Tuesday, 11 August 2009


"Neyss" Cdr 2008
(Deserted Factory)
Coming with its fifth album, this french project emerges with concrete expositions of soundscapes with highest context of ambient atmospheres surrounded by such abysmal desolated passages. the album contains 9 exposition in which the sensations and mental states created by NINTH DESERT are collapsing once again and again to offer us a very interesting purpose from start to finish. Tracks as "X-Hi" "Karn" offer us vaporous metallic drone transformations with diverse elements and structures which have such specific powerful atmospheres full of subtle feedbacks, creating such hypnotic passages. "Tern" and "Trees" are other tracks with more dense drone elements and dark experimentations worth to explore. Frenchman Cyril Herry the master mind behind this project, reveal us in such tracks part of his creativity in the fields of experimental drone ambient, with a very amazing release."Phos" is a deep surreal voyage to another dimension, created by such hypnotic atmospheres with such atmospheres coming from the other side, through ambient structures collapsing all the time."A.W" is a vast gathering, including some percussive metallic sounds and elements with so diverse structures.so, in the whole nine compositions created here you shall experience a vast quantity of drone patterns and desolated atmospheres converging into a solid structure representing the amazing surrealistic universe in which floats NINTH DESERT. The album is limited to 150 copies only.

"Land" Cd

(Deserted Factory)

A Japanese mutation growing slowly with no limits, infecting minds and infiltrating into destructive psychotic deconstruction creating a massive machinery of disturbing noise nature. Seven compositions with the structural noise defragmentations generating chaotic experimentations which at moments sounds so psychotic in the way as each one of the tracks are created here. At moments music sounds as dense and abrasive as for example on the third track. The whole album has such irrational structures mutating into diverse soundscapes able to exploit your brain due how each definite noise pattern has been put together. "Land" is a mutation, a living organism to be experienced in its maximum splendor when exploring in deep way each one of such psychotic virus penetrating slowly your brain. Reverberating pulsations are twisting to generate such abstractive noise executions. A very interesting work by MASAYUKI INAMISHI which surely will impact you in the way as the album is built. A total time of 34:53 minutes of pure psychotic noise experimentations.

"Herbstrost" Cd 2008

(Deserted Factory
/The Tourette Tapes)

Again, Daniel Simon, the responsible shape behinds FLUTWACHT surprise us with an impressive release. This time this German Project awakens from limb with dense structures and ambient drone soundscapes generating a very in deep album. The first track is built into such dense ambient passages with an inner atmosphere focused into more harsh and raw than previous works. So the second track is more industrial built into repetitive sounds and some elements remembering the isolation created by FLUTWACHT. the next track returns more into such ambient structures with elements changing here and there, transforming into power electronics soundscapes with so in deep harsh atmospheres. The forth track here is still with such industrial noise patterns but time screaming voices appears to penetrate intensely layer to layer the main structure of the track. The fifth track is a powerful noise adaptation with such raw elements dressing the whole picture of the track.so; the whole tracks are giving you defragmentative elements in which you could experience the abrassive atmospheres created by this German project. For more info just visit Deserted Factory page.