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"La Haine Primordiale"
Is more than a pleasure to Announce the awaiting new album Of NORS'KLH "LA Haine Primordiale"...A cosmic project whci emerges from the hidden black hole somewhere in the distant dimension,to evoke in deep atmospheres gathered under impressive musicalisation and well structured.I was very impressed by the development of this French project,which in my opinion is one of the best ones coming from such country nowadays.The album opens with an intro in which listner can submerged in dense and floating dismal atmopsheres with such sutile but strong elements which puts you in a kind of cosmic gnostic voyage,and prepare yourself for a long voyage to the center of cosmos where NORS?KLH is the paralell dimension to find your most hidden nature ,through the rest of compositions. Parts I to V ,are such in deep explorations of senses through monumental hymns,and errie transmissions of cosmic nature,always mutating and arranged in a perfect way.spoken voices as transmissions from outer space,rhythmic percussive patters evoking calmness and inducing trance,and atmopsheres surrounded from floating harmonies to obscure soundscapes able to open you new ways of perception.The most impressive of this release is without a doubt the fact how each rhymic pattern and dismal atmopsheres are synchronized together to create a vast piece of diverse elements and vaporous structures weel performed,well arranged and mixed to create a true masterpiece.The use of piano and synths together in Part V,for example is a clear example of the devopment the project has done since the very beginning."Final part",is a different track ranging with furiuous fast drumming elements in comparison the rest of the tracks and guitar elements and a kind of black metal atmopshere which gives to the album a different but interesting touch coz,the music moves in all middle of this track you shall explore a kind of ritualistic atmosphere,and ends with a period of silence ,a deadly mixture for sure. "Omeno (Requiem) is the last track ,and here NORS'KLH bring us a melancholic opus,a sorrowful composition with such mid tempo druming elements and eeerie atmopshres ready to haunt you and entering to such dimension in which NORS'KLH emerges to raise as a constellation full of hidden knowledge and wisdom to be explored!!!!

"Elegy For Native Tongues" double cd 20o9
With Album TETRAGRAMMATON takes a eclectic experimental/inprovisational piece. This psychedelic trio coming from Tokio,,they have created an impressive work here ,due how each one of these tracks contains such psycho-addictive tunes,transporting yourself to such vast universes creted thoguh such mimetic ,eclectic compositions.The first cd include 5 tracks opening with "The Ghosts Won't Starve We Will Perish",a long 18 minutes one,of defragmentative tunes and explosive druming elements blasting all the time.Then comes,"Elegy For Native Tongues",coming with sutile acoustic guitar tunes and percussive sounds which appears constantly through the whole track,and such psychotic Saxophone parts go give a more disturbing atmosphere due how the Sax parts are included here.The third one "Kohelet Revisited"is more a suggestive piece with obssessive electronic drone elements.TETRAGRAMMATON has created a trip to unknown dimensions through disturbing moments of harsh experimental noise. "Queen Of The Ships" and "Santa Sangre" complements the first disc with two suggestive pieces including such incledeble spontaneous saxophone tunes and percussive elements as principal basis. Through the second disc we have 3 compositions of a live set recoded in Tokio in 2007. "Oresteia In One Part" is the first one being so dense and ritualistic at the very be ginning,and with the pass of minutes mutating and transforming into a sonic obssesive organism due druming,drone and electronic patterns used here."solve Et Coagula" is just more a dronish exposition of subliminal characters evoking such eerie atmopsheres but still in themiddle of the track such hard noise electronic devices transforming such track in a complete chaotic machine destroying everything to its steps.finally we have " Los Heraldos Negros" complementing the album.An interesting album due how these Japanese trio has included diverse elements as gongs,bels,saxophone,drums,effects to create this eclectic piece!! for more info just check Subvalent recs.

"Anon Nehrut" Digipack 2009
Emanations, conjunctions of abstract forms and inner realities gave birth to Realism, an experimental/psychedelic act which has impressed us a lot, due the high quality of musical development and magickal explorations through each one of the 8 tracks included in this release.JAHILIYYAH is a Japanese project formed by Cal Lyall known for the impressive work at Tetragrammaton,and Ezra woolnough,David Macmahon exponents of the project called Grauss Vom Krampuss.the result to gather such three spirits was just brillant,because they offer us here a piece of sonic desconstructionism with intense moments from start to finish. Just explore the firts two tracks "Teeth Shaters Theme" and "Carnival Of souls" with such twisted drone patterns collapsing all the time,and more with thirrd one "The Grandmother whisperer"adopting some old school industrial traces to the whole track.The forth one "Methuselah"is more a dense ambient one with some minimalistic elements here and there.then arrives two untitled ones,in which everything se ms to be more calm butat moments the drone elements seems to possess the whole structure of the track giving it a kind of subterranean atmopshere due how both tracks are built here.A haunting album with so many elements worth to explore if looking something different,so other tracks included here are "Bloated Infans Smile" and "Celine Slaughterhouse".The album comes in a special package with hand made paintings and includes a mini posted with artistic abstract iamgery.So ,no so much information just to say JAHILIYYAH is sonic,visually,tactually,chemically,emotionally,spiritually… a ritualistic expression transcending the whole senses in a reality in which you are the principal core to the void.

"Beauty Queens" Cdr 2008
Coming from tokio and having as principalHead to Cal Lyall,a creative Canadian guitarrist and electronic musician and member of interesting projects such as Tetragrammaton,Jahiliyyah, unleash part of his creative potential through GOLDEN PARABOLA. With this debut album we find a very dynamic album with diversity of sounds and interesting structures through the whole 8 compositions included here. "Beauty Queens"is built into diverse experiemntal structures bathed with such amazing fild recording elements which keep your senses alive all the time due the way as constanlty evolution of the whole composition.Also you shall hear some kind of stoner rock,and jazz influences through some of the tracks such as "Mama Cluster" and "Wunderkammer".also you shall experience sensitive explorations of sounds in tracks such as "Jasper’s Black Gunion" and "Pompey, Good Night".so its interesting to know how creativity is handled here,always bringing new elements to the tracks to the perfect use of elements such as babylonian drums,clarinet,bass,guiarts,effects,machines and field recordings which are well adapted to the music in general, creating a very interesting musical piece worth to explore.The album comes with an abstract colorful cover dseign which goes perfect acording to the album in general.not so much words here,but necesary to describe the music you shall find here!!!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


"Invisible Landscape" Cd 2010
(Valse Sinistre)
Under a conceptual expressionism focusing in photographies taken at places in Portugal,both artist namely Andre Fernandes and Jose Ramos have the marvelous idea to bring to reality such images into musical the result was very interesting,10 experiemntal compositions going into post rock elements mixed with electo sounds and field recordings.All in all we must say Aura,is a perfect soundtrack for the whole visual concept presented here.The main important element is how each track gives you such definited idea of what visually you are watching,because in booklet each track has its respective image.The first four compositions "The furious march","Vacuity","Katharsis","Parallel Worlds" represents the water aspects in which you must be surbmerged to enter the feeling generated in each one of the tracks.sutile soundscapes and percussive sounds moving through diverse electronic patterns,going from slow to rhythmic to nostalgic structures with a high dose of creativity.The Earth's aspect is represented by tracks such as "Flowing textures","Two Steps For The Gods" and "The Faith Woods",all of them bathed with such sugesstive images of hybrid landscapes having such eclectic nature in music due how each one of the tracks are moving into diverse musical soundscapes,but always having something in common,the intense experience and sensations awaken at the whole tracks. Neo classical atmosphres,electronic spaces and atmosphres are the ones you shall experience here.Complementing this opus are ""Warm Winter" and "Cloud Collossus" representing the air factor,in my opinion I built my own paradigm of music and images within elements of nature,so a personal representation for this amazing album,in which you makes the invisible , visible and where everything is possible just opening your mind and floating in vacuity of AURA's music. Without a doubt a worth Album to be checked if looking for something experimental and creative!!!

"Travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The Mind"Digipack 2010
(Valse Sinistre)
A Canadian project raising from Montreal Canada,present us its debut album,what I found is a really interesting opus,due the eclectic nature of a sole long of 62 minutes track,in which Peine,the mastermind behinds SOUFERRANCE,VISION express a narrative exploration of experimental nature,with high emphasis in those authors who has been a high influence in his life and musical carrear.The track is just incredible,at moments ranging from tenuos dark ambient soundscapes bathed with such subliminal elements and psycho acoustic passages converging all the time and bringing you an exposition of abstract emotions and functional fragments with a very obssessed result.This Canadian artis has vision here just an own voyage to such abstract realities present in his life and now become present through such audial structures.Eerie passages are evoked from time to time to give birth to such enigmatic ghastly atmopsheres.The album is always moving into avantgardish soundcapes and ethereal magickal spaces with high emphasis in acoustic transformations giving you inner sensations of lonelines,melancholy and vacuity.visually the album is presented in a special package and a breathtaking artwork made by the well -known Costin Chiorenau & Twilight 13 Media,and comes in a A5 digipack with two pages booklet inside!! Be perpare to enter the imaginative subconsious labyrinths createdthrough "travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The mind" in which everything wil be possible just opening your mind!!!

"Ghost Staring At The World" pro cdr 2008
(Valse Sinistre)
This is my first encounter with this Dark Ambient/Industrial act, coming from Romania.And this encounter bring us to transhuman dimensions,coz we were submerged in ethereal atavisms surrounded by spectral fog and shapes. KOLDVOID is one of such projects with suck kind of charsima due how each one of the three tracks included here are developed. Through "Nostalgia" the first track, you can experience a desolated secenario full of sorrowful harmonies and dramatic atmopsheres bathed with a cold atmopshere.Through the second one called "Phantasma",the voyage continues through minimalistic tunes and dark ambient exposition of soundscapes,converging in sutile,thin elements.At the end of the track you shall experience some drone passages veiled with some industrial passages creating a perfect end for such composition.a very incredible fragmentation of sounds gathered through dense, vaporous drone elements which express in concret way the KOLDVOID visions regarding it own universe submerged in the most in deep void of consciousness. The music seems calm at moments, but suddenly you can feel the intensity and somber atmosphere in each sonic explosion erupting from “Ghost Staring At The World” album.Spoken voices appaears in track three called"Radiance" as a prelude to such apocaliptic dawn melting themselves into radioactive emanations developed by drones and a minimalistic atmosphere which transport you to unknown alien dimensions. This release is one of these ones you will never forget due to intensity and the way as are gathering together the whole elements as ambient,drone,piano parts,effects to create a ghastly piece as the one you could hear,it’s a bit difficult to be more explicit referring the whole conceptual album. just you must hear it to have a more exact idea of what KOLDVOID is. The release comes as a self-handmade digislevee with a professionally manufacturedcdr on the inside.…A gate to the dimensional Emptiness hidden in the roots of KOLDVOID.

Monday, 6 December 2010

K A L I G L I M M E R: Emme Ya – Beyond The secret Flame, The Aiwass Man...

K A L I G L I M M E R: Emme Ya – Beyond The secret Flame, The Aiwass Man...: "Emme Ya is quite evidently a deep well of thelemic references. Occult in every meaning of the word. In a way the music can be compared to wa..."

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


"Void Of A Morning" Cd 2009
(Valse sinistre)
DEEP-PRESSION is one of such creative projects,whith a high process of development through time,which has been expressed in each one of the releases.The project emerges in 2006 by the shapes of TRIST and Rh,the main idea was to create something different and ranging from diverse generes as industial,ambient,noise,experimental...the result is just amazing,so its reflected in its 4th album titled "Void Of a morning" expressing its most in deep realities focused in dreamscapes and diverse visons all of them through a conceptual perspective developed through each one of the 8 chapters created here."Requiem For The Tommorows" is a piece graviting into ambient soundscapes with such dense elements surounded through the whole track.Another piece here is called "Night Struggle" a kind of continuum of last track ,but this time adapting some diverse sounds which enrich the way as the track is evolving through minutes.such guitar parts gives to the track a proper atmosphere,to keep on dreaming beyond the latent reality of the void.spoken voices are generated to to complements perfectly with the transition of track too."Just A While Before",has been built with such dense and experiemental soundscapes coming from desolated ambient structures to repetitive elements,and such sutile guitar parts,and voices giving such interesting touch to the track in general. An important point in this album as on previous ones,is the inclusion of diverse musicians to take part on the album.This time M.v.K,Vrangsinn,Grav,A.o.s.h. among others take part here.Thing goes a bit different through " Awakening" a composition with a more strong elements due to guitar parts,effects and voices into screaming ones,giving such amazing interface to the track.Between mostly of the tracks you could find "Interlude" parts I,II,and III,a kind of short intersections offering industrial drone patterns collapsing all the time.closing the album is a track called " All This Pain For today",a guitar ambient based track with suggestive screaming voices.The album comes with a six fold booklet including lyrics.!!!

"Non Tutto Ció Che Tage É Morto" Cdr 2010
(Valse Sinistre)
Raimond Gaviano's solo projects was created somewhere in Cagliari italy,and offer us an exquisite album full of Dark ambient masks mixed with such dense soundscapes collapsing all the time,mutating all the time and giving you a sence of desolation and vacuity due to intenity of each one of the whole tracks included here."Ex Nihilo Crevit" evokes the pure essence of this italian act,with a composition full of obscure desolated spaces gathered to create a vast piece of ambient atmospheres. "morns Omnia Solvit" ,congregates a kind of ritual structures by the use of bells and drone patterns,creating ghastly atmopsheres and sinister scenarios through the composition.some spoken voices as chorus can be heard as backgrouand at the end of the track.An aspect worth to mention here is how each one of the tracks evolves from time to time,always bringing new elements to the music in general."Omnia Tempus Habenet" begins where the last track ends...and the voyage continues this time through a more drone based one,surrounded by some industial elements. "Factum Omne Rotat" is a more sugstive piece of dark ambient nature in comparison the last one,more sutile and calm atmopsheres but still bathed though such eerie structures convering all the time.The last track included here is "Non Tutto Ció Che Tace É Morto",to complements the whole conceptual album which translated means "Not everything that Tage is Dead" and from such translation we must observe SVART1 not as a dead organism but as a reality closed to a dream,where nothing has been seen to be continued!!!the album includes a video clip in which you shall exprerince the visual side of SVART1,bringing you desolation and isolationism in a very interesting perspective.Svart1 is recommended to all fans of Northaunt, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri, Brian Eno, etc.Pro CDr with pro glossy booklet.

