Tuesday, 27 January 2009


“At The Throne Of Mele
k Taus” Digipack 2008


One of the most interesting albums arriving lately to our hands is without a doubt “At The Throne Of Melek Taus”. LAPIS NIGER represents in its most pure essence the black diamond of draconian current, the alchemic process handled by Dragon Rouge, through the mind of Tommie Eriksson. The whole album is developed in a ritualistic expression which is handled having seven bronze or iron peacock figures known as Sanjaq. Opening the album is the track “Alsahra” a dark ambient composition opening the veils for what comes next through the thousand eyes of melek taus. Through “Black Serpent Dance”, the enigmatic mysticism and Arabic soundscapes seems to enter you to another side of Eden, percussive elements which are perfectly executed, creating a suggestive atmosphere through the whole track. The third track “Mashaf Rash” is one of the two main texts of the Yazidi religion, from such conception was built this musical piece full of dense and dismal atmospheres, mixed with such captivating elements. Next tracks are “At The Throne Of Melek Taus part I & II”, the first part is so incredible amazing. at moments reminds me to ARCANA but with its own identity and sound. The enigmatic sensations when hearing this track are so suggestive, also the atmospheres filled with such mysticism and interesting elements to explore here. The second part is more a drone-ambient structured composition which complements the first part, where vaporous atmospheres and dismal sounds emerge to create a strong composition in its own essence. “Sanjaq Worship” is an exposition of dark frequencies converging themselves to create a ritualistic piece which seems to transport you to the netherworlds of shaitan. “Inside The Black Pearl- Lapis niger” is a composition developing such enigmatic ethereal soundscapes full of eerie ritualistic atmospheres and an element which has high peaks in the way as are created here. Closing the album is “Kitab Al Rash” another track with such amazing elements worth to check, as for example the percussive elements, dressed with marvellous evocative melodies floating through the whole composition. The whole musical expression handled here is an inner voyage which the listener must explore in order to understand perfectly the main concept veiled here. The covers show us a sigil, and come in a black & gold six panel digipack.


“Live In Arnhem & The Goatherd And The Beast” Double Cd 2008


To talk about ZERO KAMA is to walk the path of a ritualistic magickal expression, which opened the doors to many of the acts coming nowadays. So, Michael Dewitt the creative force from ZERO KAMA developed only two live performances, one of them in Arnhem, which is included this time, capturing the essence of this magickal project. The first cd is such live performance including 9 emanations representing the different visions of ZERO KAMA, always converging into magickal currents. Opening its “V.V.V.V.V” a track inspired in the Crowley’s motto when ascending as magister temple, this one begins with Crowley spoken voices and dense sounds and slow percussive elements surrounding the whole structure of the track. Some choruses are hearing as background of the track, giving a more in deep atmospheres to the track. Then arrives “Quabalistic Cross” the ancient ritual developed live, with percussive elements and interesting work of vocals. “Seven Nights Of Tantra” is one of the best tracks here. The use of shenai, percussive sounds giving you an exact idea of what ZERO KAMA is. A ritualistic expression developed in a dynamic and effusive way. Through “The Call Of Aethyrs”, again the voices of frater Perdurabo were including as prelude and a massive atmosphere full of wind instruments and percussive sounds, and evocative ritual to open the aethyrs, to explore the different levels of subconscious. “Prayer Of Zos” inspired in the texts of Austin Osman Spare, is one of such living sigils which penetrates your mind slowly. Percussive tribal sounds and guitar tunes, voices generating a masterpiece due the atmosphere and oral atmospheres. Through “2cr11 (Love Always Yieldeh)” more into flute and percussive sounds twisting themselves to create a track full of captivating ritualistic atmospheres. “Pygmy Dance” is a psychotic exploration of senses through African percussive sounds and instruments and wind instruments generating a frenetic dance full of mysticism. Another track is “Inauguration (Of The Pleasure Dome) & “Kyrie (BDSM version) are the last compositions, both of them floating through such enigmatic mysticism created by the impressive way as the instruments are developed here. One point to mention is that the whole tracks here sounds different than the studio ones. Also the use of congas,bass,guitar,acoustic instruments, bone instruments,shenai,violin.as bonus track this cd includes a radio interview in which questions are in Dutch and answers in English and reveal us important aspects of magickal development of ZERO KAMA through the years, and ideological elements relating this project. The 2nd cd includes 5 tracks which 3 of them were performed on last cd. “Prayer Of Zos” was recorded in 1985,and this time with elements different than on live one, but still enrapturing the necessary energy through the whole track,”Seven Nights Of Tantra”is an evocative sexual piece with such eastern atmosphere and amazing sounds. “Liber Al I:13” is a thelemic exploration revealing part of Liber Al and built into sonic mantras and shenai.together give us an idea of what ZERO KAMA is, as a creative force veiled with a magickal aura, full of mysticism. V.V.V.V.V. based in a Tibetan ritual, with such hypnotic incantations which through dense sounds put you in a trance state. “Postmortem: The Sea Of Celafu”close the album, its based in sea sounds taken from Celafu, a kind of outro we must say. Without a doubt one of the most interesting album concepts released in all times. The legendary ZERO KAMA alive with this cult release.so, for more info please writes to ATHANOR Recs.


” Way Of The Gods” Cd 2008


The Japanese artist Manabu Hiramoto presents us his second album titled “Way Of The Gods” and under such title you shall find 7 compositions or gates to meet your own inner gods. The music here is more than fantastic, is sublime in the very core of the word, due the highest impact it causes when firstly you hear it. The music here is calm deep ambient sondscapes which seems to emerge from deep within earth. At moments the music floats into an atmosphere highly inspired by Buddhism or Shinto, in the way as the atmospheres are created here. Perfect in its own essence, such ritualistic emanations sometimes are channels to our own perceptions of nature & the universe. Rain, waves, birds; trees soundsources are complemented through each one of the tracks, creating another reality transcending senses. For example tracks 2 & 3, have such amazing percussive sound which mutates all the time, creating just more than music here. It’s like absorption of sounds of magickal nature.

Deep, meditative, comtemplative scenarios becoming an inner reality through each one of the tracks included in “Way Of The Gods”. Without a doubt Mt Hiramoto has a creative inspiration which is reflected in each one of the albums he has released. An amazing released with so much interesting elements worth to check out now.