolivet,a French individual who resides in Ireland now, and has been working in diverse projects and other artistic expressions. By the other side, VOX POPULI! Is an ethno industrial act coming from French territory, and the creative emptiness they express though each release is really amazing. Including elements from Psychedelic music, Persian folklore and all kind of mind elevating sound form. This release is just brilliant, by the effect it causes in mind when exploring it carefully. “Cthulhu Revisation” includes a total of 12 experimentations with high eclectic structures, moving is all directions…opening the album is “Alienation”, an exploration of diverse field recordings and atmospheres. “Da Ma” is another experimental track, but this time more dense and dark in its own structure and with such percussive elements which complements perfectly, creating a ritualistic track with Middle East influences. Voices are included too, to give more dynamism to the whole track in general. Next, Nymphea” is a beautiful acoustic guitar composition with perfect female voices, creating melancholic, sad passages. Another track to mention is “Golnessar”, a defragmentation of drone ambient structures with interesting work of voices and atmospheres surrounding the whole picture of the track. “Nephresh” is a hybrid nature of industrial nature mixed with such suggestive ambient elements and synthetic sounds mutating into spectral forms. This is the best track here, although the whole album includes such amazing elements worth to explore. The use of different field recordings, flute, acoustic guitar, percussions, electronics and cornet among others are enough elements to get this amazing release, if you are looking for something eclectic in its own nature. “Cosmoflute” is an evocation to elder gods to come our dimension…a hypnotic track with such ambient structures and flute elements which suits perfectly each other!!! Note some of the tracks included here where released in early 80’s and remixed specially for this release. For more info just write to Dmitry Vasilyev from monochrome Vision for more information.

“Replicas” Cd 2007

(Monochrome Vision)

FREIBAND is the latest project by Frans de Waard, also founding member of Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, and Goem aswell as solo projects such as Shifts and Quest. Frans de Waard has been producing music since the mid 80s, firstly on cassettes in the 80s and then on LPs and CD's afterthat. FREIBAND’s explorations of sounds and electronic devises generate a high conceptual album reflected in each one of the 13 tracks included here. The first two tracks are developed through thin popping sounds, repetitive elements which transform into magickal deconstructive spaces, thorugh such sutile atmospheres. At other tracks you shall experience a diverse gathering of drone soundscapes surrounded by noise elements with suggestive transformations and eclectic nature, due the dynamism of each one of the tracks. Such explorations are manipulative techniques adapted perfectly to the personal concept he is developing through “Replicas”. At moments manipulated voices crawls from within to give a more bizarre, futuristic touch to some of the tracks. All in all Frans De Waard, surprise us again with a release full of dynamism and creativity which is handled by him since the very beginning.scratchings,and other electronic defragmentations are the keys to penetrate the dimension created by FREIBAND through “Replicas” Album!!!

“Drilling Holes In The Wall” Cd 2007
(Monochrome Vision)

Generating abstract realities in the fields of experimental music GEN KEN MONTGOMERY, one of the most mysterious musicians in electronic underground, dating from 1988 to 1991. Developed an album full of diverse and interesting methods which converges into “Drilling Holes In The Wall” an album performed in New York City at Generator Sound Art Gallery in January 1990. And now released again, with the purpose to increase the musical potential of his creativity with the use of diverse field recordings and other devises in order to give you an exact idea of what creativity must be. The album includes 5 compositions, all of them floating into experimental noise structures with so many dynamic elements worth to explore. The opening track “Drilling Holes In The Wall” is a long structure based in effusive noise elements, corrosive electronic devises and twisted atmospheres collapsing and mutating all the time, ending in a deconstructive chaos full of madness. “New Age Machines Part I” is a long 20 minutes track with such experimental industrial elements which are very interesting in the way as everything is put together, metal sounds and electronic devises mixed to create catatonic states due the massive expressionism reflected here. And more when everything becomes so chaotic and harsh. “New Age Machines part 2” is a degenerative convulsion of elements which forces you to keep your senses in an altered state, via so many channels of noises, electronic devises and other defragmentations used in this track. Not so raw as the last one, but with the necessary dynamism to keep you alive all the time. The last tracks “Icebreaker” and “Don’t Bring Those Things” are excerpts, the first one was created as an octophonic sound installator in total darkness. And the other one was taken from a live performance at the Erloserkirche in the DDR in 1986. An interesting release worth to explore if you are looking into field recordings, noise and electronic sounds.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


