Wednesday, 13 May 2009


“Ex Machina Libertas” CD 2009
(Fractured Spaces)
Per Åhlund the deconstructive force behinds DISKREPANT arrives with his first album under Fractured Spaces recs, and really this album contains a notorious exploration of diverse sources which reveal us a part of what this Swedish artist can create. Dense tunnels through abstract realities and dystopian visions of the future of mankind with a nightmare amalgamation of flesh and machine. An experimental dark ambient trip to the most in deep regions of cosmic consiousness, veiled with diverse sound sources and environmental field recordings, to create more than just a release. “Ex Machina Libertas” means 'Technology will set you free’, and crawls as a living organism ready to mutate and to emerge as the new paradigm is human nature, where the people are half-natural/half- robot, a world where nature is slowly being squeezed by metal and glass.
The opening track here is “Post Homo Habilis” a exploration of diverse drone ambient elements through dense dark structures collapsing themselves to create a exposition of soundscapes able to create a definite picture of what your mind wants to focus when hearing it carefully. “Uncanny Valley” a strong drone composition with such eerie spectral elements through the whole one, giving such sensations of abandonment and desolation. A very interesting track here. “Flesh And Synthetics” is a dismal paradise of minimal ambient structures which suddenly mutates into abstract forms; drone patterns are collapsing themselves to create a piece of experimental nature. “Partenogenesis” and “Ex Machina Libertas” are the last tracks, which are perfect representations of a new universe where machines and spiritual devices are incarnated together to create a deconstructive but living structure in the void of human minds.
The album comes in a jewel case with 6-page fold-out booklet with silver foil stamping in an edition of 1000 copies.
“Molested Into Form” cd 2009
(Fractured Spaces)
Coming from Tel Aviv Israel arrived the black plague, the catastrophic harsh noise project of artist Michael Zolotov,which through this new opus, present us a very more structured work focusing as always in pestilence,famine,war,rape,violence . “Molested Into Form” floats into harsh noise/power electronics with bloody passages generated by the use of electronic devises going through the dynamism which only Mr Zolotov knows how to create. 10 compositions are included in this album of pure nihilistic misanthropic art. Tracks such as “Dry Sperm Of The Wooden Caskets” or even “Drowning In Pus” with such bizarre exploration of psychotic nature always harsh and strong in nature. The diverse noise elements and industrial passages seem to deteriorate your existence due the way as both tracks are built here. The destructive plague mutates again and again into new forms which is clear appreciated in tracks as “Project Suicide Part 1 (One Bullet, One Gun)” and “Project Suicide Part 2 (One Life, Now Gone)” with harsh power electronic elements and artifacts which are tentative choices for suicide, facets revealed with the only purpose to worship death. Without a doubt KADAVER has reached a high peak with this release due the strong nature and effusive soundscapes generated here. Also is important to mention here that this album includes a tribute to Jorg Butttgereit’s classic underground film “Necromantik”. Welcome to the nightmare world of our nature, welcome to the death’s kingdom of KADAVER where everything is possible when you experience the black plague generated through “Molested Into form”.

“Psilocybe Necrophilia” Cd 2009
(Some Place Else)
The enigmatic trip continues and this time through “Psylocibe Necrophilia”, focusing into psychedelic drone ambient experimentations, the title album makes reference to a psychoactive mushroom that grows on decomposing flesh. A surreal voyage to most in deep reflections of NIKO SKORPIO’s subconscious levels penetrating to such planes of evocative dreams and subliminal echoes, reflected in each one of the six chapters generated in this release.
The first psychoactive trip is “The Day That Night Careless” dark ambient piece with such experimental explorations and elements dressing the whole picture of the track. then comes “Unended” a long 15 minutes composition with minimalistic elements and eerie soundscapes transporting you to the most inner realities where all dreams shall become flesh, and spectral voyage to the center of nothing,coz there inhabits the resurgence of atavistic emanations where NIKO SKORPIO’s comes from. through “Untitled (or meeting Niels Bohr’s ghost in the rotting wood)” impregnating your aura with such suggestive drone ambient passages and diverse sounds which stimulates in a sense the most in deep regions of your mind, to the point of collapsing themselves into an unimaginable reality. “Uncut” is a short track, a surreal transmission of living entities entering this plane via psychoactive mushrooms. Spectral voices and strong sound sources evoked into a specific structure. The next track is “Numberless reflections” with such amazing ambient soundscapes crawling slowly into drone spaces to create subliminal, enigmatic portals for incoming of entities. A vast scenario of ambient structures converging themselves to create one of the best compositions here. Closing the album we must mention “The Backward Trail”, another spectral, eerie trip with the mark which NIKO SKORPIO includes in each release. The basis of this release was NIKO’s old cassette tape collection from 1980’s. a psychedelic trip which you must experience in order to understand the enigmatic, surreal concept created by NIKO SKORPIO through this interesting album!!! “CLOSE YOUR EYES AND ENTER PURE REALITY”