Monday, 25 May 2009


"Clergy Of Oneiros" Cd 2007
(Anima Arctica)

Dreams shall flesh, obsessions, mental paradigms, imsomnia, magick all of them explored into personal subjective concepts give birth to SOMNIVORE, an ambient /industrial organism which emerged with its first full length album, containing diverse elements and deconstructive soundscapes creating surreal atmospheres. The enigmatic shape of Kaarna and sole generator of this project, present us a six track release with such suggestive atmospheres floating in oneiric realms of mind. “Somnivore” is the opening track, and offer us a plateu of dark ambient structures dressed with drone elements and ghastly surreal soundscapes through almost 11:00 minutes. Bells, voices and some effects are risen from the whole picture of the track, to give more eclectic elements to it. Through “Debate with the Green Fairy”, seems are going in the same ambient direction, but this time adapting the eerie atmospheres and dense, calm soundscapes to the track. “Lumi Ei Enaa Sula Iholleni” dressed with enigmatic industrial astmospheres, which gives to the track a very paranormal psychic sound. This one becomes as one of the best explorations created here. Deep sounds crawling from and mutating all the time. “Those Graves Under The Bay Of Bothnia”, again the surreal dreaming atmospheres are gathered opening the oneiric dreams. Hypnotic soundscapes creating a very interesting piece here. Nest one is “Allerleirauh” a monumental composition focused on distant shadowy echoes, as mantras evoking spectral eons still to come. A long 10:30 minutes exploration with amazing percussive elements as marches from dungeons of darkness. In my opinion the best track created here. Also, you can hear ambient industrial elements at the middle of the track. a ritualistic atmosphere is present at the whole track, which complements perfectly with the main structure in general. The closing track is “Ie Aie Yo”, another great composition with such sticking percussive elements surrounding the whole track and voices complementing it. The uses of corrosive industrial patterns are included as a way to give such track a more harsh sound. Through this album, SOMNIVORE show us the latent potential and creativity when exploring the dreaming gates…and one more time dreams shall flesh, this time through sonic mantras.

“S/T” Cd 2007

(Anima Arctica)

Though this second release Anima Arctica, offer us an album which in essence is perfect, beautiful and well structured. The music is full of emotive moments carving in paganistic, folk expressions which are expressed through the 10 compositions included in this release. A brilliant release which through the well handled expressionism of the finnish duo consisting of Antti Paavilainenn (Acoustic Guitars) and Mikko Poyhonen (Bass, Vocal Lyrics, guitars),generates nostalgic and melancholic moments due how the acoustic guitar parts trespass the limits of time and opens you remembrances of a distant past, full of sad memories. Each one of the compositions included in this album contains beautiful male voices expressing themselves through native Finnish tongues, which according to the whole guitar melodies, fits perfectly due the harmonies and expressive oral tunes when everything is put together. TUHAT KUOLEMAA SEKUNNISSA translated to English means “A Thousand Deaths Per Second”, which in essence speaks for itself when you goes deeply the main structure of the tracks. it seems as you dies hearing such melancholic chants dressed with the always sticking acoustic guitar melodies ,and in some cases instruments as accordion and harmonica. A neo folk project which surely will give us some interesting news in future. More details are found on Anima Artica’s page. So just enter to enter to explore the sadness, and melancholic passages through each one of the 10 tracks developed by TUHAT KUOLEMAA SEKUNNISSA.

“S/T” 2008

(Anima Arctica)

Two enigmatic hordes gathered specially for this release.Perhaps a bit unknown for all of you, but with the necessary arguments to be considered as worth to listening to. So both acts rise from Finland, and not so much information was found in order to complement this review. So, but here we go…this release includes 11 structures which floats into abstract industrial ambient with eclectic elements and a psychotic noise fragments at some passages among the tracks. For example track 2 is floating into repetitive electro beats and some voices crawling as background for the track. Or just third track with psychotic elements as spectral voices and industrial soundscapes appearing and disappearing all the time. Also the way as voices appears in the middle of the track and the industrial atmosphere gives to the track a futuristic touch. Spectral atmospheres are generated though the 4th track, through dense drone elements with eerie structures from start to finish. The track 7 ,is built into suggestive psychotic noise fragments arranged through spoken voices,reververating soundscapes and diverse corrosive elements which seems as radio transmissions from outer space. The 8th track is a subliminal ambient exposition of sounds with spectral nature which includes the spoken voice taken from British magician Aleister Crowley, to give a more subterranean, limbonic eerie atmosphere to the whole track. So through the whole album you shall experience the different shells created again and again by CLOAMA and BLUTLEUCHTE,under the abstract elements which emerges through ambient compositions well structured and with a personal identity.