”Experimental Audio/Video Compositions Volume 1 DVD 2008

Robert l. Pepper, the mastermind behind PAS,sent us another exploration of his creative work in the fields of experimental ambient, but this time through visual expressions which are revealing the most hidden aspects of nature in which inhabits PAS.the whole DVD includes 11 expressive compositions with high context of visual elements from a man walking in the street through black and white images and sad melodies in “Talking About Violins” or the dense percussive soundscapes and middle east images in “outside The Void”. In the track “Circumsize Your Mind”, PAS walks into an inner reality through masks, street walkings and suggestive, percussive elements, voices and guitar parts. Each one of the compositions has a very surrealistic nature which must be explored by listeners in order to get an exact idea of the whole expressionism handled here. In “Remember: It’s Only A Dream” the dark, experimental journey continues, this time under made home elements and great musicalisationship built by percussive elements and soundscapes complementing perfectly with the visual side. “The Egg Of Flute” is the best video including here.Egiptian Icons, paintings and a suggestive visual atmospheres mutating all the time. Besides 11 video clicks,you shall find two live shows “Live At Goodbye Blue Monday” and “Live At Europa”,both of them with highest context due the eclectic nature of PAS at stage. So the whole DVD contains enough elements which will give you a clue of what POST ABORTION STRESS is all about!!!

B-TONG (Swe)
“Structures” Cd 2008

Chris Sigdell is an experimental artist and sound deconstructionist which has been working since time ago, and having experienced so many structures under his other experimental project called NID.This German artist has now focused all his efforts to explore another facet of his realities and B-TONG is the next deconstructive organism born from the deepest subconscious level. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, David Lynch, H.R. Giger, and Wilhelm Reich among others, his music is diverse complex and even enigmatic if we explore the different sonic elements generated here. “Structures” is inspired by a tripto Jukkaskarvi's ice palace in Sweden…and from such desolated perspective a journey to the void is opened, exploring diverse drone elements and field recordings to establish an in deep voyage to immerse yourself to a dimension of ethereal shadows and dismal atmospheres. Opening the album is “Hands Up: Who Wants To Die?” isolationist drone atmospheres crawling from within to evoke just amazing soundscapes with such penetrating ambient elements. The second one is “Tu Me Degoute!” is floating almost in the same structure as the last one but this time spoken voices,water,night sounds are included to give more dynamism to the whole track in general. “Fahrenheit…What Fahrenheit?” is an amazing drone machine with such strong dense structures mutating all the time. Also the inclusion of female/male spoken voices and other effects seems to offer you different elements to keep your attention awaken all the time. Dark structures emerging once again and again to enforce the experimental nature of each one of the compositions here, is the main elements you could hear in “Structures”. Another track included here is “Stalker” deep isolated drone soundscapes bathed into shadowy, eerie, obscure elements with dense ambient passages and more yet to be discovered by yourself. “Motherlode”,”Black Dog Dream” and “Clockwork Mantra” are other compositions which complements this release. Is worth to mention B-TONG is more than just an experimental act. B-TONG deconstructs and recycles samples from television, radio and film, records natural and artificial sounds, and processes his own voice. Live, he uses microphones, sampler, and "instruments" such as: metal, spring, and... kitchen utensils. The sounds thus generated are run through various effect-pedals. So let’s feel the void…though each one of 7 invocations generated in “Structures”. For more information and download a free version of “Structures”, just write NOECHO recs!!!

“V/A” Cd 2009
(Neue Kultur)

Neue Kultur surprise us with this compilation album, which contains interesting acts inside the experimental/drone/ambient scene. 10 acts which reveal us in part the hidden knowledge of matter through dense and expressive transformation and experimental soundscapes from a very high quality. The voyage to such unconscious realms begins with LUNA DOPA, the magickal alchemical transformation of Gabriel, the mastermind behinds Neue Kultur. This time he arrives with a very interesting purpose. black ambient soundscapes floating through repetitive vociferations and dismal atmospheres which generates obscure passages ready to devour your brain, a kind of living sigil penetrating your subconscious from a sutile way. This ritual song "Adore H Reims" was made by LUNA DOPA for Spring Equinox 2009 So, then comes EXTERN YKON with a different purpose, more into industrial elements mixed with ambient structures collapsing themselves all the time. Corrosive disturbed harsh atmospheres are elements which you must find here. Through DERLIST you shall enter into another phase of deconstructive elements of experimental nature. Rhythmic percussive elements and atmospheres converging into a concrete atmosphere with interesting moments from start to finish. With SPIT IT OUT, the post industrial ambient act coming from Belarus, thing goes more in depth, due how the whole track mutates into dense atmospheres and agonic drone structures veiled with such eerie, desolated soundscapes. The Italian experimental psychedelic ambient 1997 EV, emerges with a suggestive ritualistic track based in percussive tunes and spoken voices and futuristic experimental devices which transforming into mutative organisms from a penetrating nature. One of the best tracks released here. Another Italian act in the shape of INDIA VON HALKEIN appears as a dark star shining in the horizon, with a very interesting purpose of apocalyptic ambient drone soundscpaes with spoken voices and captivating atmospheres and other elements surrounding the whole structure of the track. The Teutonic experimental act NEURONIC ORG generates another interesting structure, this time evoking pure subliminal rhythmic patterns and mutative tunes which transport your mind to another level of existence. KIA KARMA, the French ritual experimental organism, generates a composition with such amazing elements and obscure atmospheres gathered specially for this release. One more time KIA KARMA surprises us with this excellent track. LA COMTESSE MORTE appears with such evocative expressionism through melodic structures and spoken voices. And closing the release is TZII through ambient /experimental an atmosphere which seems to mutate into industrial atmospheres with some voices floating through the whole track. Without a doubt a very interesting debut release by Gabriel & NEUE KULTUR. So the knowledge of the secret matter is coming to your brain!! So explore it right now!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

