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NO ANGELS productions (Interview)

By Kerval

A promissing Polish Record Label,which is run by Radunir,which has released some interested releases such with acts as: BUBEN,IN (S)CISSORS,SIMULACRA,EXPERIMENTS IN DARKNESS ...among others!! so just read the whole interview in order to know more about this great Polish Record label.

Salut Radunir, and to start with this conversation...will be interesting to know more about the necessities in your life to create a record Label? Perhaps the first

Intention was to give support to underground Ambient/Dark Wave/ Neofolk/ experimental scene?

Hi Kerval. Yeah, it’s good question for the beginning of this chat, heh. Well I guess there were no “necessities”, but something more like “curiosity” of checking out how would it be like to do more for music, than just being a listener… Firstly, I started to create my own music, and some years later I wanted more involvement in this kind of activity. One of important reasons was also the fact, that no-one wanted to release my early shit-music, haha. Well it’s released right now by some labels, but I still think it’s a piece of crap. And why I choose this kind of aesthetics in music? I think it was very natural consequence of my interest in all those dark situations in human mind, actions, ideas, mythology, history, etc. I guess it can be quite common among some group of people.

Tell us about the hidden meaning behind the name NO ANGELS? And what's the main ideological facet handled by you when decided to create the record label? How has been the development since 2004 until now year 2010 E.V?

What does label’s name mean, I do not exactly know, even if it is my idea, heh. It was rather an impulse of protest in my head. I think it could be negation of some ideological aspects hidden in religion (in the global sense). The element of religion (of all religions) which makes people do things, they would be ashamed of, if they were sober – more rational. I hope you know what I mean. After years this situation is still up-to-date. I believe that “sweet slavery” (symbolized by “angels” in this case) of minds, served by religious and political leaders, is getting even stronger. It hurts… But do not seek for such ideology in our releases. They are a kind of escape from mad world.

Talking about was the celebration of 5 years of NO ANGELS’ existence? And reveal us some more details about “5 years Of Calm Fury" release?

It was interesting moment… one of the points in life when you have a chance to look back over your shoulder. Checking a distance you’ve just crossed. I’m too retrospective, maybe. There was no loud celebration. I wanted this moment to be a minute when I feel some more peace. I don’t remember really if I felt it, heh. “5 Years of Calm Fury” is a special release that includes all the projects we’ve released during the years. Those are extremely talented people. Album is varied but still represents unity on many levels. I love to recognize dichotomies in everyday situations. In music also. The title of the album tells us almost everything – there was five years period, fury of protests and negations (which I’ve mentioned before) and calmness of musical forms presented on the album.

How difficult is to run a label in Poland, knowing some economical situations there? Tell us a few about promising acts rising from Polish scene?

I don’t know what to say. I feel no difficulties. Maybe just the fact that there are many great labels here and it’s hard to be noticed, hehe. I think people here work in very professional way with music, even if there is only a hobby. It’s quite easy to recognize if you consider that we have here one of the biggest events in Europe (to mention only Wroclaw Industrial Festival or Castle Party). But honestly, I’m hungry for small pub live performances for engaged audience. I’ve been trying to organize such parties in my hometown. Each time it was a great time. As for economical matters – I’m curious what do you know about the situation. I must say that people from both Americas usually have small pieces of information about what happened 20 years ago. And that’s all. I can only ensure that you can expect Poland to be totally different place after all those years. The fact is you need to work very hard to get any progress. I think that almost everyone here knows about it, and maybe this is the reason for rapid changes in this country since 1989. I can tell you more – here is the source of the changes that flooded entire region of Europe. What else can I say? I love this odd place, hehe. Come and visit.

From your point of view, which are the two release which you think are the best at No Angels, knowing all the releases has important elements worth to mention?

Oh man… It’s a very difficult question. Every single release was a step further. Decisions were always considered, and that’s why every album is very important to us! I can tell only which albums appeared to be little more successful, little more noticed outside. If I need to point only two, let it be: 1. IN SCISSORS “The Veratrine Evangelicum” (Vincent had great achievements with his project after this release, but he’s the one, who deserves credit); 2. Our latest release INNER VISION LABORATORY & ROTO VISAGE “Cinema Stain” (people seem to like it very much… that is good).

Which are the principal elements you think in a project to choose to release something. Perhaps the musical and ideological elements play a 50% and 50%, for such decision?

The most important thing is quality of presented music. A combination of emotional feelings we can get while listening, crossed with high skills of the artist. If there are both of conditions fulfilled, and if there is agreement between us and the artist, we can make it.

