Thursday, 21 May 2009


EMIT (Usa)
“Abortions” Cd 2008

(Autumn Winds)

Impregnating the earth’s aura with malignant and somber atmospheres. EMIT arrives with its second full length album. Abortive creations spawned by mysterious Unknown Ikon, who express himself through this solo project of black ambience,. “Abortions” contains 16 compositions which reveals in part the different possibilities in EMIT’s existence. 8 tracks where taken from an unreleased album called “Conscience” and other tracks where taken from different releases as cassettes and split cds. The important fact to mention here is how the whole tracks contains such obscure passages which seems to evolve from time to time. Melancholic pieces dwelling into sinister soundscapes through the whole tracks. “Behind These Eyes” is a track with a marked black metal aura, full of agonic guitar chords and dense percussive elements. “Return” built into organ passages mixed with strong work of screaming vocals and laments coming through the whole picture of the track. “Awaiting Ultimate Consummation” is more into thin keyboard sounds dressed with percussive parts. “Waking Dreams” is structured through dense drone atmospheres and distortional voices coming from within and background guitar sounds adapting the principal structure of the track.

EMIT’s has created an album with so many interesting elements ,because the dynamism and the way as the tracks are finally processed are very intelligent in its own essence,coz all of them enraptures the listeners to enter the penetrating dense realms in which Unknown Ikon inhabits. “Division” is an organic drone noise organism mutating through distortions and percussive beats and the deconstructive works of guitars, joined by voices crawling from utter darkness. “Exhaling Life, Channeling Death” is dense dommy black ambience piece with to vaporous eerie atmospheres, and a palpable black metal feeling. “Conveyance Church Essence” is built through bells sounds only, but through different patterns which ended in a very expressive dark piece full of enigmatic mysticisms. “Entering The Mysterious Unknown” reminds me to early ABRUPTUM, due the atmospheres created by voices and percussive elements, really a very bizarre piece here. All in all we will spend hours talking about each one of the tracks included the only that remain, are “Abortions” is a very interesting release worth to check out!! So for more information just writes to Erik & Autumn Wind Productions for a proper copy now!!!

“A Hallowed Ground Within” Cdr 2009
(Self Released)

Coming from Hessen Germany emerges this Experimental/Ambient Industrial act with a self produced release. Inspired in elements as Death, Pain, depression, Desolation… NAM-KHAR develops a in deep magickal exploration handling complex defragmentations and vibrational tunes with an ancestral touch which opens to listeners new gates of perception due how the evocative sounds emerges from time to time. In this debut NAM-KHAR generates 3 compositions through more than 40 minutes. Opening this release is “A Hallowed Ground I” a track with dark emotive passages, eerie soundscapes floating through different instruments and drone patterns. At the background of the track you can experience some sutile melodies which complements perfectly with the whole track here. Through the next track “A Hallowed Ground II” things goes a bit different, the same atmospheres are included here but this time covered by distortions created by electric guitars and at moments you can hear some bells and dark soundscapes floating through the track. The essence is the same but with diverse elements which enrich the nature of the track. The final composition included here is “From Within” starting to mutates through repetitive sounds which seems to stimulate some parts of brain, suddenly are dressed into drone somber structures and some percussive oriental instruments. At the middle of the track some organic alien soundscapes are converged to give another direction to the track, but still with such ancient touch which characterize the whole album in general. In the whole album you shall find such interesting elements which surely will get your attention. For more information feel free to check the NAM-KHAR pages!!!


“That And Nothing Else” Cdr 2009

(Black Note Music)

PROJECTIVE MODULE is the mutated bastard organism generated by JC Mendizabal Aka Kyron. And this is the first release aborted through his own record label Black Note Music. We had the opportunity to review almost all their releases, to observe carefully each one of his creations and exploring the diverse concrete artistically expressionism of this talented Latin American artist. Coz well with PROJECTIVE MODULE, things are going in the same direction, I mean the latent creativity an dynamism revealed through each one of the 15 untitled compositions created here.The experimental machine codifying so many elements as electro rhythmic patterns adapting themselves to so many different vortexes of sounds, and with such futuristic touch which is revealed through the whole album. At moments reminds me to COIL in the appreciative form as PROJECTIVE MODULE changes the essence of almost the whole track, and in the way as some tracks are arranged. But at moments the tracks mutates into a psychedelic pop with interesting percussive elements and melodies which transports you to another dimension. So calm, but with the necessary elements to keep your senses opened all the time. An experimental voyage full of emotive atmospheres.Formulated via a process of juxtaposing the relationships between the stars of those constellations visible from their position in the universe with the relationships of selected tones and their frequency, they created a series of melodic journeys. This tribute to the night sky and infinite imagination they called “That And Nothing Else”. Under such patterns I invite to penetrate the unlimited dimension full of possibilities generated by Kyron though PROJECTIVE MODULE.