Tuesday, 14 July 2009


”Experimental Audio/Video Compositions Volume 1 DVD 2008

Robert l. Pepper, the mastermind behind PAS,sent us another exploration of his creative work in the fields of experimental ambient, but this time through visual expressions which are revealing the most hidden aspects of nature in which inhabits PAS.the whole DVD includes 11 expressive compositions with high context of visual elements from a man walking in the street through black and white images and sad melodies in “Talking About Violins” or the dense percussive soundscapes and middle east images in “outside The Void”. In the track “Circumsize Your Mind”, PAS walks into an inner reality through masks, street walkings and suggestive, percussive elements, voices and guitar parts. Each one of the compositions has a very surrealistic nature which must be explored by listeners in order to get an exact idea of the whole expressionism handled here. In “Remember: It’s Only A Dream” the dark, experimental journey continues, this time under made home elements and great musicalisationship built by percussive elements and soundscapes complementing perfectly with the visual side. “The Egg Of Flute” is the best video including here.Egiptian Icons, paintings and a suggestive visual atmospheres mutating all the time. Besides 11 video clicks,you shall find two live shows “Live At Goodbye Blue Monday” and “Live At Europa”,both of them with highest context due the eclectic nature of PAS at stage. So the whole DVD contains enough elements which will give you a clue of what POST ABORTION STRESS is all about!!!

B-TONG (Swe)
“Structures” Cd 2008

Chris Sigdell is an experimental artist and sound deconstructionist which has been working since time ago, and having experienced so many structures under his other experimental project called NID.This German artist has now focused all his efforts to explore another facet of his realities and B-TONG is the next deconstructive organism born from the deepest subconscious level. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, David Lynch, H.R. Giger, and Wilhelm Reich among others, his music is diverse complex and even enigmatic if we explore the different sonic elements generated here. “Structures” is inspired by a tripto Jukkaskarvi's ice palace in Sweden…and from such desolated perspective a journey to the void is opened, exploring diverse drone elements and field recordings to establish an in deep voyage to immerse yourself to a dimension of ethereal shadows and dismal atmospheres. Opening the album is “Hands Up: Who Wants To Die?” isolationist drone atmospheres crawling from within to evoke just amazing soundscapes with such penetrating ambient elements. The second one is “Tu Me Degoute!” is floating almost in the same structure as the last one but this time spoken voices,water,night sounds are included to give more dynamism to the whole track in general. “Fahrenheit…What Fahrenheit?” is an amazing drone machine with such strong dense structures mutating all the time. Also the inclusion of female/male spoken voices and other effects seems to offer you different elements to keep your attention awaken all the time. Dark structures emerging once again and again to enforce the experimental nature of each one of the compositions here, is the main elements you could hear in “Structures”. Another track included here is “Stalker” deep isolated drone soundscapes bathed into shadowy, eerie, obscure elements with dense ambient passages and more yet to be discovered by yourself. “Motherlode”,”Black Dog Dream” and “Clockwork Mantra” are other compositions which complements this release. Is worth to mention B-TONG is more than just an experimental act. B-TONG deconstructs and recycles samples from television, radio and film, records natural and artificial sounds, and processes his own voice. Live, he uses microphones, sampler, and "instruments" such as: metal, spring, and... kitchen utensils. The sounds thus generated are run through various effect-pedals. So let’s feel the void…though each one of 7 invocations generated in “Structures”. For more information and download a free version of “Structures”, just write NOECHO recs!!!

“V/A” Cd 2009
(Neue Kultur)

Neue Kultur surprise us with this compilation album, which contains interesting acts inside the experimental/drone/ambient scene. 10 acts which reveal us in part the hidden knowledge of matter through dense and expressive transformation and experimental soundscapes from a very high quality. The voyage to such unconscious realms begins with LUNA DOPA, the magickal alchemical transformation of Gabriel, the mastermind behinds Neue Kultur. This time he arrives with a very interesting purpose. black ambient soundscapes floating through repetitive vociferations and dismal atmospheres which generates obscure passages ready to devour your brain, a kind of living sigil penetrating your subconscious from a sutile way. This ritual song "Adore H Reims" was made by LUNA DOPA for Spring Equinox 2009 So, then comes EXTERN YKON with a different purpose, more into industrial elements mixed with ambient structures collapsing themselves all the time. Corrosive disturbed harsh atmospheres are elements which you must find here. Through DERLIST you shall enter into another phase of deconstructive elements of experimental nature. Rhythmic percussive elements and atmospheres converging into a concrete atmosphere with interesting moments from start to finish. With SPIT IT OUT, the post industrial ambient act coming from Belarus, thing goes more in depth, due how the whole track mutates into dense atmospheres and agonic drone structures veiled with such eerie, desolated soundscapes. The Italian experimental psychedelic ambient 1997 EV, emerges with a suggestive ritualistic track based in percussive tunes and spoken voices and futuristic experimental devices which transforming into mutative organisms from a penetrating nature. One of the best tracks released here. Another Italian act in the shape of INDIA VON HALKEIN appears as a dark star shining in the horizon, with a very interesting purpose of apocalyptic ambient drone soundscpaes with spoken voices and captivating atmospheres and other elements surrounding the whole structure of the track. The Teutonic experimental act NEURONIC ORG generates another interesting structure, this time evoking pure subliminal rhythmic patterns and mutative tunes which transport your mind to another level of existence. KIA KARMA, the French ritual experimental organism, generates a composition with such amazing elements and obscure atmospheres gathered specially for this release. One more time KIA KARMA surprises us with this excellent track. LA COMTESSE MORTE appears with such evocative expressionism through melodic structures and spoken voices. And closing the release is TZII through ambient /experimental an atmosphere which seems to mutate into industrial atmospheres with some voices floating through the whole track. Without a doubt a very interesting debut release by Gabriel & NEUE KULTUR. So the knowledge of the secret matter is coming to your brain!! So explore it right now!!