Monday, 24 August 2009


"Homo Homini Lvpvs" Cd 2006
(Construct Destroy)
PHRAGMENTS is the inner manifestation of Matej, who through time has developed a very interesting musical pattern, is the fields of martial/industrial. With intense expositions of different elements which together creates a bombastic result. At least this is what we experience when firstly we listen to "Homo Hominis Lvpvs", which was released through cdr and limited to 150 copies only. And now pressed due high acclamation of audience due the intense magnitude of such release. The album includes 8 compositions in which you shall experience the path explored by PHRAGMENTS... opening the album is "And Now Eternity”, and in deep exposition of dark industrial elements dressed with such bombastic elements which forces you to ask for more. So then comes " Community - Identity - Stability" more orchestral than the first one but still built into powerful dark atmospheres surrounding the whole track. Also the adaptation of female spoken voices suits perfectly to the martial drumming and atmospheres in general.” Morning Into Nights" floats into more dense atmospheres with an enigmatic funeral touch. So, a very interesting album, if we explore each one of the tracks included here."Pangaean Hymn" is a militaristic neo-folk composition with diverse aspects which you will find more than interesting. Another track here is "The Cogwheel Turns" traced with marked industrial/ambient patterns and dense elements which transform all into a strong structure worth to explore.” The Fall”,” Fury" and "The Golden Age" close the release, and I must sure there are more positive arguments to recommend you this excellent release, due how its built, and how atmospheres penetrates your mind.Also,this version includes a video track in which you shall explore the visual side created by Sonic(k) a cooperative force at PHRAGMENTS.

"Sign Of Eternal Return" Digipack 2007
(Construct Destroy)

The idea of a cyclic mass of events, thoughts, visions and sensations explored by each individual through a cosmic return to such in deep states of consiousness.The eternal return in Nietzschian's philosophy is the main focus this Slovakian project known as KORINTH want to explore through the 40 minutes of a sole dark ambient structure with so many eclectic moments due the dynamism and in deep dense atmospheres surrounding the whole long track. At moments orchestral elements dressed with eerie, somber paradigms seems to pens to you new paths to explore an eternal return still to be discovered by each one of us. the choirs and voices generated here gives us an idea of the whole potential this act have, if we look this is the first album released by KORINTH.The sum of all such elements and the incredible atmospheres created through the whole track are enough elements which surprise us alot due the nature of the musical expressionism in general. The album comes in an interesting visually interesting digipack ready to be devoured by you. In order to broken the magickal seal of the eternal return you must explore the universe created by KORINTH though 40 minutes of hypnotic, deep dark ambient expressionism!!!

"Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood" Digipack 2007

With this third album PHRAGMENTS confirms its evolutive steps in the fields of Ambient/industrial territory, with a brilliant release which has reached its most high peak due how the music has increase its matureness and the charisma emerged one more time full of diverse arguments we will explore through each one of the seven chapters included on this album. The first chapter is the title track floating in bombastic dark orchestral atmospheres surrounded by sticking tribal percussive elements, giving us a clue of what we shall hear through the other tracks. This album is dedicated to all victims of genocide through history of mankind, a realistic facet explored through a musical platform, in which PHRAGMENTS seems to be the gate in which blood transforms into a legacy of time, when earth was covered by blood at battle. "Over Deadlands" is the second composition, this time martial elements bathed in an apocalyptic atmosphere and great execution of spoken voices and dark whispers crawling from within the whole track. The use of Violin is another aspect worth to mention. Due as it's arranged through the whole atmosphere created here. Through "As Hope Turn To Ashes”, you shall experience desolation and splendor of death symphonies through dark ambient exposition of sounds and dense, percussive elements floating through the track from time to time, creating so deep sounds with high emphasis on denseness and coldness atmospheres. "The Fog Has Risen" is one of such compositions with such sticking moments due its nature and images coming to our mind when hearing it. Just desolated, cold scenarios and the smell of blood around yourself. Musically floating into such ambient atmospheres with such amazing moments from start to finish. It’s a bit difficult to review an album when you have the sensations to abandon it due the amazing which the album is, and no much comes to your mind. Just a clear vision of how amazing the album is. So this happened with PHRAGMENTS...but let’s just continues..."Chant Of The Forsaken" is a funerary call, an evocative spectrum of agony and death through tribal drumming parts and atmospheres evolving into a dark symphonic march with intense moments."The Kin Of Cain" and "The Return" close the magnificent opus created by PHRAGMENT.and so we are anxious to hear a new album this great Slovakian duo.The Album comes in a 6 panel digipack in which you shall experience its visual, lyrical art in all its splendor!!!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