"Behind The Red Drape" Cdr 2009
(Valse Sinistre)
OWL CAVE is a suggestive and obscure project coming from hungary and I got very impressed due the high musical quality of this project and how such cinematic ambient structures are going Through the 48 minutes long song included here.OWL CAVE offer us a mysterious piece full of eerie atmospheres and suggestive elements highly inspired by David Linch' tv Serie Twink Peaks.The proces of how the music ranges from dark ambient to drone àttersn and the inclusion of spoken voices around the whole composition is something which was created in a very efective way,because it stoned the listener in an in deep voyage in which he/she can be submerged into such surrealisitc and Hallucinatory spaces.At moments the albums seems to be calm and moody,but still with the pressence of such enigmatic atmospheres which makes of " Behind The Red Drape" a very interesting piece worth to explore. An audial presentation of the darkness of the Ghostwood Forest,The Black lodge and the sinister entities that manifested themselves there in.Again Valse Sinistre Surprise us with an album full of creativity and charisma,due how the album is perceived by listeners in order to explore the dense regions behinds the red drape.The albums comes in pro cdr dvd case and limited to 150 handnumbered copies!!! A good option to Dark ambient fans if looking for something hypnotic,hallucianting and dark...

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HOARFROST (Interview)

HOARFROST is a dark ambient/industrial project, created in 2006 in Silesia, industrial region of Poland. The first album of HOARFROST - “Dungeon” by Kaos Ex Machina netlabel - released in the beginning of 2007. It was the story of man isolation and impossibility of escape from pain. In the same year HOARFROST write two songs for KEM’s compilations: “Old eastern lands” for album “Where are You, Europe?” and “Electroconvulsive therapy” for “See You in sanitarium”. He also published in KEM split with Mrok “The girl, who loved tattoos”, inspired by Ilse Koch, sadistic wife of commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp. In 2008 HOARFROST published a song “Insanus” on “… where tattered clouds are stranding” - compilation by Eastern Front label. Next he made the remix of “Ritual of All-embracing madness” for the compilation “Amalgame”, including new versions of Bisclaveret’s tracks (label: Zoharum). The first long-play CD by HOARFROST and his official debut was “Ground zero”, released in September 2008 by Zoharum. It is a 37-minute description of landscape developing from an unknown cataclysm, presenting ruins and debris of steel, dust flying in the air, rust and slivers and tumbling down construction. The premiere of “Ground zero” was 20.09.2008 in Gdansk, where HOARFROST played his first live show. In 2009 a track “From here to ruins” from “Ground zero” was published on “Sensitive data” - collection of tracks by Zoharum's Kollectiv's friends and relatives. HOARFROST also writed a track “Spirit molecule” for “Still the same after years”, compilation by Mizantrophy. In this year HOARFROST played concerts in Enniskillen and Limerick - in Ireland and in Ustrzyki Dolne - in Poland.
Brand new single "Broken Waltz", taken from collaboration with Inner Vision Laboratory released on December 2009. It is a promotion of CD "Decline" which is planned on a February 2010. So,here is what Rafal the mastermind behinds HOARFROST have to say...

So how has been the artistic evolution and musical development in almost 3years of musical career?And where from came the name and inspiration for HOARFROST name?
Hello Kerval. I think, that last three years, when I have functioning as Hoarfrost, were pretty productive and I am glad of them. Some releases had appeared, some others were planned, so still something going on and it is important. Every album is a challenge and one more step forward. Every next album is a new experience and lead me in new areas. I can stop in one place. So I can’t foresee what will be the direction of my next albums. One neared – yes, but others? Off course, there are general contours, an esthetic of Hoarfrost, but that is all. You ask about the name. I think that it is a good illustration of my music. When we think “hoarfrost”, we feel a coldness and see a calm landscape. Hoarfrost settles on people and things. It is closed but strange. It exist with world around, but it also create its own world. When we look at area, settled by hoarfrost, we sometimes think, that place, recently full of life, is already dead and the time stopped. My music is just like that.

Which were the principal aspects which influenced since the beginning for expressing yourself through a musical with the dark psychotic feeling as HOARFROST? The music is my hobby. I am engaged on it – with breaks – for over a dozen of years. It is my breakaway from everyday life, complement and possibility of self-realization. From my youngest years I listened to different kinds genres of music. But dark, revolting music with some kind of messages is my favorite. As a teenager I was a guitarist in local rock and metal groups, next I sang poetry. Few years ago I started having interest in electronic sounds and that was how Hoarfrost appeared. I was always interested in pessimistic and apocalyptic themes. I listened to a lot of music of 80. - from Joy Division to black metal, from gothic to sung poetry. I like texts which asked the question without answers.

How has been the experience with HOARFROST in your personal life since the beginning until now 2010?
Creating music gives me much satisfaction. The satisfaction is bigger if I found listeners who feel in the same way and understand my message. Music allows me to meet many interesting people, who are looking for something more in their life, sometimes they also made their own art. I keep in touch with many of them. Our discussions inspired me in my artistic work. The concerts and places, which I visited with my music are important as well. Thanks to people, like Smiglo from Chain Reaction Promotions, I visited Ireland two times and explored many places in this country. Things like these stay in my mind for a long time and gives me a motivation to keep on working.

An aspect I really find so interesting in your debut release “Ground Zero” is how psychotic and well structured,dynamic your music, is this the principal point you try to develop when creating an album? Or is originality and ideological patterns elements the most important at each release?
“Ground zero” – in my intention – should be music registration of catastrophe during act of creating. The intention of this material is one: make listener feels that he is in center of it. It is collision man with brutality of this phenomenon. It has to call up emotions. It was my intention when I wrote this material. I always work in this way – first think about whole concept. It is important for me, to have main theme for material. I try to prepare some vision of sounds and individual compositions. When my concepts already have a form, I sit down and try to realize my plan.

Which is the main source of inspiration for the musical aspects at HOARFROST? Does it reflects your own personality based on your obsessions, visions, thoughts experienced in this existence?
Hoarfrost is in fact a part of me, the darker part (laugh). Hoarfrost’s music comes from my considerations and visions. My inspiration is a man, his nature, especially its dark aspects. Empty landscapes. Apocalyptic atmosphere. My inspirations are also emotions, which appear when a man is in a situation without an exit. Man in critical situation is able to many things, sometimes crossing the rationality. And sometimes he gives up.

Due the transgressive, dark nature of your album “Ground Zero…”I asked you: is your intention with “Ground Zero” to focus the listener’s mind into a specific state in which they can feel, explore your music from deep within? And so, establishing a nexus between they and the essence behinds such amazing release? The mission of the music is influencing on listener. Everyone, according to his mood, look for sounds good for him in the concrete moment. Of course, to be understood, the music has to find proper listener. When I have compositing “Ground zero” – I have aspiring to crash listener with world, breaking to debris, and vision of apocalypse. It is not strange or fantastic idea. We live at the time, when incident like this could happen not only on television screen or in SF literature. We have to understand, that everybody maybe witness of apocalypse of some place in some time. I intentionally haven’t told what is the kind and the reason of destruction. It is not necessary. Everyone can understand this album in their own way, basing on their own experience. I have only tried to show and describe some kind of situation.

Let’s talk about personal paradigms…so, do you think its great to let emotions as love, hate, obsessions, melancholy free to rule or the important is to have control over them?
I am not sure, if we could have a full control on our emotions. We can control only symptoms of emotions. There are theories that everybody can – in their mind – choose emotions good for him. But I don’t agree with this idea. The kind of reaction is qualified by individual, personal and cultural characteristic. Awareness of the emotional condition is more important than controlling them. Awareness of the emotions may be used in the process of creation. It let us experience ourselves. When we “listen to” feelings of other person, we could understand and come to one with him or her.

