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"Demian" Cd 2009

(Cold Spring )

Damiano Mercuri's creativity and splendour has no limits...this time arriving with his 2nd full album, and again released by Justin & Cold Spring recs. And the result is just an amazing album full of 10 epic and romantic neo folk a composition which transports your senses to most in deep desires due the sensitive and beauty of each one of the tracks included on this album. Opening the album is "Il Gatto Osserva" a melodic composition with beauty guitar elements and percussive sounds which complements perfectly by the expressive Italian oral executions of Damiano. the second track is "Rose Rovine E Amanti",and without a doubt an epic encounter of beauty depressive and sad nature where the inner pain is mixed with perfect sorrow melodies and female voices making incredible atmospheres full of emotiveness and sensitive elements. Violin passages dressed by such acoustic guitar parts through the whole track. Then comes "Demian", a more aggressive track with strong guitar and percussive elements surrounded by the voice adaptations of damiano, also aggressive violin parts emerges to complements the track. Through "Il Grande Tradimento" you shall experience such beautiful neo folk expression with sad atmospheres bathed with percussive soundscapes, voices and great atmospheres. The whole album is highly inspired by religious visions of the medieval Catholic Europe to cabaret grotesque pieces to human madness all explored with an inner spiritual strength, which is only developed by a creative spirit as the one of Damiano. Another tracks including here are "From Desperation To Victory" "The End Of This World","Paura Del Demonio" another composition with high amazing moments due its sorrow nature and how your mood is affected giving you remembrances of old moments filled with such nostalgic atmospheres.” Mille Serpi","Noi Ritorneremo" and "Ave Maria" closest this amazing neo folk release from this Roman project. Just visit Cold Spring page in order to get this masterpiece. The album comes in a 12 pages booklet with interesting art concept including pictures and lyrics in Italian & English.


"Orbis Terrarum Requiem" Digipak 2009


After the high response at "The Veratrine Evangelicum", IN SCISSORS the solo project exploration of Vincent Andelmot is back with a more mature and structured Album, through 56 minutes in which you shall experience the decadence and destructive awakening by humans from an abstract perspective, floating into dense dark ambient passages included through 9 compositions included here. Opening is "Attic-An introduction" based into diverse piano passages and atmospheres performed in a proper way. Then, comes "Hypnogeum Dweller”, through more dense passages and bathed with ambient atmospheres violin and percussive elements and dismal chorus as background of the track, one of the best ones included here."Vierte Ritter"is a compendium of diverse instruments handled carefully to create a dynamic exploration of atmospheres with a mystic eastern atmosphere in the construction of the track. With "Sealed Writings" things are going oriented more into dark ambient soundscapes with such cinematic elements here and there able to mutate suddenly into different forms.” wandering Gnome" is a cinematic orchestration with sutile defragmentation of sounds converging all the time, a very interesting piece full of diverse elements."Orbis Terrarum Requiem”, “Autumnal Asperges","...Of Ancient Galleries"are other tracks which floats into dense ambient structures bathed with such personal touch which is moult through the whole album. Piano passages, violin soundscapes and percussive elements is what you shall find when exploring the universe created by IN SCISSORS. Remember that The IN SCiSSORS’ philosophy about music is to create every time a different realm or dimension in which it’s taking place…"

RE-DRUM (Russ)

"S"digipak 2009


Pavel Aleshin is enigmatic Russian deconstructionist responsible of RE-DRUM offer us an Abstract/minimalistic dark ambient piece full of psycorporeous and drone structures revealed through 4 untitled tracks in which you shall experience just part of the inner visions and abstract realities. Drone textures and fractal emanations converging into mutative soundscapes are the first conceptions coming to our mind when exploring the first track. Water drop sounds, diverse ambient atmospheres and drone concrete sounds surrounding the whole picture of the track. The second composition is an ambient march with abstract elements and dense soundscapes crawling slowly and suddenly finishing with such melodic acoustic guitar parts. It seems RE-DRUM is a constant machine built into repetitive sonic experimentations in which such hypnotic passages opens to you new realities due how surreal and enigmatic the music is created here. The third track is more an experimental composition built though harmonica at the beginning and with the pass of minutes mutating into dense drone structures collapsing into ambient atmospheres and strong repetitive elements. Closing the release there is a track Full of minimal elements here and there which explores diverse ambient atmospheres and elements worth to explore. The fact is that "S" is an interesting release with so many elements worth to be explored by yourself if you are looking into ambient/drone atmospheres with an experimental abstract touch. For more info just visit Zoharum's page.


