Monday, 9 November 2009


"Ritual Musick Series II: Ritual In Red And White" Cd 2009


A magickal project emanating in deep explorations of left hand path sorcery and offering us a very interesting purpose through 3 compositions of ritualistic character in which each one of them are traces of sexual magickal ritual having in deep connections within the blood and sperm rituals from Fraternitas,the path is opened to be explored by yourself through "Preparation : I Am The Flame", an 8:12 minutes opus with dense ambient atmospheres and suggestive soundscapes melting together to create an in deep piece of ethereal elements dressed with impressive structures which transport you to the void for this ritualistic initiation. "Ritual: Red and White", is the second portal this time offering you dark, dense drone structures and strong soundscapes mutating all the time. Atavistic visions and astral abstract spheres collapsing are the elements evoked when deeply the 34:39 minutes composition is explored. Chaotic moments and dense soundscapes are the main elements you can hear here. "Gleanings: Every Man And Every Woman Is A Star”, is the last composition inspired by Fr Perdurabos's liber Al,comes through melancholic piano passages and percussive elements surrounded by atmospheres and voices emerging from the other side of Eden, creating subliminal spaces full of sorrow and more yet to discover. a very amazing release worth to check out if you are looking for ritualistic acts. VIGINTI TRES SAECULA aka XXIII Saecula is the follower of Natural Faith Project & F.Leo Crovey. The album comes in red disc in metal box with inserts. Six is one and this is the way to the empire ov bai sun. Six have three above, three underneath too. Connect and walk back thru the abyss. Follow the way ov man is to follow the traceless.


"Memetik Etchings" Cd 2009


Again quartier23,surprise us with a very interesting release, this time through the British Ritual ambient/experimental project AKOUSTIK TIMBRE FREKUENCY,This is the 9th studio album from AKOUSTIK TIMBRE FREKUENCY and the 2nd to be released by Quartier23. Creating electro acoustic exposition of sounds with such ritualistic experimentations which evolves from time to time into diverse spaces and outer worlds ready to be explored by yourself. Diverse elements and instruments as Horns, Flutes,singing bowls, percussions and field recordings among others are used for each one of the albums generated by AKOUSTIK TIMBRE FREKUENCY. 7 untitled compositions which reflects in part the vast universe created here in which you shall experience an induced trance voyage due the nature of how each one of the compositions evolves from time to time... dense drone ambient passages with the necessary experimental touch which keeps your senses vibrating all the time. At moments music is like a lucid dreaming evoking different abstract visions which seems to made flesh through each ambient explorative frequencies of soundscapes and structures, always mutating...always moving into all directions. One of the best releases coming to my hands recently and hoping to have an interview soon!!!! For more info just visit Quartier23 page.


"Transbiomorph's Necronomicon" Ep "3 cdr 2009

Edgar Franco, the Brazilian deconstructionist, artist and musician opened its transplutonic dimension, through a very interesting release in which you shall experience the dynamism and experimental spirit. This time he has invited the Polish visual artist & esoteric writer Asenath Mason, to take part through dismal vociferations and other structures. "Transbiomorph's Necronomicon" consist of 5 compositions, all of them with enigmatic developments and obscure transformations of sounds, for example the second track is dense and dark, with percussive elements and whispers, voices emanating through the whole track. Through the 3rd one, the seals are broken and transhuman spheres abort its shadows upon earth. The track is an evocation inspired by lovecraftian worlds. Dense percussive parts and atmospheres complementing perfectly with the whole concept of the track. Shub Niggurath is evoked through the 4 composition, emanating its strong currents into sonic mantras developed as the last tracks by suggestive and obscure voice of Mrs Mason. Closing the release is the psychotic expressive voices from Edgar Franco veiled with dark, vaporous atmospheres and percussive tunes, complemementing each other in order to create a chaotic piece of psychedelic nature. The Cdr comes with 3 special cards which you shall experience the visual side of Mr Franco. A Very interesting release worth to explore.

"Nanobods Remixed: Dna-sylicon-Memes" Split Ep "3Cdr 2009


A conceptual release in which futuristic aspects and dark psychedelic are generated and mutating into 10 dynamic organisms, floating into all directions, in all spaces. The album is divided into two parts POSTHUMAN TANTRA "Creation” and SOBOTA's one called "Recreation”. Opening its POSTHUMAN TANTRA with 5 tracks, developing experimental hybrid soundscapes with its personal touch, based on bizarre piano passages and discordant elements adapting to the tracks from time to time. Vociferations and other electronic devices are congregated in order to reveal us in deep voyages to distant post human universes. Then comes SOBOTA under the shape of Rodrigo Romanin, in which he develops 5 compositions called "Recreation and the result is so amazing due how twisted arrangements are joined together to create harsh, raw structures with intense moments from start to finish. Both acts creates a psychedelic robotic machine able to mutate into different structures depending of mental exploration of individuals. a short but effective release with original patterns and a subliminal touch which is mutating all the time.