Which are the next upcoming releases coming from NO ANGELS in a near future? And tell us a bit about "wieczor Konca… (The Evening Of The End...)" live show you co-organize, developing HOARFROST and DEAD FACTORY?

I’m sure about one release in upcoming two months. It’ll be first full-length CD of SIMULACRA from Belgium. Great stuff for “void-lovers”! “Wieczor Konca” was a very nice idea of Rafal from Hoarfrost project (Poland). He told me he’s ready to play with Maciej (Dead Factory) in September in Ustrzyki town, and asked me if I can help in organizing cinematic part of the evening. I’ve contacted a few film authors and they agreed to let us present their works. One of them was Peter Andersson (Raison d’Etre), who supported us with a copy of his Natura Fluxus movie. Big Thanx! So we spent whole night with Rafal, Maciej, our ladies and other people in restaurant where the concert took place, and on after party in a hotel room. It was really great time.

Have you thinking in the idea to release 7'ep or LP in a no distant future? So, what’s your opinion about vinyls? And any vinyl jewels in your personal collection?

Vinyls are amazing thing! Yes, there was an idea to release vinyl ep of In Scissors (Greece). It’s not finalized yet, but I deeply hope that we’ll make this dream come true.

So, any worth act coming from South America, which you consider could be released on NO ANGELS? And reveal us a few about your personal activities besides NO ANGELS?

Sure, some people from South America contact with us, from time to time, asking if we can release their music. I can say only that for now there are lots of “closer” projects that we would like to have in our label. In other words – we would like to focus more on our “local” scene. Beside of No Angels Prod., I’m a regular guy. Two years ago I’ve finished university studies, for some years I was working in big IT company, but now I do what I like most - I’m graphic designer in a nice little studio. I’m spending my life on collecting memories which will make me a happy man when I get old. Let it be my little secret, haha.

Do you see the possibility to express yourself though a musical project? Or perhaps visual art, poetry or other forms of art?

As I said before, I’m a graphic designer (for many years it was just my passion, now it’s profession) so I express my visual creativity every day. I also run my musical project - Zmierzch. You can check out one single track on “5 Years of Calm Fury” compilation. Unfortunately Zmierzch is sleeping now, waiting for better moment to rise up.

Really, this was an effective chat Radunir!! Thanks a lot for the support within PAN.O.RA.MA journal...a final message could be written here. Thanks again!!

Do not stop dreaming.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

BLEIBURG (interview)


Greetings, and let me start the interview asking you which were the principal basis for the creation of BLEIBURG as important aspect in your life? And tell us a few about BLEIBURG in relationship to history connected with your fascination with wars, specially the Second World War?

S. Rukavina: Every past second is history – so BLEIBURG have for the future enough themes to use them. This is the main aspect of BLEIBURG and my life. War has no fascination – If you was there where I was in Croatia in 1992 you will be sure what I mean. Maybe for others it looks like a fascination, but read between the lines and there will be enough room for definitions. I don’t like to tell people what to think and everyone is free to search in BLEIBURG songs for own interpretations.

Due, to lot of material released by BLEIBURG, I am a bit curious to know how do you do to create music without falling in repetitive or monotonism? Do you think Creativity is latent in each person, and it must be developed individually?

S. Rukavina: This question must be answered in two parts.

1: If you mean BLEIBURG solo songs I think that except in the actual or forthcoming records “Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter” and “Till The Last Night” (out by The Eastern Front, Israel) – which where concept records – I start with an idea (in sound, in concept, whatever ...). I record the music for a record in some days or a week because only this way of work will guarantee for me the same musically-feeling. Later - but also from the beginning to the end – I add text, samples, additional sounds ... BLEIBURG is my groups and I am the only constant member, but from record to record guests like E.W. Schroeder of MDMA/Tento11 and A. Schwarz of MANMACHINE was temporary members too. E.W. Schröder is the voice in some BLEIBURG songs and he writes also the most lyrics of the songs he was involved. A. Schwarz was involved for additional sounds or in the split record BLEIBURG featuring MANMACHINE „History In Flames“(out by SkullLine, Germany).

2: If you mean my collaboration works it is everytime a surprise to hear what other groups have done with my prepared sounds, samples, Some groups add only some sounds, some only voice, some use parts of my sounds and add it their own ideas, ... .

Do you think the principal element for the success of BLEIBURG is the dynamism when creating music? I mean dark electro, experimental, ambient, industrial, martial and apocalyptic, folk music which can be heard in each one of your releases?