"Aura Imaginalis"


Coming from Warszawa Poland and highly inspired by nature,space,philosophy,literature,art,chaos,mysticism,magick,gnosis...Radoslaw Kaminski the shape behinds this project emerges with his third release, and what amazing release is what we experience when in deeply we were exploring each one of the 6 tunes expressed through "Aura Imaginalis". Ab Intra is the Latin phrase for "on the inside”, and from such concrete words it derives a high quantity of diverse elements and structures dressed with mutative elements ,creating a vast void in which floats in total darkness AB INTRA. "Wanderer" is the first opus generated here, and its perfect structured and well arranged due the high exposition of dense atmospheres surrounded by agonic percussive soundscapes opening new gates of perception.” Astral Wings" crawls into several forms but a concrete reality, ambient drone machines with such cosmic atmospheres which seems as black holes devouring everything. At moments so bombastic and with some industrial traces, and perfect in its own execution.” current" is the third track, evoking pure defragmentative darkness due the colossal spirit behinds this composition and how each dismal atmosphere is surrounded by vaporous keyboard passages emerging from time to time. The next is an untitled track crawling though eerie elements and such strong devices creating a subliminal force mutating in diverse forms with the pass of minutes. At moments the album reminds me to German act Inade or even Herbst9, due strong convergences created here. "Arcana" and "Essence" closest this magnum opus created by AB INTRA a very promising act coming from Polish territory!!!

Monday, 21 September 2009


"Secret hidden Message" 7"Ep 2008
Working under diverse sonic structures this experimental Canadian act has developed one of its most enigmatic releases to date. This Ep includes 3 compositions in which you shall explore the diverse convergences and experimental fields structured especially for this release. on side A the mutative organism offer us "Secret Hidden Message" a multilayered drone machine adopting diverse atmospheres full of strong charisma in the way as its executed. Field recordings converging into guitar elements crawling from time to time. the second track its called "And Then The Dog replied" offer us hypnotic repetitive drone patterns dressed with elements as marimba and guitar parts collapsing all the time to create a compact structure here. and finally we got "Trombone" another exposition of diverse elements with such strong structures built through the use of a very intense release in all senses which put THE INFANT CYCLE as one of the best acts coming form Canada. The Ep comes in foggy vinyl, with black covers with different sized black spots on it & transparent coverage using THE INFANT CYCLE logo... limited to 300 copies.

"A Mysterious Disc" 3"Cdr 2009
(The Ceiling)
Again Jim DeJong the cerebral organism behinds THE INFANT Cycle surprise us with this release.A trip full of hypnotic experimentations, this time though 3 compositions in which you shall experience enough elements of all his creative expressionsims.The first track its a repetitive structure dressed with drone patterns which mutates from time to time adopting diverse soundscapes and atmospheres creating spectral cosmic elements. The second one is more dense and eerie in its own drone structures which offers colossal spectrums dressed with strong atmospheres. and closing its the third track created through bird sounds and some field recordings to complement the strange world created by THE INFANT CYCLE in this release.3"CDr packaged in a simple fold-over cover. For more information just visit The Ceiling page!!

