Thursday, 28 May 2009


“Der Honi
gflugel” Cd 2009
(The East
ern Front)

Igor & Tania The masterminds from The Eastern Front, sent us time ago the slipt cd from MIEL NOIR…and now arrives the debut album, and really surprise us a lot due the improvement of music here and the creative touch revealed through each one of the 5 compositions created here. To those who don’t know anything about MIEL NOIR,let me introduce that MIEL NOIR is the solo projection of Dimo Dimov,a Bulgarian artist who is involved in acts such as Svarrogh,Sturmpercht,Allerseelen,Saggitarium.his creativity and talented handling diverse instruments is latent in ach one of the project he is involved. “Der Honinflugel” is an album with such diverse musical concepts. For example first track “Honigflugel” is built into melancholic, and sad piano passages with a classical expressionism latent in each one of the tunes created here, besides that you can hear some atmospheres crawling from within the piano parts. Through “ Honigglut” things are more melancholic due the way as piano elements are growing through minutes, but this time the male /female spoken words appears to increase the interest when suddenly the piano passages are going more melancholic and depressed, and still some industrial touch are included as background for the track. “Honigather” is an effusive expression of industrial ambient character dressed with such suggestive elements and voices which complements perfectly. After some moments, piano appears again to give such characteristic melancholic touch to the whole track. Note that the whole album has samples from Russian movies inspired by classical Russian novel “Crime And Punishment” written by Fyodor Dostocusky and Goncharov’s novels. “Honignebel”, is almost dressed with the same atmosphere as the last track, but this time with some different elements here and there. And closing the album is “Honigmund” still with such sensitive melancholic touch, floating into few industrial sounds. a very interesting debut album by MIEL NOIRE worth to check out now!! AS ALMOST THE WHOLE The Eastern Front releases, the album comes in a 3 panel’s folded cardboard packing Cd format.

Known due great projects such as Chaos As Shelter, Agnivolok…Vadim Gusis, the spectre behinds THUNDERWHEEL, started a series of musical transformations and psychic experimentations which ended with “Credo”, an interesting fountain with highest spiritual connections focused into Zen Philosophy. the illumination through spectral surrealism,explorated through 6 compositions, which offer us a collection of diverse sounds and mutative atmospheres with a very eclectic nature. “Seeing Through The Wheel” is a rhythmic melodic entrance full of analog synthesizer and harmonies dressed by some whispers, creating a psychedelic track. The use of percussive elements enriches the whole atmosphere of this. Coming next is “ Into The Pure Land”, melancholic tunes and a sutile harmonies converging into a concrete expressive structure with dense passages and surreal evocative soundscapes. “Credo”, percussive elements rising through psychedelic tunes creating a twisted sonic experimentation with interesting moments due how each sound has been arranged here. Through “Emptiness” things seems to change a bit, when we hear how the track opens with more dense harmonies and sutile melancholic sounds, which has a smell to Japanese music in the way as the track is composed, but still with such psychedelic touch which characterize the whole album. Other tracks included here are “Harmless Song”,” Nothing Archived”,” Grief” and “Midstream” all of them with such suggestive elements which transport your mind to a surreal world moving in diverse directions. Through each composition you will discover different facets of your own realities through definited sound patterns with a high dose of creativity. The appearance of Igor Krutologov (Agnivolok) and Slave Smelousky (Grundik and Slava) as invited musicians, gives more dynamism to the whole album in general. “Credo” is a release with so many interesting elements worth to explore in all senses.

“European Music And Ballads from Renaissance And baroque Era” Cd 2009

(Folk Division)

To talk about Damiano Mercury is to talk about, talent, creativity and sensitive expressionism is all its forms. His albums released through Rose Rovine Et Amanti,are clear examples of the creative expressionism generated through dedicated work and patience. so Damiano comes here with a very different propose. This is an album concept based in classical music, baroque music and ballad from the epoch of renaissance, from England, Italy and Spain. The result is amazing a collection of 26 compositions of beautiful musical pieces built into acoustic guitars only. Colorful arrangements with intense moments of beauty and calm soundscapes. The first 5 tracks are expressive tunes from England’s musicians such as John Nowland, Rober Johnson, Anon Cutting and Philip Rosseter. Amazing moments with such evocative moments is what you must find here. The next 8 tracks correspond to Italian’s era and the works of artists such as:

Vincenzo Galieri, Cesare Negri Deffo IL Trombone, Vicenzo Capicola among others. Such melodies are sweeter in its essence but representing in part past of the Italian culture. The final part is from the Spain’s artists as: Luis De Narvaez, Alonso De mudarrea, Gaspare Sanz among others. Really a classical compilation with so many interesting compositions through solo classical guitar, with the touch and arrangements only created by the shape of Damiano mercury, showing us one more time the versatile expressionism and dedication. Special 3 panel folded cardboard packing and limited to 500 copies. Note that this is the first release of Folk Division, the sub label from The Eastern Front.