Monday, 14 September 2009


"Not all Of Me Will Die" Cd 2009

(The Eastern Front)

To talk about Anthony Charles Wakeford is to talk of one of the most impressive musicians inside the folk,having long trajectory reflected in acts such as Death In June, Sol Invictus,Joy Division... this time he arrives with his solo project and offer us his 4th album "not All Of Me Will Die" in which he commemorates the life and work of the Polish-Ukrainian Jewish poetess Zuzanna Ginczanka, who was executed by the Gestapo in Kraków in 1944.the result of this solo album, is just brilliant by the fact in how each one of the 6 compositions included here delight us with such exquisite, sensitive melodies surrounded by sad atmospheres bringing you remembrances of a distant past. The spoken voices offer us an interesting conceptual elements based on Ginczanka’s verses. Besides this you can experience the diverse use of instruments as clarinet,flute,violin,oboe,doublebass,dulcimer,percussions ...executed by different guest artists evoked especially for this release which everything turns so captivating due the nature of each one of the tracks.To do an exact idea behind this interesting release you must enter deeply inside the complexity of this album and explore the diverse sensations gathered around the whole tracks released here through such acoustic, neo folk album with rich facet and incredible work of voices and musicalisation in general.” Not All Of Me Will Die" needs no presentation, just get it and explore by yourself one of the best albums inside the neo folk scenarios due the diverse positive elements you shall find here!!!The album comes with 8 full color pages booklet in jewel case and limited to 1000 copies only!!!


"Kantalon" Cd 2009

(Folk Division)

"Kantalon" is a Gaelic word which means "chant" and has it’s deeply connections with Celtic tribes and its lessons refering tales, battles and more, which are sang or spoken form which were transmitted from generation to generation. From such perspective Bardini & Jolif, developed an album surrounded by a mystical medieval aura through 8 folk compositions dressed with an enchanted ritualistic atmosphere from start to finish. Just hear from example "Merzhin Et Arthur” created through spoken voices in French taken from poems from Gales and Brittania. Moving into dense flute melodies and percussive elements are of this tracks one of the best here. Or just take a look at "Bretagne Aux Monts Sales" and its enigmatic percussive soundscapes and indie oboe melodies crawling together spoken voices to create a perfect exposition of diverse soundcapes able to transport you to another existential reality."Skolan" is more a beautiful melodic composition with such flute elements and spoken voices which keeps your senses awakens all the time. And what about the instrumental track "Arwezeen Avalou" and its mystical dance generated through ritual percussive elements and diverse wind instruments collapsing all the time to create a very interesting piece here. It’s so difficult to categorize this release due the diverse elements included here and there but the truth is that this release is just brilliant in its execution and how the music is perceived when hearing it deeply. A medieval folk voyage to the very roots of Wales and Brittany, coming in a 6 page full-colour laminated fold and limited to 500 copies only offer us the opportunity to explore the Celtic Folk music in all its splendour.


"Henbane" Cd 2009

(The Eastern Front)

Amazing collaborative release by two creative exponents of Israelian, “Henbane" is the first recording from both artists which were recorded without permission 10 years ago, and now finally released by Igor& Tania through The Eastern Front. Really its just an enigmatic experience to explore the diversity and creativity of both talented artists together.AGNIVOLOK is the project of Vera Agnivolok and Vadim gusis,and offer us a psychedelic slide of depressive dark folk structures with a high dose of personality and character when we explore tracks such as "The Heart And The Hunter" with its marvellous acoustic guitar melodies and flute soundscapes or "Belena" with such beautiful voices crawling through the different atmospheres created,5 compositions in which you shall experience the enigmatic realm created by such female shape with the cooperation of Vadim Gusis.on the other hand we have CHAOS AS SHELTER, the drone ambient structure created by Vadim Gusis as a solo project in order to reflect its most in deep magickal defragmentations.and really such hypnotic transformations becoming flesh through the 4 structures generated here. Corrosive dronescapes in "Alien" opens to you new realities through such dense atmospheres full of the dynamism which inhabits in CHAOS AS SHELTER. "Purgatory" is an in deep voyage to the centre of chaos, through dismal atmospheres converging through dense ambient soundscapes mutating all the time.” The Sacrifice" and "silver Lips Of Tomorrow" are the other two compositions in which floats the spirit of Mr Gusis through the dark dimensions in which resides CHAOS AS SHELTER. An amazing release is what you shall experience by both Israelian artists