JORIS J. (Ger)
"Fabrikation Von Konsens" Cdr 2008
(Snip Snip)
JORIS J. is an experimental/industrial/noise act coming from Germany, and the mastermind behind such project Martin Schilling, reveal us his abstract creative expressionism through a release full of diverse elements worth to explore due the nature in which are built each one of them "Profit direction" opens the album with a coverage of experimental cosmic elements dressed by sutile atmospheres and a psychedelic touch and repetitive sounds. With the second one "Advertisment" tracks goes oriented more into defragmentative noise passages with industrial soundscapes and piano elements surrounded by such abstract atmospheres which fits perfectly the whole concept of the track. the third track "New Sources" is built at the beginning under melancholic old music which start to mutates into degenerative noise defragmentations with intense moments and such more yet to be discovered. At "Flak" things still keeps its experimental structure and surreal touch handled by different sound sources and electronic devices creating noise soundcapes with interesting elements worth to explore.Closing this release is” Ideology" a dense track full of diverse structures collapsing all the time, to complement the interesting concept album released by Mr Schilling. An interesting release with so many diverse elements which sure will get your attention from start to finish.

"The House Of Flesh" Cd 2008
(Snip Snip)
David Reed, the main creative force behinds Snip Snip recs,a record label specializing in noise, dark ambient, and experimental music sent us his personal project in which he reveal us his most in deep desires in order to develop amazing Noise/Ambient atmospheres with very in deep elements structured in a proper way,compenetrating perfectly each one of the tracks generated here. A total of 9 compositions, tracks such as “Walking Timeless Hall” are built under dense drone passages dressed with some evocative elements surrounding the whole structure of the track.” Opening The Forgotten Doors” crawls through strong ambient elements and some dense soundscapes floating through cold corridors.” Desperation" is the ineffable trip to unknown dimensions focusing into ambient passages full of eerie atmospheres. The whole album contains such interesting moments worth to explore, due the way as each one of the tracks are built. Really a very impressive release by David reed in which he reveal us just a part of the great potential generated by LUASA RAELON. I recommend this album to those interested to explore dense ambient structures.

Monday, 14 September 2009


"Not all Of Me Will Die" Cd 2009

(The Eastern Front)

To talk about Anthony Charles Wakeford is to talk of one of the most impressive musicians inside the folk,having long trajectory reflected in acts such as Death In June, Sol Invictus,Joy Division... this time he arrives with his solo project and offer us his 4th album "not All Of Me Will Die" in which he commemorates the life and work of the Polish-Ukrainian Jewish poetess Zuzanna Ginczanka, who was executed by the Gestapo in Kraków in 1944.the result of this solo album, is just brilliant by the fact in how each one of the 6 compositions included here delight us with such exquisite, sensitive melodies surrounded by sad atmospheres bringing you remembrances of a distant past. The spoken voices offer us an interesting conceptual elements based on Ginczanka’s verses. Besides this you can experience the diverse use of instruments as clarinet,flute,violin,oboe,doublebass,dulcimer,percussions ...executed by different guest artists evoked especially for this release which everything turns so captivating due the nature of each one of the tracks.To do an exact idea behind this interesting release you must enter deeply inside the complexity of this album and explore the diverse sensations gathered around the whole tracks released here through such acoustic, neo folk album with rich facet and incredible work of voices and musicalisation in general.” Not All Of Me Will Die" needs no presentation, just get it and explore by yourself one of the best albums inside the neo folk scenarios due the diverse positive elements you shall find here!!!The album comes with 8 full color pages booklet in jewel case and limited to 1000 copies only!!!


"Kantalon" Cd 2009

(Folk Division)

