Thursday, 13 August 2009


"Koordinatenpunkte" Cdr 2008

d Factory)

The imaginative and deconstructive mind of Mario Löhr is one more time expressed through such a great release as the one coming to our hands. This time with an album focusing into diverse industrial/experimental nature in which you shall find so many interesting elements worth to explore through the 9 compositions included here. For example the impressive atmospheres generated through the amplification of metal objects mixed with in deep atmospheres with dark emphasis in the way as each one of the tracks are gathered for a perfect result. One can’t never imagine the limits broken by Mario Löhr when exploring in deeply way each one of the experimentations created here. Some field recordings are modified and molded to create concrete noise/experimental atmospheres with so deconstructive elements filled with diverse atmospheres from time to time. At Moments the music turns so in deep and eerie as on tracks 4 or 5 just to name few. Or with such psychotic nature as track 6, but suddenly it goes into vast ambient scenarios, offering a high dynamism in the way as the atmospheres are joint together. So through the whole tracks in "Koordinatenpunkte" you shall experience a diversity of elements such as machines, shortwave signals, tapeloops, analogue & digital Synthesizers which are handled in a very professional way if we look in deep the final result created by N.STRAHL.N. It seems as the whole album was created in desolated, hybrid factories, due how mostly of the tracks sounds here.This release is hand-numbered, Limited to 100 copies.

"Ainos" Cdr 2008

(Deserted Factory)

Another surprise arriving to our hands...still impressive work by NINTH DESERT, but this time under the collaboration of jean-françois the master mind behinds MATERIEL BROUILLEUR. And the final result here is a deconstructive piece of drone /ambient nature with such expressive experimental touch which floats through the 5 tracks included here. First Two tracks "Puy Experience" and "Sennassion", offer us drone structures so dense and captivating surrounded by eerie atmospheres collapsing all the time, creating surrealistic soundscapes with high dose of elements which show us the dynamism and capability of both artists when working together. Each drone passages are built with the necessary environment to carry you to such desolated paradigms created by your mind. Next track "Seriel" is more calm but still with such ambient elements and ghastly atmospheres floating through the whole picture of the track. "Maz Experience" is the best track here. Just amazing due how the hypnotic drone elements are mixed perfectly to open you another dimension of possibilities through repetitive drone patterns and elements floating here and there. Closing the release is "Depressive Western”, a mutative organism growing inside through ambient soundscapes and drone structures converging into different elements, giving to the track a eclectic nature and visionary experience when carefully listening it. This release is limited to 150 copies only.

"Alien Symbiosis" Cdr 2008
(Deserted Factory)

Flavio Rivabella is the notorious post-industrial trumpeter, who has been working in this project from a long time, and through time has been known as active noise /experimental artist with so impressive creativity. He has been developing through diverse sounds processed and experimental deconstructions to create a new world in which only the most bizarre and personal ideas take form to arise from the void in which inhabits Mr Rivarella. This time he joined forces with XXENA a painter, videomaker and graphic designer to complements perfectly in each one of such 4 transformative forces generated here. "Alien Symbiosis" is the nature of change, a mutative experimental machine able to crystalize through sounds the most inner and vast scenarios through sounds and layers of noise experimentations. Different elements such as electric razors, hair dryer, beads in a jar are re arranged and mixed in a twisted way to create such Industrial/ Noise/ Experimental release. The use of voices at different moments in the album and a high quantity of diverse elements makes of "Alien Symbiosis" more than just a noise/experimental release, but a strong structure with so many evocative elements to be absorbed by your mind. This album is dedicated to the memory of H and is limited to 100 copies. For more information about this release just take a look to such great Japanese Label Deserted Factory.