(Reviews 44) CRYSADIA,PAS

“On Echo” Cd 2009
(Self Released)

Created in 2007, this Mexican Project known as CRYSADIA arrives with its debut album, thorugh 8 compositions of experimental ambient, in which you shall find diverse elements and emotional paradigms highly inspired in nature, mythology and dualities of universe in each passage revealed in the tracks. “On Echo” is an exposition of atmospheres surrounded by calm and sutile soundscapes carved through electronic devises, creating a very interesting release from start to finish. The first tracks included here are “Red Box” and “Evidencia De La Existencia De Amor”, and both tracks suits perfect the structures of experimental music, because both of them are dressed with such evocative atmospheres and electro arrangements perfectly codified to complements the ambient structure of both tracks. Though next tracks “Profundo Oscuro” and “Cancer De Tu Boca” things vary a few, the first one is more an electro track with perfect rhythmic patterns and sticking beats. And the second is more ambient in its own essence with some cosmic atmosphere I must say. “Dale Muerte a Tu Sonrisa” Y “Splendor De Dios” it’s a very sticking track, full of rhythmic patterns and atmospheres with highlight moments. The next is more ambient but still with the dynamism which characterize this release. “Paredes De Recuerdos De La Infancia” y Voces De Esperanza” are the final tracks. Really good debut releases by CRYSADIA, which will be download though its page. So, just explore CRYSADIA’s dimension in order to get a more exact idea from this Mexican experimental ambient project.

PAS (Usa)
“We Have Discovered Your Mother’s Body” Cdr 2007

(Self Released)

POST ABORTION STREES is the representative driving force generated by Robert L. Pepper and Jon Worthley, having in mind to explore the diverse structures into experimental / ambient spaces, but at the same time working with visual and other devises which increases more our interest when hearing the music. This album includes a total of 7 compositions in which you can transport yourself to the ancient regions of Egyptian culture, due the enigmatic mysticism and atmospheres created through the whole album. Opening this release is “Circumsize Your Mind”, a composition focusing into percussive elements and a very in deep atmosphere and dismal arrangements which are really amazing. Through “Night Island” things goes more dense and spectral at the beginning of the track, with perfect work of vocals and some ghastly structures rising to complements perfectly with the general concept of the track. “We Are Boo Da La” is an evocative track full of obscure realities and abstract forms, based in dynamic elements and melodies which together create a very interesting musical piece. Voices and the always interesting percussive elements keep your attention all the time. With “Outside The Void”, AS marked a high point due how the tracks evolves from time to time. A ritualistic expression, focusing so many interesting elements, for example the dark soundscapes embracing such percussive sounds and atmospheres gathering through the whole track. Another interesting composition is “Electric Bliss”, a psychotic structure with the dynamism and identity which characterize each one of PAS releases. “Failure To Perform” emerges through thin percussive beat and spoken voices which suddenly mutates into more rhythmic atmospheres. Closing the album is “Particles I” another track floating into the experimental ambient sounds which PAS has adopted since the very beginning. An interesting purpose by this act coming from Brooklyn Usa.

PAS (Usa)
”Antarctic Tribe” Cdr 2008
(Self Released)

Robert L Pepper, the mastermind of POST ABORTION STRESS, continues with this experimental transmisión keeping the dimensions of creativity and deconstructive expressionism generated through “Antarctic Tribe”. So this time through 12 compositions representing the atavistic exploration of primitive cultures. PAS has developed an album with so many eclectic elements and such sensorial experiences which keeps your subconscious altered into an strange meditative state, where mind, body and spirit, became one abstract form to be evoked by each one of the 12 compositions generated here. “Antarctic Tribe”,” Electric Carving”,”Mechana Drip” are the first 3 compositions here. The first one is an ambient track full of dynamism and eerie atmospheres. The second is more focused into dense reverberations and atmospheres collapsing themselves to create a very strong piece here. The other track is a defragmentation of sounds with such noisy industrial elements which suits perfectly the whole structure of the track. Another great track is “The Shinning Pyramid, a impressive ritualistic track with excellent percussive elements and primitive flute atmospheres which reminds me to Zero Kama at some passages. This track is the best one included here, although the whole ones have such interesting elements worth to explore. “Field Of Sea” emerges as another strong reality with such hard atmospheres and eclectic structures mutating all the time. “Kalanda” floats into cosmic atmospheres dressed by experimental soundscapes surrounded by such elements which keep your senses awaken from start to finish. So a very recommended release to those into experimental ambient material with such ritualistic touch. For more info just visit POST ABORTION STRESS page.