"Kantalon" is a Gaelic word which means "chant" and has it’s deeply connections with Celtic tribes and its lessons refering tales, battles and more, which are sang or spoken form which were transmitted from generation to generation. From such perspective Bardini & Jolif, developed an album surrounded by a mystical medieval aura through 8 folk compositions dressed with an enchanted ritualistic atmosphere from start to finish. Just hear from example "Merzhin Et Arthur” created through spoken voices in French taken from poems from Gales and Brittania. Moving into dense flute melodies and percussive elements are of this tracks one of the best here. Or just take a look at "Bretagne Aux Monts Sales" and its enigmatic percussive soundscapes and indie oboe melodies crawling together spoken voices to create a perfect exposition of diverse soundcapes able to transport you to another existential reality."Skolan" is more a beautiful melodic composition with such flute elements and spoken voices which keeps your senses awakens all the time. And what about the instrumental track "Arwezeen Avalou" and its mystical dance generated through ritual percussive elements and diverse wind instruments collapsing all the time to create a very interesting piece here. It’s so difficult to categorize this release due the diverse elements included here and there but the truth is that this release is just brilliant in its execution and how the music is perceived when hearing it deeply. A medieval folk voyage to the very roots of Wales and Brittany, coming in a 6 page full-colour laminated fold and limited to 500 copies only offer us the opportunity to explore the Celtic Folk music in all its splendour.


"Henbane" Cd 2009

(The Eastern Front)

Amazing collaborative release by two creative exponents of Israelian, “Henbane" is the first recording from both artists which were recorded without permission 10 years ago, and now finally released by Igor& Tania through The Eastern Front. Really its just an enigmatic experience to explore the diversity and creativity of both talented artists together.AGNIVOLOK is the project of Vera Agnivolok and Vadim gusis,and offer us a psychedelic slide of depressive dark folk structures with a high dose of personality and character when we explore tracks such as "The Heart And The Hunter" with its marvellous acoustic guitar melodies and flute soundscapes or "Belena" with such beautiful voices crawling through the different atmospheres created,5 compositions in which you shall experience the enigmatic realm created by such female shape with the cooperation of Vadim Gusis.on the other hand we have CHAOS AS SHELTER, the drone ambient structure created by Vadim Gusis as a solo project in order to reflect its most in deep magickal defragmentations.and really such hypnotic transformations becoming flesh through the 4 structures generated here. Corrosive dronescapes in "Alien" opens to you new realities through such dense atmospheres full of the dynamism which inhabits in CHAOS AS SHELTER. "Purgatory" is an in deep voyage to the centre of chaos, through dismal atmospheres converging through dense ambient soundscapes mutating all the time.” The Sacrifice" and "silver Lips Of Tomorrow" are the other two compositions in which floats the spirit of Mr Gusis through the dark dimensions in which resides CHAOS AS SHELTER. An amazing release is what you shall experience by both Israelian artists

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


"Several Tracks" cdr 2009

An experimental industrial act based in Berlin Germany, sent us their material, and really a very deconstructive exploration of sounds which converges into chaotic dark forms with so many elements worth to explore from time to time. The cdr includes 6 compositions which 4 of them are live expositions and the rest studio recordings. The live tracks are corrosive to the point of collapsing themselves and create new elements which remind me a bit to the Swedish masters Brighter Death Now in the use of reverberations and other effects included here. The deconstructive way as SCHRIFTFISH generates each one of the corrosive experimental tunes here are just amazing due the chaotic nature of each one of them. The 4th track is a studio recording which is built more into dense drone elements surrounded by a kind of futuristic experimental touch which suits perfectly the whole nature of the track in general. So will be great to hear in future of this interesting promising act coming from Germany, so the potential is there ready to be explored in its maximum level. For more information just visit the page in order to hear the abstract reality created by such experimental /industrial/ambient project!!!