And from such quotation are for you love & hate the same feeling .just individuals gives a name to determinates the role of both in their lives?
Love and hate are two poles of the same thing, the same feeling. The same law appears in many other cases. Let’s see: “the light” and “the darkness” – there are also one thing. We could talk only about the difference of the gradations between two poles of the same phenomenon. Where “the darkness” ends, where “the light” begins? Similarly love and hate – they are on opposite poles and between them there are gradations of feeling. Point zero is when we can’t qualify, if we liked or we don’t liked. So names in this case are only for describing the function of concrete feeling in life, show its place on one pole.

From your own perspective, are instincts based on principles as mental strength,freedom,knowledge,pride,being your own god and master are what humans must have to develop in order to find a well-definite inner power to evolve in this existential plane?
As Schopenhauer said: “Everything perfect, grows slowly”. We have to looking for, experience, watch, ask and answers the questions – it is the method to create our own personality and own value system. For many people asking questions is a problem. They wait for a ready resolution and accept it uncritically. People, who are impressionable, become marionettes in hands of other people. They leach themselves their personality. People illness is lack of purpose, lack of awareness that I am here and now, that I am responsible for who I am. It depends on me only. People are too often conformists in their life and it pulls them down.

HOARFROST has been developing a lot live performances….so, give us a clue of what listeners can expect when hearing your compositions at stage? Is important for you to cause a visual /audible art which reflects the HOARFROST’ message? The concerts are the right time and the right place to fully realize the message carried by my project. In my opinion this kind of art need image as replenishment. In ambient or industrial music spectrum of possibilities to express emotions is limited unlike – for example – rock concerts (which are often assisted of visualizations too). So – in my opinion – using images to complete ambient, music of background is necessary. We live in time of technology, images has become one of the most important medium. So they have to be presented on this kind of concert, to show was understand by listeners completely.

By the way I haven’t heard “Decline” album,(By the way,I heard it now,so review below-ed)I want to know,how was to cooperate with Inner Vision Laboratoy in such release,and please let tell us more about this release please? Writing this album there was idea of Karol from Inner Vision Laboratory, who proposed to me the collaboration. It takes some time before we started working, but when we get down to composing, everything went smoothly. Our intention was to make album in a little different from music we play in our own projects. We understood with Karol great and composing the album was a very nice experience. We are both glad for accomplished effects. And from releasing it in Zoharum, which has cared about every detail involving the promotion. And about music – I recommend just listen to it. I think that everyone can find in it something interesting.

What comes with HOARFROST, any new material ready to be put out soon? Any new surprises with the new opus?
I have many plans, unfortunately, time and everyday life doesn’t allow me realize everything I want. I have to resign from some things, and some things have to wait for their moment. But presently limited release appears by Exploratory Drilling Productions. It will be recording of concert I played in 2009, in Enniskillen, Ireland. Besides, there are the split Hoarfrost and Polish project Multipoint Injector. When mastering was finished, we look for a label for this material. I also have invitations for two albums with remixes. And I slowly try on to make my new material. I have also other plans, but I had better not to talk about them at this moment

How perfectionist are you when creating music or going to studio? Does perfection a limitation or a reality based in conformism? I always try my albums sound just I have previously planned. It is natural, that everyone have their own visions about their sound. I usually work on many compositions at the same time, but only some of them go to album. It doesn’t mean that others go to trash. I work on them as long as the effect is satisfying. The primary concept is sometimes quite different from the final effect.

Before closing with this effective conversation, we want to know more about if there is any idea behinds to express yourself through any other musical project or another form of art.?
All my attention is concentrated on Hoarfrost. I don’t plan, at this moment, create others music projects. Maybe the reason is the fact, that in Hoarfrost I haven’t determined any bounds so I can afford the music experiments. Therefore I don’t feel forced to composing music under other names. Except music I make some videos and visualizations for the concerts. I am also the author of video clips which were published on “Ground zero” and “Decline”. I think about Hoarfrost as comprehensive project, composed of music and image. I am also fascinating in photography but, until now, I haven’t tried myself in this arena. Maybe someday?

From our side was a pleasure to talk to you jouni.your final breaths here!!!
I would like to thank you for the interesting conversation. I also thank everyone, who assists Hoarfrost from the beginning until now. It is difficult to call everybody, because there are a lot of people. But – what is important – each of these persons has their own passion, own avocation. I wish everybody would be aligned in something in their life just like them.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


"Decline" Digipack 2010
Its hust more than exciting to find such kind of releases,having such strong feeling of cooperation,so this process,revelation and defragmentative idea,waere on mind of both projects in order to create something in deep,eclectic and obscure.Revealing different aspects of both of them. Both projects are developed here,just a pert of their creativity in order to handle an in deep voyage to such obscure regions of mind. HOARFROST is a Polish act,emerging in 2006,and since them has been working in such dark ambient industrial musik with so many interesting aspects,due how music has evolved since the very while,the other Polish act INNER VISION LABORATORY floating into ambient psycdelic with some industrial touches have been creating effussive and interesting music as well.This time both amazing projects have joined forces to create a very interesting release worth to check.The album includes 8 compositions and a bonus video of the first track "Mind Infinity".The highlights from this album,is the obcure and mutative soundscapes moving and collapsing all the time creating such in deep atmospheres in a very dense and proper way.The album is inspired in two poems"Mad man" and "Modern Icarus"...the album converges in its own dark nature with compositions such as "Do You See Them Too",built into dense atmospheres and eclecting soundcapes evolving from time to time,and including such rhythmic beats and ethnic structures which just fits perfectly with the whole concept of the album. "Behind The Walls",is another piece with full cryptic passages mutating all the time,so sutile sounds ,and piano elements mixed with suggestive industrial patterns and drone elements makes of this track one of the best ones from this album. "Broken Waltz" is just brillant,due how such classical piano elements are covered by such suggestive elements and sounds to amalgame a perfect long trip to such vast obscure regions ofmind,full of nostalgic remembrances and distan past echoes covered by the dust of time. Another track is "Unless You're Dreaming",distan voices,enigmatic drone structures moving in all direction,spoken voices and floating sutile spaces are the main elements which you shall find here.sensations of vacuity,unlimited ago and fracmented realities are the structures you must experience here. "boundless Oblivion" and "A Clear Fuse" are the last tracks both of them with such industrial elements which gives to each track a powerfull charisma and more when the influx of such vast eerie atmospheres,female voices arranged perfectly as mantras to complement the spoken voices added to the track "Boundless Oblivion". The last composition is just amzing beautiful.piano and key board passages bathed by such sublime atmospheres and percussive elements which gives you a clear idea of dynamism and eclectic nature of both projects!! the album comes in a beautiful digipack,and remmber this one includes a bonus video!!!

