Thursday, 16 July 2009


“Cthulhu Revisation” Cd 2007

me Vision)

An exhaustive exploration of diverse sounds and abstract concepts are the main elements we find when looking how both acts PACIFIC 231 and VOX POPULI! Develops all its own potential through this release. PACIFIC 231 is more an experimental electroacoustic ambient developed by Pierre Jolivet,a French individual who resides in Ireland now, and has been working in diverse projects and other artistic expressions. By the other side, VOX POPULI! Is an ethno industrial act coming from French territory, and the creative emptiness they express though each release is really amazing. Including elements from Psychedelic music, Persian folklore and all kind of mind elevating sound form. This release is just brilliant, by the effect it causes in mind when exploring it carefully. “Cthulhu Revisation” includes a total of 12 experimentations with high eclectic structures, moving is all directions…opening the album is “Alienation”, an exploration of diverse field recordings and atmospheres. “Da Ma” is another experimental track, but this time more dense and dark in its own structure and with such percussive elements which complements perfectly, creating a ritualistic track with Middle East influences. Voices are included too, to give more dynamism to the whole track in general. Next, Nymphea” is a beautiful acoustic guitar composition with perfect female voices, creating melancholic, sad passages. Another track to mention is “Golnessar”, a defragmentation of drone ambient structures with interesting work of voices and atmospheres surrounding the whole picture of the track. “Nephresh” is a hybrid nature of industrial nature mixed with such suggestive ambient elements and synthetic sounds mutating into spectral forms. This is the best track here, although the whole album includes such amazing elements worth to explore. The use of different field recordings, flute, acoustic guitar, percussions, electronics and cornet among others are enough elements to get this amazing release, if you are looking for something eclectic in its own nature. “Cosmoflute” is an evocation to elder gods to come our dimension…a hypnotic track with such ambient structures and flute elements which suits perfectly each other!!! Note some of the tracks included here where released in early 80’s and remixed specially for this release. For more info just write to Dmitry Vasilyev from monochrome Vision for more information.

“Replicas” Cd 2007

(Monochrome Vision)

FREIBAND is the latest project by Frans de Waard, also founding member of Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, and Goem aswell as solo projects such as Shifts and Quest. Frans de Waard has been producing music since the mid 80s, firstly on cassettes in the 80s and then on LPs and CD's afterthat. FREIBAND’s explorations of sounds and electronic devises generate a high conceptual album reflected in each one of the 13 tracks included here. The first two tracks are developed through thin popping sounds, repetitive elements which transform into magickal deconstructive spaces, thorugh such sutile atmospheres. At other tracks you shall experience a diverse gathering of drone soundscapes surrounded by noise elements with suggestive transformations and eclectic nature, due the dynamism of each one of the tracks. Such explorations are manipulative techniques adapted perfectly to the personal concept he is developing through “Replicas”. At moments manipulated voices crawls from within to give a more bizarre, futuristic touch to some of the tracks. All in all Frans De Waard, surprise us again with a release full of dynamism and creativity which is handled by him since the very beginning.scratchings,and other electronic defragmentations are the keys to penetrate the dimension created by FREIBAND through “Replicas” Album!!!

“Drilling Holes In The Wall” Cd 2007
(Monochrome Vision)

Generating abstract realities in the fields of experimental music GEN KEN MONTGOMERY, one of the most mysterious musicians in electronic underground, dating from 1988 to 1991. Developed an album full of diverse and interesting methods which converges into “Drilling Holes In The Wall” an album performed in New York City at Generator Sound Art Gallery in January 1990. And now released again, with the purpose to increase the musical potential of his creativity with the use of diverse field recordings and other devises in order to give you an exact idea of what creativity must be. The album includes 5 compositions, all of them floating into experimental noise structures with so many dynamic elements worth to explore. The opening track “Drilling Holes In The Wall” is a long structure based in effusive noise elements, corrosive electronic devises and twisted atmospheres collapsing and mutating all the time, ending in a deconstructive chaos full of madness. “New Age Machines Part I” is a long 20 minutes track with such experimental industrial elements which are very interesting in the way as everything is put together, metal sounds and electronic devises mixed to create catatonic states due the massive expressionism reflected here. And more when everything becomes so chaotic and harsh. “New Age Machines part 2” is a degenerative convulsion of elements which forces you to keep your senses in an altered state, via so many channels of noises, electronic devises and other defragmentations used in this track. Not so raw as the last one, but with the necessary dynamism to keep you alive all the time. The last tracks “Icebreaker” and “Don’t Bring Those Things” are excerpts, the first one was created as an octophonic sound installator in total darkness. And the other one was taken from a live performance at the Erloserkirche in the DDR in 1986. An interesting release worth to explore if you are looking into field recordings, noise and electronic sounds.