"Daemonia Nymphe" Cd 2002


Formed in the year 1994 this pagan horde arrives with their brilliant debut album in which you shall be illuminating by the splendor and beauty of the Hellenic ancestral past, through beautiful melodies which transport you back in time to ancient Greece. The use of replicas of the ancient Hellenic instruments makes an extreemely, incredible production from start to finish. Tracks such as "Message Horns Enchanting Echo" with suggestive wind melodies dressed with bell and the enchanting atmosphere opens the album. So then appears beautiful expressions in tracks such as “Idas Dactyls" with its amazing Hellenic spoken voices and percussive elements.” Summoning divine Selene" is almost in the same vein but this time the splendor continues through spoken female voices in Greek, chorus and melodies surrounding the whole track."Hades”,” Dance Of Satyrs" are both evocative hymns of ancient Hellenic gods, its twisting beautiful melodies and expressive nature are just perfect.A plethora of musicians participate besides the basic core of the band, among them a famous Greek singer Alkinoos Ioannides.The result was this amazing debut album, which continues with tracks as “Korai Rejoicing In Antron","Nymphs Of The Seagod Nereus" being the second one an immerse paganistic expression of ancestral elements inviting you to go dance naked in the woods, drink wine and search for your inner Dionysian spirit!!! "Hymn To Bacchus" is a track built into sticking percussive elements and great work of voices, chorus and melodies gathered especially for this composition. And closing the release is "Invoking Pan”, emerges as a beautiful enchanting track though diverse instruments, as flute, percussive elements and atmospheres penetrating your mind all the time, a voyage to the core of ancient Hellenic past in its most pure form!!! IO PAN!!!

"Krataia Asterope" Digipack 2007

Again DAEMONIA NYMPHE surprises with another excellent release, this time the last album released last year, in which they continues with its expressive exploration of diverse elements involved the Hellenic tradition, myths and mythological aspects through a pagan vision, represented perfectly through each one of the 11 compositions included in "Krataia Asterope"... the evocative, sensitive way each track is built is just perfect. Beauty melodies, spoken voices in Greek, rhythmic percussive sounds are just few of the diverse elements you shall experience when hearing this album. "Nocturnal Hekate" appears as one of the best tracks here. The work of voices suits perfectly the whole atmosphere created by the diverse string instruments and sutile female chorus picturing the whole composition in General. Note that DAEMONYA NYMPHE has performed in many countries worldwide, giving an ancestral message to the modern world in which we live."Divine Goddess Of Fertility" appears as a piece of neofolk surrounded by just emotive female chorus and calm atmosphere.” The Goddess Mnemosyne" is another brilliant composition, built with so diverse expressive elements and voices which dwells within the pass of minutes. An evocative hymn, in which you shall experience why DAEMONIA NYMPHE is considered nowadays as one of the best acts inside the neofolk/pagan scene, recreating the sound of Greek Antiquity to bring us such perfect expressions through an audible form."Hymeanos" and "Ecstatik Orchesis" closest this album through fine, sutile atmospheres filled with the charisma which characterizes DAEMONIA NYMPHE, with its unique sound, but this time focusing more into neofolk elements!!

"Promo" 2009

(Neologic Records)

A new brilliant star rising in the horizon is what emerges when from Denmark we explore the brightness of such star and we find that UNEXPLODED is such star. In the shape of Spine, this wave/rock pop act surprise us with an advance of the upcoming album, offering a complete facet of his skills as musician though 5 compositions in which you must have a clear idea of the upcoming album. Opening the album is " Invert" an interesting exposition of sutile melodies covered with interesting sticking elements floating in the whole track, and a very well performance of vocals going according the music in general. Then, comes the second track "Shiny Glass Eyes”, a composition with different elements here and there with built under a similar structure as the last track, but this time with amazing work of synth and voices effects to create another perspective in the way as the track is reflected here. Through the third one called " Unavoidable(greed)",a more aggressive atmosphere is exposed to its maximum level, with sticking work of bass and guitar parts which are surrounded by the almost perfect voices of spine and such rhythmic patterns around the whole picture of the track. One of the best tracks here.” Floater" and "Bitchlapping A Cocodrile (Gated) closest this promo,so,the first one a more mid tempo track with synth elements and voices going around the whole picture of the track, slow and emotive with a psychedelic touch perceived by mi mind is what I must mention here. And the other track is just brillant, perfect, going in equilibrium with the whole concept in general, the voice here is incredible great, and the use of certain atmospheres and percussive elements give you more reasons to be anxious to hear the final album. So just let to be blind by the brightness of such unexploded star shining at the horizon.