"A Handful Of Dust And Ashes" Digipack
Another Polish act with such impressive creativity and spontaneous musicalisationship is what we have the pleasure to review for. so HOROLOGIUM is one of such projects convergin in Ambient/experimental paradigms with a touch of industrilish edge,giving to the project a more raw sound at moments.HOLOGIUMstarted back 2004 and since them,the project has been releasin lot of releases through different labels.This time we presents you "A Handful Of dust and Ashes" A kind of recollection compositions which wer recoded during diverse occasions and gathered especially for this release,with the solo purpose to show us the impressive and unlimited music created by Gregorz Siedlecki.The albums includes a total of 17 compositions in which you shall experience the enigmatic and suggestive world created by HOROLOGIUM. tracks such as " Secret Of The Continent" and its amazing martial percussive elements dressed by some tribal elements and industrial patterns which appears at the whole track from time to time.Through "Ominous Morning Din" ,things goes more oriented into experimental industrial edge,with repetitive elements and harsh deconstructed elements,which transforms the whole composition in a virtual machine full of diverse movements and structures,all of them with a touch of creativity as principal characteristic in HOROLOGIUM.Is worth to note that between mostly of the tracks we shall esperience a track called "Miniature" which is fracmented in 4 arts and complements perfectly with the whole concept in general. "Arma Virunque Cano" is another psychotic industrial piece full of power and suggestive atmospheres,crowned by sutile sounds and some female voices. with "XX Century Alchemy",everything turns a bit different in comparison last pinao sounds emerges together atmopsheres and spoken male voices adapting perfectly."opium" is a monumental transformation which gather the essential elements to keep your sences alive all the time.This composition has some thin bells,voices,atmospheres and arrangements which surely will transport you to a narcotic voyage to the center of your own mind.sudeenly the percussive elements emerges to gives a strong feeling to the whole composition.Other tacks you shall explore here are " Adormidero","Let Their Be Night","Absolute"...before al these amazing compositions,you shall experience three live compositions which were taken from live shows in Barcelona and Bologna in 2008 and 2009 respectively. So the first of these live tracks is "Invocation" an enigmatic composition full of such magickal atmospheres and voices and arranged by percussive sounds.surely you will find this release so attracting due the nature in which floats HOROLOGIUM,always mutating,always moving in all directions and bringing new elements to ambient/experimental scene!!!

"Horror/Forsaken" Digipack 2010
When hearing imprsssive and in deep musical album as the ones we have inmind give us motives to work so hard and with dedication,due how each musical transformation penetrates our minds in order to give you visions,thoughts from an artistical with this Belgian project VOID WORK,created in 2008 by Xavier,things seems to be goes orinted into such neo classical atmospheres with impressive sounding like horror movie elements.A very amazing release is what is present here in "Horror forsaken",a double release containing diverse elements and a guest artist complementing perfectly to bring to this existential plane A very interesting album worth to check. "Horror" includes a total of13 compositions built into haunting musical atmospheres which you must explore when hearing titles as "Haunted" a cello based track with such slow and melancholic elements and voices. or just "Marble Steps",a track with an incredible work of synthesizers and percussive elemnts creating a solid but dynamic structure of eerie atmospheres...vast cinematic soundscapes cralws within "Interlude",and more with the impressive use of percussive sounds which empower the short but effective track. An aspect worth to mention at the whole both releases included here is the participation of talented artists as Ann-Mary Thim (Arcana),with lyrics and voices. "insomnia" emanating is ghastly and cold distant atmospheres in a very proper way due how the composition is evolving with pass of minutes. Through "THe serpennt's Lullaby III" ,everything is more oriented into dark,dnese atmospheres and voices crawling from withing the deeps of the track,collapsing themselves and creating an obscure piece of the best compositions included here. Other impressive pieces here are "Forever In Fire","Post-apocalypse","The Descent","Anctartica" and "The Black goat". The use of ethnical instruments and ancient atmospheres is what more attracts you since the first to the last track!! The "forsaken"s part includes a total of 7 compositions with a very mystical ancient atmopshere.for example the track called "Akhenathon",built though the well performed use of acoustic instruments and male voices. "Ghostlight",more dense in itrs own nature in comparison last one ,but still with such interesting element and just perfect work of synths giving such errie atmosphere to the whole composition,also is worth to mention the use of voices in this too."forsaken","Pillars" both of them pieces with high levels in deconstructionism in the way as at every second the track trascends into something new and diverse,bringing apocaliptic scenearios full of desolation and loneliness. "circle" is just amazing,tribal percussive elements mixed with thin sounds,voices,atmospheres. closing the release are "Nightmare" and "Grave".The albums comes in colourful digipack.for more info just visit Black drone's page and check some online samples!!!

"Corona Veli Aurei" Digipack 2010
(Black Drone)
ASBAAR is an Ambient / Industrial project rising from Barcelona spain,the project is handled by Marc Merinee which is know due its other project called Eldar.This time he proclamates his own visions and personal encounter with his own ancestors searching for hidden wisdom,a wisdom which roots in the deep of our hearts,minds,and spirits. so with ASBAAR ,everythings seems to be an in deep explorations through each one of the eleven compositions developed here. "corona Veli Aurei" is one of such mutative organic forces carved in nature,due how musically it trascends its own spaces to create somethingdense,somber and still creative.Pieces as "Mana" with such industrial percussive patterns and atmospheres collapsing all the time. or just "Agnosia" with water sounds and diverse soundscapes transporting you the hidden mysteries of mother gaia.So a complete collective of soundscapeas and atmosphere all of them offering you amazing tunes and irrational atmopsheres always through such spectral,eerie vacuity generated in the whole tracks included here.The manipulation of diverse patterns at "Pulchrum" and "Fatum"are just clear examples of how much the album improves more and more when passing of tracks...A primordial darkness opening its portals to be explored in all senses!! The whole album is has a visual side inspired under the influence of the photographic visuals of Manel O Company,revealing us the spectral desolation,anguish and desperation of human mind to escape from such relities in which has been chained since Brith. "corona Veli Aurei" is just a free spirit,evolving through aeons and aeons...12 pages booklet in which besides the visual side you shall explore some poems and written structures which goes according the pciture to creates a perfect complement for the whole albumin general."Instinctus" and "Tucsi" are the ones who closes the release,with such dense atmospheres full of cold desolation,where everyhings sems to be an end...but the beginning of something beyond the collective consiousness in which own nature plays an important role!!!ASBAAR delighten us with a powerfull album worth to check out now!!

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Bisclaveret - the indigenous representative of the psychodelic / dark ambient scene.. Duet Radosław Murawski (Thorn) & Maciej Mehring (Dragos) is following their own music path. Relying in on the dark/wave ambient stylistics and taking inspirations from illustration music they are creating sounds, thanks to which the atmosphere of horror and psychodrama is enhanced. Creating their compositions, the musicians are trying to close them in tight albums, in which the text is an integral part thanks to which Bisclaveret introduces the listeners into the world of their own visions, claustrophobic fears and questions about human existence. They use their own literature and musician code. The whole answers were given by Dragos with the purpose to cover everything refering this excellent Polish act!!!

2010.10.02 Bisclaveret - "engill Ljssins" (Zoharum)
2010.06.14 Bisclaveret - "ephemeros [ante 'Te Deum']"CD (Zoharum)
2008.02.29 Bisclaveret - "Amalgame"CD (Zoharum)
2007.07.12 Bisclaveret vs Bruno - "Les Mannequins" CD (Zoharum Records)
2007.03.23 Scontrum act VI - kolaboracja (Waroffice Propaganda/Rage in Eden)
2006.12.11 Psyche nomine (The Eastern Front - Israel)
2004 Er Roud el aater fi nezaha el khater (Cynfeirdd-France)
2004 I'll Concerto VCD (Wyrm/Serpent's Fang)
2003 In Hortis MCD (Wyrm Records)
2001 Aegri Somnia... MCD (self-released)

Greetings Dragos & Thorn,9393/, reveal us a few about the closed connection between magick and BISCLAVERET?And reveal us about how happened BISCLAVERET was transformed in a latent magickal force as its recognized today?
Hi,Hm...Bisclaveret is peculiar magical medium. By the band We can express ourselves. We evoke own thesis, ideas and thoughts. By the band We exist in other space. Bisclaveret is our sacrum sphere.Each Bisclaveret concert is somethting as ritual, during which We create new creation. Somethimes is ephemerical but it exist only for this one moment beyond the reality. Bisclaveret is manifesto of our ego; it’s a form, which We use to create new sounds and images.

