Monday, 21 September 2009


"Secret hidden Message" 7"Ep 2008
Working under diverse sonic structures this experimental Canadian act has developed one of its most enigmatic releases to date. This Ep includes 3 compositions in which you shall explore the diverse convergences and experimental fields structured especially for this release. on side A the mutative organism offer us "Secret Hidden Message" a multilayered drone machine adopting diverse atmospheres full of strong charisma in the way as its executed. Field recordings converging into guitar elements crawling from time to time. the second track its called "And Then The Dog replied" offer us hypnotic repetitive drone patterns dressed with elements as marimba and guitar parts collapsing all the time to create a compact structure here. and finally we got "Trombone" another exposition of diverse elements with such strong structures built through the use of a very intense release in all senses which put THE INFANT CYCLE as one of the best acts coming form Canada. The Ep comes in foggy vinyl, with black covers with different sized black spots on it & transparent coverage using THE INFANT CYCLE logo... limited to 300 copies.

"A Mysterious Disc" 3"Cdr 2009
(The Ceiling)
Again Jim DeJong the cerebral organism behinds THE INFANT Cycle surprise us with this release.A trip full of hypnotic experimentations, this time though 3 compositions in which you shall experience enough elements of all his creative expressionsims.The first track its a repetitive structure dressed with drone patterns which mutates from time to time adopting diverse soundscapes and atmospheres creating spectral cosmic elements. The second one is more dense and eerie in its own drone structures which offers colossal spectrums dressed with strong atmospheres. and closing its the third track created through bird sounds and some field recordings to complement the strange world created by THE INFANT CYCLE in this release.3"CDr packaged in a simple fold-over cover. For more information just visit The Ceiling page!!

JORIS J. (Ger)
"Fabrikation Von Konsens" Cdr 2008
(Snip Snip)
JORIS J. is an experimental/industrial/noise act coming from Germany, and the mastermind behind such project Martin Schilling, reveal us his abstract creative expressionism through a release full of diverse elements worth to explore due the nature in which are built each one of them "Profit direction" opens the album with a coverage of experimental cosmic elements dressed by sutile atmospheres and a psychedelic touch and repetitive sounds. With the second one "Advertisment" tracks goes oriented more into defragmentative noise passages with industrial soundscapes and piano elements surrounded by such abstract atmospheres which fits perfectly the whole concept of the track. the third track "New Sources" is built at the beginning under melancholic old music which start to mutates into degenerative noise defragmentations with intense moments and such more yet to be discovered. At "Flak" things still keeps its experimental structure and surreal touch handled by different sound sources and electronic devices creating noise soundcapes with interesting elements worth to explore.Closing this release is” Ideology" a dense track full of diverse structures collapsing all the time, to complement the interesting concept album released by Mr Schilling. An interesting release with so many diverse elements which sure will get your attention from start to finish.

"The House Of Flesh" Cd 2008
(Snip Snip)
David Reed, the main creative force behinds Snip Snip recs,a record label specializing in noise, dark ambient, and experimental music sent us his personal project in which he reveal us his most in deep desires in order to develop amazing Noise/Ambient atmospheres with very in deep elements structured in a proper way,compenetrating perfectly each one of the tracks generated here. A total of 9 compositions, tracks such as “Walking Timeless Hall” are built under dense drone passages dressed with some evocative elements surrounding the whole structure of the track.” Opening The Forgotten Doors” crawls through strong ambient elements and some dense soundscapes floating through cold corridors.” Desperation" is the ineffable trip to unknown dimensions focusing into ambient passages full of eerie atmospheres. The whole album contains such interesting moments worth to explore, due the way as each one of the tracks are built. Really a very impressive release by David reed in which he reveal us just a part of the great potential generated by LUASA RAELON. I recommend this album to those interested to explore dense ambient structures.