Monday, 24 August 2009


"Homo Homini Lvpvs" Cd 2006
(Construct Destroy)
PHRAGMENTS is the inner manifestation of Matej, who through time has developed a very interesting musical pattern, is the fields of martial/industrial. With intense expositions of different elements which together creates a bombastic result. At least this is what we experience when firstly we listen to "Homo Hominis Lvpvs", which was released through cdr and limited to 150 copies only. And now pressed due high acclamation of audience due the intense magnitude of such release. The album includes 8 compositions in which you shall experience the path explored by PHRAGMENTS... opening the album is "And Now Eternity”, and in deep exposition of dark industrial elements dressed with such bombastic elements which forces you to ask for more. So then comes " Community - Identity - Stability" more orchestral than the first one but still built into powerful dark atmospheres surrounding the whole track. Also the adaptation of female spoken voices suits perfectly to the martial drumming and atmospheres in general.” Morning Into Nights" floats into more dense atmospheres with an enigmatic funeral touch. So, a very interesting album, if we explore each one of the tracks included here."Pangaean Hymn" is a militaristic neo-folk composition with diverse aspects which you will find more than interesting. Another track here is "The Cogwheel Turns" traced with marked industrial/ambient patterns and dense elements which transform all into a strong structure worth to explore.” The Fall”,” Fury" and "The Golden Age" close the release, and I must sure there are more positive arguments to recommend you this excellent release, due how its built, and how atmospheres penetrates your mind.Also,this version includes a video track in which you shall explore the visual side created by Sonic(k) a cooperative force at PHRAGMENTS.

"Sign Of Eternal Return" Digipack 2007
(Construct Destroy)

The idea of a cyclic mass of events, thoughts, visions and sensations explored by each individual through a cosmic return to such in deep states of consiousness.The eternal return in Nietzschian's philosophy is the main focus this Slovakian project known as KORINTH want to explore through the 40 minutes of a sole dark ambient structure with so many eclectic moments due the dynamism and in deep dense atmospheres surrounding the whole long track. At moments orchestral elements dressed with eerie, somber paradigms seems to pens to you new paths to explore an eternal return still to be discovered by each one of us. the choirs and voices generated here gives us an idea of the whole potential this act have, if we look this is the first album released by KORINTH.The sum of all such elements and the incredible atmospheres created through the whole track are enough elements which surprise us alot due the nature of the musical expressionism in general. The album comes in an interesting visually interesting digipack ready to be devoured by you. In order to broken the magickal seal of the eternal return you must explore the universe created by KORINTH though 40 minutes of hypnotic, deep dark ambient expressionism!!!

"Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood" Digipack 2007

With this third album PHRAGMENTS confirms its evolutive steps in the fields of Ambient/industrial territory, with a brilliant release which has reached its most high peak due how the music has increase its matureness and the charisma emerged one more time full of diverse arguments we will explore through each one of the seven chapters included on this album. The first chapter is the title track floating in bombastic dark orchestral atmospheres surrounded by sticking tribal percussive elements, giving us a clue of what we shall hear through the other tracks. This album is dedicated to all victims of genocide through history of mankind, a realistic facet explored through a musical platform, in which PHRAGMENTS seems to be the gate in which blood transforms into a legacy of time, when earth was covered by blood at battle. "Over Deadlands" is the second composition, this time martial elements bathed in an apocalyptic atmosphere and great execution of spoken voices and dark whispers crawling from within the whole track. The use of Violin is another aspect worth to mention. Due as it's arranged through the whole atmosphere created here. Through "As Hope Turn To Ashes”, you shall experience desolation and splendor of death symphonies through dark ambient exposition of sounds and dense, percussive elements floating through the track from time to time, creating so deep sounds with high emphasis on denseness and coldness atmospheres. "The Fog Has Risen" is one of such compositions with such sticking moments due its nature and images coming to our mind when hearing it. Just desolated, cold scenarios and the smell of blood around yourself. Musically floating into such ambient atmospheres with such amazing moments from start to finish. It’s a bit difficult to review an album when you have the sensations to abandon it due the amazing which the album is, and no much comes to your mind. Just a clear vision of how amazing the album is. So this happened with PHRAGMENTS...but let’s just continues..."Chant Of The Forsaken" is a funerary call, an evocative spectrum of agony and death through tribal drumming parts and atmospheres evolving into a dark symphonic march with intense moments."The Kin Of Cain" and "The Return" close the magnificent opus created by PHRAGMENT.and so we are anxious to hear a new album this great Slovakian duo.The Album comes in a 6 panel digipack in which you shall experience its visual, lyrical art in all its splendor!!!