Friday, 4 December 2009


ACRE (Usa)
"Isolationism"Cd 2009
Coming from Porlant,OregonAaron Davis, the representative shape behinds this twisted ambient/industrial project, arrives with this album, in which you shall experience in deep hypnotic drone ambient structures dressed under repetitive patterns and strong suggestive elements, when we explore the first track from the three ones included in this release.” Isolationism" name speaks for itself, its pure desolated hybrid soundscapes developed under such repetitive drone elements always penetrating slowly you brain from start to finish. Through the second track you shall find a bit similar track in comparison the last one, but this time with some arrangements here and there, but without so much variation. The last track is still dressed into drone ambient atmospheres but this time with more strong structures. All in all an interesting piece full of hypnotic moments worth to explore.

1997EV (it)/LUNA DOPA (It)
"Twin Beings Mutopia" split Cd 2009
Spheres of transdimansional structures, inner voyages to outer worlds, secret codes of evocative portals,transhuman realities...expressed through both acts, inducing trance ambient structures is what 1997 EV offer us through 3 experimental ambient soundscapes including here."Proxima seminal Wheel" is dense in it own nature and nebular vaporous atmospheres collapse to mutate into diverse ambient structures with deep sounds, surrounding the whole composition. Then comes the second one called "Sharks And Fishes Luminous Unknown” an ambient structure, in which you shall experience the dynamism and obscure experimentation of such Italian act. An interesting work of percussive elements coming from the deep void, surrounded by voices, atmospheres and effects. The final track is "Eonage", an in deep exploration of sounds crawling from outer dimensions and interesting suggestive work of voices through the whole track. Without a doubt, an excellent work by 1997 EV, showing us all the potential generated here. For more information just red the interview we did on past with this experimental ambient act. By the other side LUNA DOPA emerges as a dark star shining on horizon, with dense black soundscapes dressed with vaporous drone elements.So,"Daath Deep Void"is the first track and offer us ghastly ,ethereal soundscapes built into ambient atmospheres with so obscure passages and such ritualistic elements which keep your senses awaken all the time."Alix V" is the second track, also so dense and intense from start to finish. Closing the release it’s "Red Light Poem”, spoken voices emanating from the void, and diverse atmospheres expressing obscure realities. So dark and dense is what you shall experience here. For more info just visit Neue-Kultur!!!!

"Zed Om Breathing" split Cd 2009
Another ritualistic exploration by Italian LUNA DOPA, this time with the support of a Belgian act known as TZII, an ambient act coming from Belgium. Evoking diverse patterns always focused into dark surrealism and ritual obscure exploration of sounds LUNA DOPA offer us two conceptual tracks "The Lamen Of Nechesh", which is an eclectic composition with such enigmatic atmospheres surrounding each one of the ambient elements generated here. at moments it seems as entering to a black hole in the cosmos and floating in the void, due how the music evolves through pass of minutes, one more time LUNA DOPA offer us a very strong composition mutating into dark structures from start to finish. The other composition is "Zed Om Lux" emerges as a drone ambient structure focusing in dense soundscapes dressed with ambient element which transcends from time to time into destructive spaces, as falling to a big black hole in the cosmos and entering another facet of reality. The whole composition is so intense and strong. Next, arrives TZII with "N.H. Afterworld"a dense composition full of ethereal atmospheres crawling through obscure passages and penetrating you to inner tunnels in consiousness.This split Cd offer us several soundsources which must be explored by listener in order to have an exact idea of what we are talking about!!! Certain is that the music is obscure, dense and strong!!!