S. Rukavina: Basically I do only music for myself. If others like it, it’s good if not, I have also no problem with it.

If I have in mind to create for example such apocalyptic-atonal sounds like on „Occidentem Appello“(out by SkullLine, Germany) I do it. Why not?

I like crazy sounds. In my archive you will find also something like Martial-Hip Hop (really) or others, but I think that this is also for BLEIBURG too daring to be published. Only a very crazy record called „Musique Grotesque“was published (also via SkullLine) where the concept was to buy „equipment“for not more than 20 € and record a 2CD: and I have done it – hehe. But naturally this are only experiments.

In fact: give me 8 different one-shots and I will create the style you like to have.So at the present there are enough questions for theme-records or to be a part in some theme-sampler. All informations of forthcoming records you will find on the homepage: Find there 99 songs from the last 12 years of BLEIBURG history. For me it is important not to copy me from record to record, so I always buy new equipment for every new record. Maybe this is also a reason why BLEIBURG records sounds always different.

Does BLEIBURG has reached its highest peak at the present moment, or yet is more to be created in the dynamism universe in which BLEIBURG's floats? Tell us more about "The Way Of Crosses" album and the collaboration between you and LARRNAKH?

S. Rukavina: „The Way Of Crosses“was a product of personal choice by The Eastern Front after sending them so much BLEIBURG songs.

The song you find in collaboration with LARRNAKH we have done after out first collaboration you find on the 2CD „Pieces Of A Broken Dream“. This was the same way like everytime: the main music was done and they add the voice and some extra sounds and the song was ready: like in the first collaboration song.

If BLEIBURG have reached the highest peak? I don’t know. Decide yourself after hearing “Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter” and “Till The Last Night”.

Tell us about your collaboration with Justin/Cold Spring, Rodolfo/Old Europa Cafe, Igor, and Tania/The Eastern Front? And in which were they take part on the evolutive process BLEIBURG has reached through the years?

S. Rukavina: I know Justin and Rodolfo since the THAGLASZ days and so the step to publish there some records was not far.

I like by The Eastern Front the fast and good communication and their great publishing work. The actual and forthcoming BLEIBURG record has the perfect home for these two records.

I also like SkullLine: it reminds me sometimes on the THAGLASZ days....

From your position in which way consumism and plastic American culture are deteriorating so many old traditions in countries around the world, in your case Europe?

S. Rukavina: For individuals or for countries are the same: there are some which welcome this and some not. Most of them which welcome Coca Cola (I prefer Pepsi – hehe) and Co. are without roots or traditions. But the problem is that most of them don’t recognize that that is not European and believe because of TV, advertisements, that MTV or VIVA that what they see is the real life. Nothing against ass-shaking girls – definitely not – but if such „aesthetics“are normal in Europe than good night.

I describe myself as a cosmopolitan European – in my world are not rooms for this when I must see it every minute. Nothing against the music – I sometimes listen myself also sounds like 2 Live Crew, Stevie B., NWA, Africa Bambaata or Freestyle/Electro-Funk, but this because of the fact that these groups using the same instruments like later use for example EBM groups. You see I’m open and tolerant for enough, but some things are (for me) definitely enough.

Ignore it or not – everyone should decide what the best is.

Let's go back in time and tell us a few about the Thaglasz age? And in which way these old times were inspirational influence for what is know today as BLEIBURG?

S. Rukavina: THAGLASZ and BLEIBURG are totally different. THAGLASZ was only a label and BLEIBURG is a music project.

Because of my health problems I gave THAGLASZ to a person from Berlin after the wooden/steal 10LP box „Security Of Ignorance“. This guy hasn’t done anything since many years and so THAGLASZ is definitely dead.

Since these times I have more or less good contacts to some groups of this time and so I have done some songs with them – actually there are three more BLEIBURG collaboration-records finished (2CD – „The Grey Years“, 2CD – „Gods Of War“, CD – „Follow Me“), but up to now they are not published.

Now inform us a few about your other project RHESUS FACTOR to all those who haven't the opportunity to heard about it? Any future plans for RHESUS FACTOR?

S. Rukavina : Yes, I focussed my plans for 2010 on this project which is musically totally different than BLEIBURG : it is (old school) Electronic Body Music and Aggrepo (early 90´s electronic sounds like stuff of „New Zone“, „Boy Records“, „ZYX“, „Zoth Ommog“, ...) and in a few songs it is Dark-Electro.

