Wednesday, 19 August 2009


WACH (Aust)
"The End Of All
Dreams" Cd 2007
(Klangfeld Seuchentrieb Tonproduktion)

To Penetrate the dimension in which inhabits WACH,is to explore such dense regions built into disturbing soundscapes evolving from time to time to the point of creating psychotic dark structures with a maximum level of power through each one of the 8 tracks included on this release. An ambient debut release by WACH in which you shall smell, feel some industrial traces and noise artifacts collapsing at some moments, in order to create vast layers of creativity and mysterious atmospheres. At moments it’s so difficult to categorize WACH music, due the dynamism in each one of the tracks, but a palpable ambient experimental touch is what this Austrian duo offers us through this album. The atmospheres are just hypnotic and well structures, especially when complementing such industrial machine sounds and resonating elements dressing some of the compositions here. Mysterious passages collapsing all the time and emerging from the void, to penetrate slowly your mind, to evoke such vast in deep regions created by WACH. Without a doubt a very interesting debut album. This album is limited to 30 copies only, and each one comes in a handmade leather packaging and an original blood red WACH wax-seal, plus the bonus video "Plague And Waste" included on the Cd.So just visit WACH page for information.

WACH (Autr)
"Firedance On A Dead Mans Grave” Cd 2008

(Beverina & W.A.R. Productions)

Gaining so many attention and reputation due great extremely musicalisationship this Austrian duo in the shapes of Reverend Kim and Herr Insomnia, emerges from the rotten graves with an excellent release focusing into dirty harsh industrial ambient structures and drone experimentations. The result is just perfect, pure abrasive apocalyptic art is what you shall experience when hearing "Firedance On A Dead Mans Grave”, a collection of structures built into dense atmospheres and obscure defragmentations of diverse elements mostly of them with such industrial patterns mutating all the time. Tracks such as "Frenzy" for example, are just brilliant in its own execution, and how such determinated raw structures are mixed to create powerful atmospheres with interesting elements yet to discover.” Clouds And Whispers" offers us a different facet, this time through orchestral ambient atmospheres with a post industrial touch which diverse elements floating in concrete way in each one of the passages of this track. The highlights of this release is the way as each time you listen to it ,you will discover new elements worth to explore. "Slave Of The World" is perfect destructive machine, built though corrosive industrial elements, metal sounds and other devices, creating a mental virus able to destroy everything to its step. Also is worth to mention this release includes a bonus video of the track "Flammenmanifest" in which the visual side make its presence when burning desolated places and cathedral in flames evoke us just apocalyptic realities. Really an amazing album with so many structures and colossal atmospheres worth to explore by yourself.

"Repulsive Thoughts" Cd 2006

(Theremin Noise Club)

A release with so many interesting elements is what we could experience when we explore the disturbed world created by both acts such as TOD DURCH ARBEIT and FLUTWACHT...the title name speaks for itself. Repulsive thoughts are evoked in our minds when FLUTWACHT emerges with seven compositions with such chaotic industrial elements and harsh noise patterns which float through each one of the tracks. The music is powerful and with such disharmonic elements surrounding the whole structure of the tracks. At moments reminds me to Brighter Death Now, due extremity of the tracks, at least on track 3.The whole FLUTWACHT tracks were recorded live without audience in September 2006,anr recorded specially for this release. Through TOD DURCH ARBEIT things don't differ too much. This project offer us 3 devastating power electronic expositions with so strong emphasis on noise elements and harsh, raw atmospheres creating chaotic disturbed moments from start to finish. The TOD DURCH ARBEIT tracks were performed & recorded live on September 2006 too. This album is limited to 100 hand numbered copies pressed in 4 panel digipack.

"V/A" cd 2007

(Theremin Noise Club)

An obsessive encounter with some promising Dark Ambient /experimental artist coming from Austria and Germany is what you must experience here. 13 artists showing all its potential and creativity through intense moments and in depth exploration of senses. THE SOUNDS OF EARTH appears with a magnum opus track, full eerie structures and atmospheres with so mystic charisma. The use of percussive elements gives this track a very adductive atmosphere worth to explore. While the German musician Martin Stürtzer known as PHELIOS emerges with an ethereal exposition of sounds and atmospheres gathering into dark, vaporous atmospheres with so many sensitive and hypnotic elements. WACH's explores your mind though a dense track full of drone and percussive structures creating one of the best tracks here. VHAETE collapses between dark ambient structures and vibrational drone elements creating a suggestive piece of hypnotic trance ambient. NATURES GEOMETRY offer us an experimental piece with such incredible exposition of diverse elements such as industrial patterns, ambient atmospheres and cosmic elements from a very in depth perspective. TARDIVE DYSKINESIA is another project with such surprising elements this time through ambient structures surrounded by voices and an experimental touch surrounding the whole track. AETHERFRONT open to us new dimension of possibilities through a cosmic trip to acid realms in which inhabits its own personal phantoms, demons and other surreal elements, through the vacuity experienced by this 10 minutes track, full of drone structures with obscure elements crawling through it. Also you can find some other artists such as MATAMORE, BONEMACHINE, N.STRAHL.N, AGONIZED LAND, UNFINISHED BUSINESS, and FLUTWACHT. Limited to 33 copies and pressed in a handmade carton walled & 3 hand selected photo cards out of 7 different photo card motives.