Tuesday, 28 July 2009


“Devices 1987-2007” Double Cd 2007
(Monochrome Vision)

Arcane Device is the project of David Myers to release his experimental works with
Manipulated feedback processing. Myers invented his own machine for feedback and started releasing his first experimental works in 1987. He has also collaborated with people like Asmus Tietchens, Kim Cascone, and others and has his own label called Pulsewidth. Through this double album, he present us his most in depth creative art though more than 20 years of musical experimentation in which he carves the most hi
dden and obscure structures of his mind in order to complete this release including rare and unreleased material created by ARCANE DEVICE. The album is divided into two parts “Rare and Unreleased Tracks” consist of 10 experimental voyages floating into sensitive abstract/ ambient compositions built though diverse minimal structures converging into experimental voyages built through the perfect use of feedback processors and other electronic devices. The first part is brilliant, because it transport you to another sphere due the imaginative and sensorial expressionism generated when you deeply hear each one of the compositions released here. The second part is called “feedback Symphony”, presented in 4 movements, creating such fantastic experimental soundscapes with so impressive moments from start to finish. The tracks are well elaborated and with the necessary force to keep you immersed in the vaporous void offered by ARCANE DEVICE. In comparison Cd one, this one offers you a more dense and well structured work with so many abstract elements and mutative expressionism ready to be devour by yourself.

“Solaris” Cd 2007

(Monochrome Vision)

When exploring the deep atmospheres and distant ambient soundcapes though the splendour of dramatic journeys and subterranean abstract realms, we must mention NIKITA GOLYSHEV,a Russian artist who has been developing his talent and artistical visions through last years, and today becoming one of the most promising individuals inside the underground Russian Federation scene. Also he is exploring another facet of his own reality through a project called CDR. Through “Solaris” we walk a path through two dense compositions in which you shall explore in deep soundcapes the enigmatic journey created by this Russian artist and visionary. The first part is developed through 32:01 minutes of drone ambient experimentations creating deep layers of suggestive nature, creating vast dense soundscapes with such hypnotic atmospheres surrounded through the whole composition. The second part is developed through 29:37 minutes in which you shall submerge to an abstract reality, created through dense drone patterns and atmospheres with an alien nature. All in all the whole two tracks are just perfect, hypnotic substances penetrating the subconscious. NIKITA GOLYSHEV, developed an impressive debut album, with such in deep journeys generated by him, through ambient/abstract elements which such notorious expressionism and highly suggestive elements.

"Gap Var Ginnunga" CD 2009
(Indie Recordings)

WARDRUNE was raised from ancestral Nordic dawn in 2002, by the shape of Kvitrafn, a creative spirit who has been involved in several metal music projects such as Gorgoroth and Jotunspor. The main idea is to focus the cultural side of cold Norwegian tradition, exploring the magickal side of runas, specially the elder runes of Futhark.
Through such concept Kvitrafn a trilogy concept album in which "Gap Var Ginnunga" is the first part. The album includes 12 compositions with such amazing Nordic folk atmospheres emerging all the time and transforming into ritualistic expressions of Norse paganism mixed with such incredible musicalisationship which transport you to the elder times where you can hear the runes shining at the sky and ravens evoking the gods through its screaming magickal calls. The context in general is such brilliant when exploring compositions as "Hagall", with such dense percussive ritual tunes and horns sounding as the background of the track in general. The expressive work of voices surrounding the whole composition and other elements adorning the atmosphere of the track."Bjarkan", is built through natural atmospheres as birds, and mouth harp elements mixed with the suggestive ceremonial drumming parts and shamanic invocations. One of the best tracks here is "Loyndomsriss", slow, dense atmospheres covered by a magickal fog, created by atmospheres and whispers arising from an eerie platform. The creative mystical path continues with "Jara" a composition floating into such Nordic-folk atmospheres and perfect work of female and male voices, mutating all the time and arranged in a perfect way.
Complementing in a very good way from each other. "Gap Var Ginnunga" is one of such releases you will never forget, due the structure of each one of the tracks are built. Deer-hide frame drums and ceremonial drums, mouth harp, clove / hoof rattles from deer and goat, bone flute, goat and cow horns, Hardanger fiddle and bowed lyres, are used so creating a dynamic album with such brilliant parts through the whole 12 tracks."Kauna" is another track with such shamanic Norse elements surrounding all the time the whole composition. The inclusion of voices from Lindy Fay Hella & Gaahl suits perfectly the whole conceptual expressionism here. So for more just visit the WARDRUNA's page and explore the in deep concept behinds the Futhark's magickal runic kingdom!!!