WACH (Aust)
"The End Of All
Dreams" Cd 2007
(Klangfeld Seuchentrieb Tonproduktion)

To Penetrate the dimension in which inhabits WACH,is to explore such dense regions built into disturbing soundscapes evolving from time to time to the point of creating psychotic dark structures with a maximum level of power through each one of the 8 tracks included on this release. An ambient debut release by WACH in which you shall smell, feel some industrial traces and noise artifacts collapsing at some moments, in order to create vast layers of creativity and mysterious atmospheres. At moments it’s so difficult to categorize WACH music, due the dynamism in each one of the tracks, but a palpable ambient experimental touch is what this Austrian duo offers us through this album. The atmospheres are just hypnotic and well structures, especially when complementing such industrial machine sounds and resonating elements dressing some of the compositions here. Mysterious passages collapsing all the time and emerging from the void, to penetrate slowly your mind, to evoke such vast in deep regions created by WACH. Without a doubt a very interesting debut album. This album is limited to 30 copies only, and each one comes in a handmade leather packaging and an original blood red WACH wax-seal, plus the bonus video "Plague And Waste" included on the Cd.So just visit WACH page for information.

WACH (Autr)
"Firedance On A Dead Mans Grave” Cd 2008

(Beverina & W.A.R. Productions)

Gaining so many attention and reputation due great extremely musicalisationship this Austrian duo in the shapes of Reverend Kim and Herr Insomnia, emerges from the rotten graves with an excellent release focusing into dirty harsh industrial ambient structures and drone experimentations. The result is just perfect, pure abrasive apocalyptic art is what you shall experience when hearing "Firedance On A Dead Mans Grave”, a collection of structures built into dense atmospheres and obscure defragmentations of diverse elements mostly of them with such industrial patterns mutating all the time. Tracks such as "Frenzy" for example, are just brilliant in its own execution, and how such determinated raw structures are mixed to create powerful atmospheres with interesting elements yet to discover.” Clouds And Whispers" offers us a different facet, this time through orchestral ambient atmospheres with a post industrial touch which diverse elements floating in concrete way in each one of the passages of this track. The highlights of this release is the way as each time you listen to it ,you will discover new elements worth to explore. "Slave Of The World" is perfect destructive machine, built though corrosive industrial elements, metal sounds and other devices, creating a mental virus able to destroy everything to its step. Also is worth to mention this release includes a bonus video of the track "Flammenmanifest" in which the visual side make its presence when burning desolated places and cathedral in flames evoke us just apocalyptic realities. Really an amazing album with so many structures and colossal atmospheres worth to explore by yourself.

"Repulsive Thoughts" Cd 2006

(Theremin Noise Club)

A release with so many interesting elements is what we could experience when we explore the disturbed world created by both acts such as TOD DURCH ARBEIT and FLUTWACHT...the title name speaks for itself. Repulsive thoughts are evoked in our minds when FLUTWACHT emerges with seven compositions with such chaotic industrial elements and harsh noise patterns which float through each one of the tracks. The music is powerful and with such disharmonic elements surrounding the whole structure of the tracks. At moments reminds me to Brighter Death Now, due extremity of the tracks, at least on track 3.The whole FLUTWACHT tracks were recorded live without audience in September 2006,anr recorded specially for this release. Through TOD DURCH ARBEIT things don't differ too much. This project offer us 3 devastating power electronic expositions with so strong emphasis on noise elements and harsh, raw atmospheres creating chaotic disturbed moments from start to finish. The TOD DURCH ARBEIT tracks were performed & recorded live on September 2006 too. This album is limited to 100 hand numbered copies pressed in 4 panel digipack.

