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SEEKER (leb)
“Invocation Of The Sleeper” Cd 2007

Osman Arabi,the Lebanese artist known as Xardas,who also is the creator of diverse acts such as 20.Sv,Stalaggh,Veiven among others. Through SEEKER, he entered to self illuminative portals highly connected with the 7 vortex of energy (Chakras). “Invocation Of The Sleeper” the first ritual in this series of releases was focused directly to produce changes according will in manipura chakra. A long 25 minutes ritualistic composition, which induced trance due to sonic mantras and elements used to affect your mind and channeling of energies of such determinate chakra. The ritual began with a series of bells and gong sounds going slowly and arising to the point of generate oppressive atmospheres when suddenly the eerie, spectral soundscapes appears to complement the hypnotic transcendental trip, created here. An aspect which I point as the highlights here is the way as the whole track is transporting your mind slowly to the appropriate state in which your mind trespass the limits of reasonism and converges in a personal reality which only would be explored by yourself. “Invocation Of The Sleeper” contains a dose of magickal transmissions which mutates with the pass of minutes. Percussive elements and oppressive distant dark atmospheres hanging from an unlimited sonic structure is what “Invocation Of The Sleeper” is all about. Dense elements crawling around the whole picture of the track are enough reasons to worship this magickal evocative master piece. Geometrical symbolism and magickal linear sigils representing the visual side of “Invocation Of The Sleeper” can be found in cover. for more information just visit Autumn Winds ‘ page or just Osman Arabi ones.

“Bathe In Fiery Answer” Digipack

(Autumn Winds)

This psychedelic experimental act comes with this interesting gathering of diverse recordings, exploring different facets of creativity, coz “Bathe In Fiery Answer” represents in part the different tongues of mother Gaia, the nature’s exploration in all its directions. Opening with the expressive composition “Wave Rolls (Laine Veereb)”, a deconstructive piece built into different expressive vociferations, which seems as ancient pagan chants. The track was originally composed and taken from the Estonian epic “kalelipoeg”.this track is brilliant in all its own nature, due how different vocal tunes are mixed to create a very seductive piece. The exploration continues through “Cambry (Hart Of The Child)”,an epic march through ritual dance with percussive elements and such other instruments which gives the whole track a very sticking atmosphere. With “Full Spectrum Dominance”, the dark ambient soundscape emerges through very interesting bass elements, and other soundsources, complementing perfectly with the whole structure of the track. “Gnawer From Beneath”, the experimental voyage keeps on moving in all directions, this time with a track full of sounds, loops and other elements which together emerges into a sole dynamic movement with concrete patterns and dark atmospheres. “Lungs”,”Breath”and “Tomorrow Never Knows” were firstly recorded on cassette format time ago, and now arranged specially for this release. Spoken voices and atmospheres in “Lung” show us its most dark facet due how voices comes from within. “Breath”, is strong in nature, ambient experimental soundscapes mutating all the time, and with interesting work of grotesque voices and more yet to discover by yourself. “Tomorrow Never Knows” is a poetic rhythmic composition dwelling through voices as principal element ,but bells and atmospheres appears to complements the definite structure of the song. “Peat Fire Flame”, close the release with expressive exposition of percussive sounds, chorus and wind instruments, creating a very epic voyage. Closing the album is “She” a beautiful song with melodies adapting perfectly each other. A MINORITY OF ONE is one of such acts which you will love to death, due to creativity and dynamism exposed in each one of tracks included here. The album is limited to 1.000 copies, and comes in a 4 panel digipack.

“Hieros Gamos” Digipack 2009

(Autumn Winds)

Set-heru, surprise us again, with a very in deep album. After the last album “Quintessence” BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY emerges with one of the most subterranean magickal explorations, this time sailing the magickal incarnations through nectars, kalas,and elixirs. The communion of gods and men becoming a procreative magickal transformation via ophidian currents. This sacrament emerging through 4 ritual evocations, with impressive experimental obscure soundscapes, each one of them representing figurative magickal expressionism which only is developed by individuals highly connected with dense forms of Magick. The evocative sacramental exploration begins through “Iblis Hiwwa Kassia” the kalas from ancient gods, penetrating the human consciousness via oneiric seeds. A long 30 minutes track, built through diverse musical explorations. Singing bowls, cymbals, eerie atmospheres covered by obscure mantras and ritual percussive sounds floating around the picture of the track. The copulative evocation continues engendrating through “All Hail The Procession Maks” through male/female magickal evocations and such spectral atmospheres emerging to concentrate a hypnotic ritual vortex full of diverse soundscapes and repetitive drone elements. A perceptive association with ancient phallic cults and stellar races marriage among humans and through qliphotic decopulative encounters. Masks covered with sperm and candles burning through blue flames evoking “Hu Tubalo” sonic sigils built through invocative orations converging through sutile, hybrid and eerie soundscapes.”hieros Gamos” is an album which surely will got your attention due the dynamism and strong structures dressed with such magickal explorations. In my opinion a more matured, structured and well built album. The final seed is implanted through “Thy Secret Shall Stain The Heart of the Ekstasis (Aleim Edam)” a melodic ancient track with such mystical atmospheres which transports you back to ancient times, of early Babylon, Egypt and subterranenean lemuria. The album includes a big 16 pages booklet, including diverse magickal visual reflections from artist such as Stafford Stone, Senath Mason, Markus Wolf, Gabriela Surgier, Kathleen Averill, Dennis Macambridge, and Joep Hommerson. The from cover show us a sigil developed specially for “Hieros Gamos"


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