What's your own interpretation behinds the name BISCLAVERET,and how do you visualize each one of your releases until now year 2010,from your perspective as artist?
Bisclaveret is the old Irish name of werewolf taken from celtic legend.
When We decided to call the band this name, We were enchanted of beatiful sound and predatory meaning of this word. It reflected state of our sprit, mind and our artistics which is also beautiful sometimes mysterious and predatory too. Each Bisclaveret’s activity was next step in our artistic and individual evolution. When We remind our choices, Live acts and releaeses We know that each one had reflected our emotions in that moment.
What has offered to your existence BISCLAVERET, as a driving magickal force and primal element in your life? As I said Bisclaveret is our magical medium – manifest of ourselves – as artists, authorrs and people.

Let just enter to "Psyche nomine", tell us about the general ideological concept behind such masterpiece.and about the inspirational thelemic strcuture known as"Akeldama XIV"? Psyche nomine is our first concept album. It was tale about the man, who roams in various aspects of high magick. Album reveals the fragility of human in opposite to the Great World of Chaos .We try to warn people of the danger waiting for them if they deal with the subject of occultism recklessly. Akeldama is one of my favourites Aleister Crowley lyrics. It was ideal to fulfill our album concept., so We decided to use it on Psyche noMine. I offen read various Aleiser Crowley texts – these one about the magic aspects and other philosophical essaies and poetry. His philosophical aspects are the closest to me. I love to immerse into his strange ideas, puns and riddles .

You knows how paradigmatic is the essence of,we could say "Madness is initiation,and initiation is madness"? due the trascendence and trasnmutative changes we develops when exploring the differents paths of Magick?
Madness – as every extreme emotion state - is a critical moment, when live changes. Then every change is after-effect of those critical moments. These two definitions exist inseparably. For example music can be composed through the strong emotions and the music can explore strong emotions during you’re listening to it.. Similar feedback exist in our normal activity and in the special, important moments that we celebrate during different occasions.

How is a perfect visual representation of BISCLAVERET, when developing your music through stage? Any especial performance which you reminds under a nostalgic ,or effusive facet?
Bisclaveret is a Project which is still searching for new and expanding . We don’t have only one manifest. Each album shows us in new perspective. Only one costant element is discovering of new meanings for old symbols. We are looking for answers of a question about human existence.
When We start work on our new album We think about all aspects of sounds, words that will create one concept story. In this time, when we prepare new tracks, We create new photo sessions, performance, visuals etc. We place emphasis on coheret message, which will show new theme.

What's the most representative elements you try to express audience when performing live? perhaps masks used represents,the BISCLAVERET's inner nature which must explore by listeners through each one of your compositions?
When We prapare new live set, We select tracks, which We want play In this one concert.We start finding new form of transmission. We try to close each track in to one concept – giving a new meaning to the show. We compose tracks in this way that let us to tell a new story for audience by sounds, visuals and performance. We bring the audience into the new world of our symbols, imaginary land far from reality of “normal life”. Sometime it is a dream of madmen, sometimes it’s rite of initiation. We like to create world of imagination on the line of magic and madness. Our masks symbolize separation world of creation from the world before and after show.

We are a bit curious about the main ideological, and musical concepts which lead you to express yourself with BRUNO through "Les Mannequins" CD ? any other coperation release if future?
It’s the really magical co-operation! The name ‘Bruno’ in the name of project means the spirit of polish writer, who create ‘Tract about the mannequins’. On the base of this novel We created concept of this album. We both love Bruno Schulz novels. A few years ago during narcotic-ecstatatic session We experimented with sounds and words. We affirmed that was a great idea for a new album . We started to work but the spirit of B. Schulz sitll stood close to us! Will we plan new co-operation? We have some plans but We can’t say anything concrete at this moment.

Now, reveal us some information about your activities behinds ZOHARUM rec? Any new releases planned for this year 2010? how is your selection for to choose acts for ZOHARUM recs? Perhaps,any south American act for future?
Zoharum is the artist collektive and label. We created this organization to realise the Bisclaveret’s activity. We planned this kind of activity a long time ago but We didn’t have time and possibility to do it before. This situation had changed when We wanted to release the album ‘Les Mannequins’. We wanted to publish this album on the day of Bruno Schulz birthday. We didn’t have any guarantee from other labels that they could do it that day so We decided to make it by our label. Then We started and the machine speeded up.. We started to organize some events, concerts, exhibitions. We arranged new cooperation between painters, musicians and photographers. Our relation started to tighten. Our aim is to bring new people to common activity. Graphics create new layouts, musican play concerts during their exhibition etc. We belive that it is the beggining of larger activity. We started to release more other bands... Plans? We started new serie IYHHH. Now We have two titles in this collect and We plan next releases of [haven], ouroborous, different state and compilation “From the Earth to Sirius” events signed by ARTeNATIVE, a few concerts of Bisclaveret..... We still looking for interesting projects for our catalogue....

Give us some deatils about BISCLAVERET's new release "Ephemeros (Ante 'Te Deum')"?
Ephermeros [ante ‘Te Deum’] – as etery earlier CD of Bisclaveret release is a concept album , touching up a subject of human existance hidden in the symbolic of seven angel names.On this album you will find 7 songs - pieces showing various aspects of human’s nature and his cosmic dimension in the world. This album is a the trip into the human’s mind through the word and sound.Ephermeros [ante ‘Te Deum’] shows a little bit different face of Bisclaveret by using new form of expression which the musicians used in the alchemic ritual of creation.

Besides musical, which other artisitcal,magickal interest are developed by you and Thorn?
We’re intersted in various forms of art. We love good movies, literature and paintings...Each of us has his own favourite writers, painters and movie makers. I love at first XIX age literature, most of decadence artists. But last time I read R.A. Wilson. From movies my favourite directors are: David Lynch, Aronofsky, Polanski, Bergman, Majewski, from soft cinema I love the world of Tim Burton....and more and more.....I also like old cinema I can enumerate without the end....

Before finishing this conversation just tell us more about "From the Earth to Sirius" compilation Cd? any acts confirmed yet?
We almost finished work on this compilation. It will come some of popular and unpopular bands.Each artist compose one, special track only for this release.Graphic layout ‘s based on paintings of Rafal Kosela. Prologue written by Dariusz Misiuna. More details will come soon.....

Thanx so much brother!! so keep on the torch burning high!!! All the best and close this as you want!! Fr Kerval 111
Thanks a lot for Your time and interesting questions. We wish You all the best in realizing of Your magazine and Your Will.
Best regards for You and Your readers.