"V/A" cd 2007

(Theremin Noise Club)

An obsessive encounter with some promising Dark Ambient /experimental artist coming from Austria and Germany is what you must experience here. 13 artists showing all its potential and creativity through intense moments and in depth exploration of senses. THE SOUNDS OF EARTH appears with a magnum opus track, full eerie structures and atmospheres with so mystic charisma. The use of percussive elements gives this track a very adductive atmosphere worth to explore. While the German musician Martin Stürtzer known as PHELIOS emerges with an ethereal exposition of sounds and atmospheres gathering into dark, vaporous atmospheres with so many sensitive and hypnotic elements. WACH's explores your mind though a dense track full of drone and percussive structures creating one of the best tracks here. VHAETE collapses between dark ambient structures and vibrational drone elements creating a suggestive piece of hypnotic trance ambient. NATURES GEOMETRY offer us an experimental piece with such incredible exposition of diverse elements such as industrial patterns, ambient atmospheres and cosmic elements from a very in depth perspective. TARDIVE DYSKINESIA is another project with such surprising elements this time through ambient structures surrounded by voices and an experimental touch surrounding the whole track. AETHERFRONT open to us new dimension of possibilities through a cosmic trip to acid realms in which inhabits its own personal phantoms, demons and other surreal elements, through the vacuity experienced by this 10 minutes track, full of drone structures with obscure elements crawling through it. Also you can find some other artists such as MATAMORE, BONEMACHINE, N.STRAHL.N, AGONIZED LAND, UNFINISHED BUSINESS, and FLUTWACHT. Limited to 33 copies and pressed in a handmade carton walled & 3 hand selected photo cards out of 7 different photo card motives.

Thursday, 13 August 2009


"Koordinatenpunkte" Cdr 2008

d Factory)

The imaginative and deconstructive mind of Mario Löhr is one more time expressed through such a great release as the one coming to our hands. This time with an album focusing into diverse industrial/experimental nature in which you shall find so many interesting elements worth to explore through the 9 compositions included here. For example the impressive atmospheres generated through the amplification of metal objects mixed with in deep atmospheres with dark emphasis in the way as each one of the tracks are gathered for a perfect result. One can’t never imagine the limits broken by Mario Löhr when exploring in deeply way each one of the experimentations created here. Some field recordings are modified and molded to create concrete noise/experimental atmospheres with so deconstructive elements filled with diverse atmospheres from time to time. At Moments the music turns so in deep and eerie as on tracks 4 or 5 just to name few. Or with such psychotic nature as track 6, but suddenly it goes into vast ambient scenarios, offering a high dynamism in the way as the atmospheres are joint together. So through the whole tracks in "Koordinatenpunkte" you shall experience a diversity of elements such as machines, shortwave signals, tapeloops, analogue & digital Synthesizers which are handled in a very professional way if we look in deep the final result created by N.STRAHL.N. It seems as the whole album was created in desolated, hybrid factories, due how mostly of the tracks sounds here.This release is hand-numbered, Limited to 100 copies.

"Ainos" Cdr 2008

(Deserted Factory)

Another surprise arriving to our hands...still impressive work by NINTH DESERT, but this time under the collaboration of jean-françois the master mind behinds MATERIEL BROUILLEUR. And the final result here is a deconstructive piece of drone /ambient nature with such expressive experimental touch which floats through the 5 tracks included here. First Two tracks "Puy Experience" and "Sennassion", offer us drone structures so dense and captivating surrounded by eerie atmospheres collapsing all the time, creating surrealistic soundscapes with high dose of elements which show us the dynamism and capability of both artists when working together. Each drone passages are built with the necessary environment to carry you to such desolated paradigms created by your mind. Next track "Seriel" is more calm but still with such ambient elements and ghastly atmospheres floating through the whole picture of the track. "Maz Experience" is the best track here. Just amazing due how the hypnotic drone elements are mixed perfectly to open you another dimension of possibilities through repetitive drone patterns and elements floating here and there. Closing the release is "Depressive Western”, a mutative organism growing inside through ambient soundscapes and drone structures converging into different elements, giving to the track a eclectic nature and visionary experience when carefully listening it. This release is limited to 150 copies only.

