Thursday, 30 July 2009


"Cinema Stain" Cdr 2009

(No Angels Prod
/Beast Of Prey)

An impressive, collaborative release developed by two creative acts in which they incubate part of all the potential hidden. INNER VISION LABORATORY is an ambient /psychedelic act coming from Poland, and this time its own world is revealed though piano, samples, beats, field recordings and other devices, generating an integral part in the whole direction developed in "Cinema Stain". by the other side, we have ROTO VISAGE, an experimental act coming from usa and creating diverse manipulated soundscapes and atmospheres able to transport you to such in deep states of subconscious due the pen
etrating atmospheres developed here. so ,well this time they gave birth to "Cinema Stain”, more then just a release, this is a deconstructive transformation of psychic character in which you shall experience the pain,anxiety,fear,suffering in a deeper way, through each one of the 8 compositions created here. Opening the album is "Opto Mechanical Projection”, a dense, suggestive track with such twisting atmospheres and suffering voices adapting perfectly to the whole structure of the track. Sorrowful cold passages opening to you new realities based in pain and solitariness. Then comes "Where It Sleeps”, emerging from another level of existence, through degenerative soundscapes and suggestive vociferations, creating obscure currents flowing though the whole track. The impure manifestations continues with "The Crippling" is floating through several electronic devices and technological experimentations from outer structures. Without a doubt an excellent release is what you shall find here. The horror and abysmal structures emerges through each one of the tracks created here.” Ritual Scarification" is another track, built into percussive beats, voices and effects complementing each other to create a vaporous ritual piece.” No Further questions" is built into drone elements and dense soundscapes surrounded by voices crawling through the whole composition.” Bad Memories”, Porcelain Doll" and "I'll Be Looking At You" are the last tracks, in which you shall find experimental adaptations and other surprises which surely enraptures your senses. Packaging is non-typical: professionally printed and professionally duplicated CDR with additional graphical insert is placed in a plastic box (slim Dvd box type). Inserts and covers are professionally printed on gloss paper. Edition is limited to 200 hand numbered copies.

Cd 2009
(Glacial Movements)

Brilliantly perfect, is what arrives to my hands recently through Glacial Movements...An in deep vibrational ambient soundscapes developed through Italian project consisting of two creative spirits in the shapes of Enrico Coniglio,a guitar player and composer which through time has been recognized due the nature of its art through post-urban and post-industrial territory. Its development here is just amazing, through the well performed use of guitars, synthesizers, programing, sampling and more yet to be discover. at the other side we have the shape of GianLuigi Gasparetti, known as Oophoi who has been involved in alot of projects, releases in the fields of deep ambient soundscapes, emerging into his own world searching new lights through this collaborative project AQUADORSA.he appears in all his own splendor though diverse use of elements such as piano, percussions, waterphone, chimes, singing bowls, theremin, programing and sampling in most of the tracks. Really an interesting fusion developed here. The album includes a total of 7 compositions in which the majestic, in deep structures seems to catch you to such desolated icy textures through tracks as "A pillow Of Clouds" or "Daylight Fading Into Evening silence" which are the first two tracks. Then comes, "The Pond Reflected Her Smile" an in deep voyage to the center of nothing, though vast cold eerie structures and clitches aborting from time to time, dressed with such vast atmospheres filled with such monumental desolated elements. "Zero Gravity" is structured through such ethereal soundcapes,chimes and other devices which start to mutates within the whole minutes creating hybrid spaces crawling from each one of the almost 11 minutes of this composition. Another track is “Syhan" still keeping such sensitive, expressionism handled through ambient soundscapes with some voices as background of the track. This track is so calm and fragile but with the necessary power to be fell by yourself when deeply listening each one of the different facets reflected here. "Alone In The Rising Fog" is longer track with almost 19 minutes of deep explorations of sounds and structures collapsing themselves to create ghastly atmospheres with such cold soundscapes floating through the whole composition. Finally the album is closed with "Night Of Trembling Stars" another in deep composition in which both artists develops all its creativity and imaginative reflections into calm, dimensional soundscapes able to transport you to such regions still to be discovered by human eye. the album comes in a beautiful digipack and for more info just visit the Glacial Movement page in order to get more about this ethereal and atmospheric ambient Italian act AQUADORSA.

"The Heart Of The Music Box" Cdr 2009

(Black Note Music)

Entering the heart of experimental dimension where all possibilities are created, moulded, transformed and deconstructed to give birth to floating spaces is what RADIO FREE CLEAR LIGHT offer us through this release. The whole deconstructive release takes part in an invocation performance in San Francisco. The sounds were recorded with multiple microphones and integrate with loops and drones and other electronic devices to create a piece of creativity in its entire splendor. With a total of 12 tracks, such transformative pieces of music are created under specific methods which you must hear in tracks such as "Ghost In The Box" with such amazing ethereal atmospheres and after some minutes, percussive elements appear to give a dynamic touch to the track.” Cacophonous Lounge" is another track with such incredible adaptations. This time the use of ritualistic percussive sounds, female shamanic chants complementing perfectly with the total of this piece. "They Will Live" is a noise/drone structure with such eerie elements mutating all the time, giving birth to new spectrums all the time. Another track to make reference here is ""In The Velvet Forest" a dense composition with catching atmospheres and elements which penetrates your mind in a slowly but suggestive way, one of the best tracks here.”Wind Um,Watch Um" is a noise defragmentation with discordant elements appearing and disappearing all the time. Really a very interesting experimental release with such eclectic nature which surely will surprise you due the way as the whole tracks has been developed here. RADIO FREE CLEAR LIGHT is Juan Carlos Mendizabal (Aka KYRON),Etanna Sack, an explorer of ritual activity and noise. And Lydia Harari, a photographer, dancer and experimental video artist. And such trio has been developing this piece of experimental reality, with the purpose to be devoured by your brain. All in all more information visit the Black Note Music page.