Monday, 8 November 2010


"Transhuman Reconnection Ecstasy" Cd 2010
POSTHUMAN TANTRA is an enigmatic project emerged from the transdimensional parallel paradigms,such mutative magickal machine was created by Edgar Franco aka Oidicius a multi media ,multi facetic,multi trans human creature,which has been creating music from long time ago...This time Edgar arrives with an album with so many interesting elements always floating into experimental ritual ambient structures and industrial patterns which are just more than perfect!!! The album opens with "The Cyber Pagelanca" a shamanistic piece with such suggestive trans human chants and privimite soundscapes able to transport yourself to such dimensional sphreres.Then comes "The False Sadness Of The Oldest Galaxy On The first Antimater Particle Of My DNA",still converging into obscure atmopsheres and spectral voices crawling from within.Effects and soundcapes arranged into proper structures to create a very enigmatic piece here. "Transbiomorphosis'Ecstasies",built into such psy-fi atmospheres and repetitive experiemntal soundscapes this track is a call to entering such vast dimensions created by PHT.A very amazing composition is found in "The Sinister Mantra Of Human dogmas",so an in deep dense track full of distant atmopsheres and spoken voices handled in a very obscure way.the use of guitar elements enrich the whole structure of the whole track,also you can hear scream voices appearing to direct the music into a more sinister one!! "The Gaia's Holes Ritual","The Masters Of The Alien Werevolves'clan" are both of them obscure pieces of transmutative energy and power due as at every passage of the track you shall explore the creativity and suggestive atmopsheres bathed with such characteristic sound in which you shall experience a transformation of ecstasy and pain. next you shall enter the future trancendent poshumankind through "The Misanthropic Meme's Extinction","Trangenic Pineal Orgasm","Transient Visitor From My Holotropic Dimension" all 3 tracks full of dynamism and experimental passages giving us a clear idea of the trascendence of POST HUMAN TANTRA music and its high levels of post human gnosis reflecting in the whole album.Other compositions included here are "Transhuman Tempestuous Totem","The Posthuman Embrace","towards The Earth's Womb","Telurico Hino Da Reconexao(Telluric Anthem To The Recconection). Woth to note that a lot of special guest musicians recorded participations on the album as: Kale (TransZendenZ - Switzerland), Asenath Mason (Poland), Gareth Miller (Xa-Mul - England), Dimitri Brandi (Psychotic Eyes - Brazil), Lord Evil (Melek-tha, France), Marcelo Diniz (Analog Dream - Brazil), Amyr Cantusio Jr. (Alpha III, Brazil) and Lycanthropy's bands members (Brazil).the album includes a video clip of the track "the Gia's Holes ritual" and a multimedia animation track :Against Neo Racism"...the album include a 12 pages booklet with images and lyrics so just ordered it directly through Edgar franco or just wirte to Legatus recs!! A POST HUMAN DAWN,FOR A NEW ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!!!

Cdr 2007
AUTONOMOUS INDIVIDUAL NETWORK of the 23rd current was in past known as T.O.P.Y a collge ov creative individuals focusing into all forms of mackigal currents,through such currents they converges in a multi-facet reality full of paradigms going in all directions,so such mutative organism known as AIN 23 ,is now just more than just an organization but a collective of spirits devloping differents forms of art be it visual,musical ,and other artistic platforms.So after some problem with this package finally this one arrives to be explored by myself in order to handle one of the creative elementsdeveloped at AIN this is a collective musical,musical dimension converging into 12 transformative audial sigils...The first piece here is INSTAGON "420 buzzkill" a rhtyhmic pice full of interesting bass lines and interesting deconstructive elements. the next is STOMACH PUMP EXPERIENCE "Virus Amoung You" a very suggestive piece full ov narrative spoken voices surrounded by atmosphereric passages creating a very sutile but strong composition here.Through UNEXPECTED SLUG "Ontology Recapitulates Phylogigeny",things goes more orineted into an experimental direction,with such extreme eclectic nature focusing into diverse elements and bringing such industrial patterns with a very harsh perspective.PC 23 "Over The Wire,Under The Radar" is built into drone atmopsheres and corrossive atmopshere mutating all the time,the music here is very hypnotic and well elaborated!!! COYOTE 380 offer us a composition called "An Issue Of Permanence",an experimental voyage to the center ov chaos,handled into percussive elements,voices and decosntructive atmospheres,creating vast soundscapes from diverse magickal platforms.COYOTE 412 comes with a post punk track called,"Assassin"...a rhythmic structure with such sticking keyboard elements and voices!!! COYOTE 426 "Aiming For Wakefullness" is one of such suggestive hypnotic pieces with a in deep atmopshere from start to finish,the drone atmoipsheres fits perfectly the whole structure of the track,such spoken mantras and percussive beats gives the track a very ritualistic magickal atmosphere.Some other artist present here are COYOTE 179,and ALL HAVE NUMBERS NONE HAVE NAMES!!! for more info just visit the site in order to order this piece of total descontruction,discontrol...By consciously attempting to gather knowledge and information from these simple comtemplations,the magickian can gain better control over ones own reality and find clearer paths for sorcery!!!

"Ephemeros(ante' Te Deum)"Digipack 2010
formed since 2000 E.V ,BISCLAVERED has become one of the most impressive ambient experiemntal esoteric projects worldwide due the enigmatic visual and musical artistical exploration through each one of its releases.This Polish due its highest development and enigmatic magickal touch!! This time BISCLAVERED surprice with "Ephmeros (Ante 'te Deum) a concept album dealing with men and the angels having each one of them a respetive title.An esoteric voyage to such obscure regions of mind where you shall find your own angels ready to be evoked by yourself! "Ofis" is the first invocation,and amazing opening track with such piano passages dressed by spoken voices,whisers and eerie atmopsheres creating a pictoric reality beyond any rational concept.The esoteric continues through "Ejael" is focused into such intense eerie atmospheres and such magickal spoken mantras which generates different sensations due how are adapted to such subliminal guitar tunes.The whole track is a kind of invocation due how voices are developed here. Through the next one called "Donkuel",a tribal ritual druming emerges from the void to reveal us its enigmatic path,with such obscure and sutile feelings at the whole picture of the track. A higlight for "Ephemeros'Te Deum" is how music itself catch you suddenly and transport you to such esoteric labyrinths of mind in which all demons and angels dwells. "Izrafael" is one of such pieces which carves your mind to a point of gnosis due how the piano passages and voices are joint together and more when such industrial percussive beats emerges to open channels of perception,to open new paths to self liberation and self illumination.The fifth opus arrives and its called "Semakiel",a piece composed with such tribal percussive atmopsheres and bathed by nostalgic piano passages giving a preludium for spoken voices and atmopsheres latent through the whole composition.The whispers elemnts seems to reveal you akind of enigmating message hidden behind the mirror of angel Semakiel,reflecting all its own masks though such vast atmsopheres full of dynamism and darkness.Without a doubt BISCLAVERET has pointed a high precept with this release,so in my opinion one of the best releases from this year 2010. Though "Azrael",things goes more into such kind of nostalgic suggestive atmopsheres,with high emphasis on keyboards and voices,but still piano passages,spoken voices,erotic whispers and percussive sounds makes its presences announcing the entrance to the seventh and last passage called "Androgyne",a mystic one ,ful of ghastly atmopsheres and voices coming from the hidden nature of man!so this is a perfect piece to close the album due the enigmatic and subliminal passages offering to us the end to a new beginning which must be awited through the new album by BISCLAVERET!!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


"Zavet" Cdr 2010
NEZNAMO is a project which emerges from russian Federation,having as principal basis the exploration of human's true ego through the development of soundscapes and atmospheres which open channels via uncosnsious currents,as a way to enter into deep states of mind. "Zavet " is the third part of a trilogy concept released by Dmitry N. Shilow,the mastermind behinds NEZNAMO,in which through dense atmospheres you shall be submerged in such enigmatic dimension full of distant soundscapes and eerie passajes with very somber elements thoguh the whole album!A long 31:15 minutes voyage to the center of earth through the well performed use of drone elements bathed with a kind of suggestive and subliminal atmospheres going perfectly arranged with the whole structure of the track.The high impressive use of percussive elements mixed with such field recordings makes of this release one of the most interesting ones by Neznamo. At moments such hypnotic composition seems to transport you to the very primal states of counciousness,due the magickal atmospheres created by Dmitry.Without a Doubt another excelent release by Russian Vetvei recs,also its worth to note this release comes in a special package of full colour six panel envelope!!! for more info just visit Vetvei's page...