"Alien Symbiosis" Cdr 2008
(Deserted Factory)

Flavio Rivabella is the notorious post-industrial trumpeter, who has been working in this project from a long time, and through time has been known as active noise /experimental artist with so impressive creativity. He has been developing through diverse sounds processed and experimental deconstructions to create a new world in which only the most bizarre and personal ideas take form to arise from the void in which inhabits Mr Rivarella. This time he joined forces with XXENA a painter, videomaker and graphic designer to complements perfectly in each one of such 4 transformative forces generated here. "Alien Symbiosis" is the nature of change, a mutative experimental machine able to crystalize through sounds the most inner and vast scenarios through sounds and layers of noise experimentations. Different elements such as electric razors, hair dryer, beads in a jar are re arranged and mixed in a twisted way to create such Industrial/ Noise/ Experimental release. The use of voices at different moments in the album and a high quantity of diverse elements makes of "Alien Symbiosis" more than just a noise/experimental release, but a strong structure with so many evocative elements to be absorbed by your mind. This album is dedicated to the memory of H and is limited to 100 copies. For more information about this release just take a look to such great Japanese Label Deserted Factory.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


"Neyss" Cdr 2008
(Deserted Factory)
Coming with its fifth album, this french project emerges with concrete expositions of soundscapes with highest context of ambient atmospheres surrounded by such abysmal desolated passages. the album contains 9 exposition in which the sensations and mental states created by NINTH DESERT are collapsing once again and again to offer us a very interesting purpose from start to finish. Tracks as "X-Hi" "Karn" offer us vaporous metallic drone transformations with diverse elements and structures which have such specific powerful atmospheres full of subtle feedbacks, creating such hypnotic passages. "Tern" and "Trees" are other tracks with more dense drone elements and dark experimentations worth to explore. Frenchman Cyril Herry the master mind behind this project, reveal us in such tracks part of his creativity in the fields of experimental drone ambient, with a very amazing release."Phos" is a deep surreal voyage to another dimension, created by such hypnotic atmospheres with such atmospheres coming from the other side, through ambient structures collapsing all the time."A.W" is a vast gathering, including some percussive metallic sounds and elements with so diverse, in the whole nine compositions created here you shall experience a vast quantity of drone patterns and desolated atmospheres converging into a solid structure representing the amazing surrealistic universe in which floats NINTH DESERT. The album is limited to 150 copies only.

"Land" Cd

(Deserted Factory)

A Japanese mutation growing slowly with no limits, infecting minds and infiltrating into destructive psychotic deconstruction creating a massive machinery of disturbing noise nature. Seven compositions with the structural noise defragmentations generating chaotic experimentations which at moments sounds so psychotic in the way as each one of the tracks are created here. At moments music sounds as dense and abrasive as for example on the third track. The whole album has such irrational structures mutating into diverse soundscapes able to exploit your brain due how each definite noise pattern has been put together. "Land" is a mutation, a living organism to be experienced in its maximum splendor when exploring in deep way each one of such psychotic virus penetrating slowly your brain. Reverberating pulsations are twisting to generate such abstractive noise executions. A very interesting work by MASAYUKI INAMISHI which surely will impact you in the way as the album is built. A total time of 34:53 minutes of pure psychotic noise experimentations.

"Herbstrost" Cd 2008

(Deserted Factory
/The Tourette Tapes)

Again, Daniel Simon, the responsible shape behinds FLUTWACHT surprise us with an impressive release. This time this German Project awakens from limb with dense structures and ambient drone soundscapes generating a very in deep album. The first track is built into such dense ambient passages with an inner atmosphere focused into more harsh and raw than previous works. So the second track is more industrial built into repetitive sounds and some elements remembering the isolation created by FLUTWACHT. the next track returns more into such ambient structures with elements changing here and there, transforming into power electronics soundscapes with so in deep harsh atmospheres. The forth track here is still with such industrial noise patterns but time screaming voices appears to penetrate intensely layer to layer the main structure of the track. The fifth track is a powerful noise adaptation with such raw elements dressing the whole picture of the; the whole tracks are giving you defragmentative elements in which you could experience the abrassive atmospheres created by this German project. For more info just visit Deserted Factory page.