"Tunvet" Cd 2009
when talking about creativity,and intense magickal development we must mention this Russian project known as VRESNIT,which has been polluting the world with all of its interesting releases,all of them with such hypnotic elements which encaptures the listener though a ritual shamanic voyage,due how the music is developed.So,this time through " Zavet" an album which fill my spectatives in a proper way,coz through the solo track of this release you shall explore the intense drone ambient atmospheres and eerie elements created here. At moments its as if a natural vortex of energy is open ready to devour and transport yourself to another level of existence.Through the whole album the well executed use of floating wind instruments and such archaic persussive sounds are gathered to offer you something more than just an album,but a chtonic voyage to the labyrinths of nature in all its forms,showing you strange symbols and wooden totems.A perfect equilibrium when hearing the metal gongs and diverse ritual instruments mutating all the time,going around with such dense drone atmopsheres.The natural development in "Tunvet" is the path of nature with its own mysteries and enigmatic elements ready to be explored by yourself.Again VRESNIT surprise me a lot with such kind of ritualistic music,always offering intense and in deep moments from start to finish. The album comes in a special package,having six panel digi file with archaic visuals reprsenting just the visual side of what you shall experience when hearing the ritual mantras generated at "Tunvet".

"Taet" Cd 2009
Again VRESNIT surprises with this amazing release,but now with a cooperation release with another russian project known as KSHATRIY handled by Uak-Kib from St. Petersburg/Moscow. this project has been developing several albums going oriented into drone ambient elements.and VRESNIT is well known by its shamanistic ritual exposition of atmospheres from time ago...So both spirits joined forces to create a vast scenario of drone ritual structures collapsing perfectly to consagrate mother gaia,in all its enormous splendour.This long 48:50 minutes composition has such intesne passages and structures based into drone soundscapes surrounded by suggestive whispers ,subliminal spoken mantras and organic atmospheres whcih together generates differents sensation in human aura,as isolation,inner transformation,meditative states. The most impressive element here is how the whole composition involves you with such archaic percussive pasaages and wind instruments floating mysteriously through the whole album. Water falls sounds,past incarnated spirits evoking its proclamation in nature's world,petrified drone patterns and eerie atmospheres complements the whole stuff here,generating a very amazing release worth to check. Shamanic Ritual trance album is what both artists offer us here.Just keep an eye open because a full interview with Sergey the spirit behinds VRESNIT and Vetvei will be done soon to cover all the enigmatic reality behinds this acclaimed russian project.The album comes in 7"EP 6-panel cardboard envelope covered with the signs of Vetvei. Standing in awe of Majesty and experience of true Beauty. Tradition, vibrations for a New Cycle.

Thursday, 21 October 2010


"Kalen Ven" Cdr 2009
VRESNIT emerges again, this time with its second album. Offering us a long 33:33 minutes track, in which the archaic ritualistic atmospheres converges in its own symbolism, creating a vast ambient composition with such eerie passajes, cthonic structures and subliminal atavisms evoking pure sensitive spirits though this long piece. At moments you seems to floats through such dense drone soundscapes and profound eerie atmospheres as if you were found in midle of jungle and elemental spirits calls you to its own worlds.This project is one of the best I have heard through the ambient ritual scene. Its raw, dense, obscure, it gathers allthe parameters we search in an ambient ritual project! Dark pulsations carries you slowly to such cthonic underground regions of your subconscious, being primal and dark. Without a doubt "Kalen Ven" is one of such releases which you will never forget! As the whole Vetvei releases this one comes in a especial package, this time - triple brown cardboard incl. 4 cards. Lets just immerse yourself though the Cthonic corridors and primal dakness evoked by such ritual ambient project VRESNIT!

"Skvozь Temnotu" Cdr 2007
OGNI VIDENIY is an ambient experimental project created by the shape of Petr Abysov which was born from the ashes of his other past industrial noise projectcalled: Fires Of Images. Now with OGNI VIDENIY, he has traced some parameters floating into a very impressive work of atmospheres,which seems to evolve through simple minimal sounds to diverse soundscapes,penetrating slowly through each one of the 6 compositions generated through "Skvozь Temnotu"(Through Darkness). The whole album tracks are in russian language,and has translations too.So,opening the album is "Visions Of The Source",a minimal ambient composition with such drop water atmopsheres mixed with some dense elements and arrangements which surely will surprise you due how enigmatic the trackturns.Then comes "Keepers Of Fires" and the spirits of fires burn high through the forest,with a very interesting piece in which OGNI VIDENIY offer us part of his potential with an ambient track full of desolation and obscure atmopheres,gathered around the whole picture of the track.The next composition is called "Clearing The Wind",and the enigmatic journey continues this time with a call to the spirits of air,with such sutile but effective atmopsheres,bells and field recordings."Sacral Days",is perhaps one of the bes tracks here.The whole track is built into eerie,dense atmopsheres and subliminal passages covered by defragmentation of diverse sounds and the characterized dynamism in which OGNI VEDENIY seems to focus through each one of the tracks."Internal Hearing" and "Shadows Of Grasses" closes the album,in which everything its transformed through shamanic ritual atmospheres opening so many gateways to explore the obscure mysterious of nature. Its important to note the use of acoustic instrumnets which gives to the album a very interesting touch due how music evolves from time to time. The Release is presented in six-panel full colour envelope,with the always amazing visual art by Vresnit!!

"Vjuga.Ljet.Duj" Cdr 2009
Vresnit present a long mysterious voyage to such ancestral primordial tribes which rules the desolated territories in earth thoudsand years ago,with an impressive solo piece track of 41:55 minutes.The impressinism when hearing this album was simply amazing,it generates in oneself a kind of retro atavism in which all structures of mind seems to devour themselves to create a pictoric idea of how such tribes worships its own gods,the nature open so many path of such search of knowledge.Drone ritual spaces crawling within the whole composition with intense moments and well performed use of flute sounds and hypnotizing acoustic analog atmospheres,also the use of percussive tunes are enough elements worth to expore,due how in a sutile form the whole composition if filed with dynamism and structures which appears and start to grows slowly with the pass of minutes.Some spoken voices emerges as primal evocations to complement the perfect drone ambient structures here. All is integrating in a solid structure with such dynamism and ritualistic elements which makes of VRESNIT ,one of the best projects coming from russian federation. The release comes in 8-sided red paperboard booklet + Рђ5 insert. 19 copies include 4 colored A5 inserts. And strictly limited to 181 copies only.