Till middle of the year we will be able to play live, with a special „old school“video projection, show ... and the second men on the stage will be T. Rohlfs of SCHALLGEWALT which is a member of RHESUS FACTOR.

“Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter” and “Till The Last Night” albums will be out via The Eastern Front recs. could you reveal us which are the principal concept and musical direction of both albums?

S. Rukavina : Well, as in the past every BLEIBURG record was not in the same music style as an other I decide after starting with RHESUS FACTOR to publish with BLEIBURG in future only Martial, Neoclassic, Apocalyptic Folk, Dark-Ambient, Atonal, ... and with RHESUS FACTOR strictly Electronic Body Music and Aggrepo.

Both are concept-records:

“Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter” has the theme: Austrian-Hungarian monarchy and “Till The Last Night” has the theme: Israel.

This was a short but informative interview so thanx for your time and keep on BEIBURG's weapons rising on high!!

S. Rukavina: Thank you and all the best.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


CHTHONIC Prose & Theory

By Vadge Moore


Vadge More is an American author which has been developing as musician and writer from long time ago, he has written a lot of articles, relating occult themes and now we have the pleasure to introduce us in its own chthonic reality via this book, which includes two parts I Prose:Psychopathy,Vicera. And theory:Cthonic Gnosis. So, lets just start with Psychopathy,where Mr Moore develops an in deep series of thoughts about how oneself must live life with no restrictions or moral codex, to live by our own instincts in order to transcend via sensations, also he express that freedom is a state of mind that invigorates the nerves, destroy illusion, detonates to pieces all mental prisions,and frees the body to explore every imaginable pleasure, for good or ill. Also you can read long exposition of matters relating repression of sexual instincts, how people lives in an illusion reflect of material world among other topics. Vicera: reveal us aspects of his constant change and unlimited creativity, reflected in his life and each one of the developments as artist and writer. Tells about the eternal returns of nietzschean philosophy. So the Second part of the book,Chtonic Gnosis makes reference to the underworld aspects of minds reflected on myths and legends. The psychopathy of the psyche, the darkness of the Freudian id and the id's death instinct. He expresses the Chtonic as the soil from which the human ego must grow. Also he speaks about the theories and interpretations of magicians such as Aleister Crowley, and Kenneth Grant among others,refering the Chthonic energies of qliphots.The psychological aspects on Dionysus in human psyche, the George Bastille’s mysticism of death, the animal in man, among other interesting topics which are expressed through each one of the 132 pages, in English. "This is the zeitgeist of our current age; that sin and sanctity are essentially the same." - Vadge Moore

PRICE: 12.00 Euros, (postage included worldwide).for more information just visit Antibothis page.

Keep eyes open because soon will be released Antibothis third issue of ANTIBOTHIS will feature texts/interviews from/with:

John Zerzan, Joe Ambrose, Earth First, Z..ev, Nigel Ayers (nocturnal emissions), Ewen Chardronnet, Social Fiction, Iona Miller, Chad Hensley, Adi Newton and Jane Radion Newton ( Tagc/Clock Dva), among many others.

Scheduled for the cd compilation

(To be included in the book) are:

Master Musicians of Joujouka, Gjoll, Phillipe Petit Vs Lydia Lunch, Adi Newton and Jane Radion Newton ( Tagc/Clock Dva ), Gintas K, Alan Courtis, Stilluppsteypa, Orbit Service, Kal Cahoone, Checkpoint 303, La Stpo, among others .


"Troglobite" Digipack 2009


This is the project of the always creative and dynamic spirit of Fabrizio Palumbo, former member of the Italian cult band Larsen. And this time BLIND CAVE SALAMANDER, emerges as a mutating amphibian organism projecting itself through seven nocturnal soundscapes in which you shall experience the enigmatical sonic frequencies and harmonies created here. One more time Mr.Palumbo presents just a part of all his creativity. "Troglobite" is the exposition of in deep sonic spaces in which is found the strong character and dynamism, always moving into different facets through the whole tracks. "Moonfish" for example is an experimental ambient composition with such amazing sensitive moments, due how atmospheres are created here. "Blue Lagoon" is another track built into such emotional elements which are mould specifically through the use of electric guitar, viola, piano and other elements creating an specific mood which the listener must find in order to have an exact idea of what BLIND CAVE SALAMANDER is all about. Through "Transition”, things goes a bit different, offering you melancholic piano passages as the main structure, surrounded by field recordings and other electronic devices."(Set The Controls For) The Heart Of The sun" arrives with such hypnotic electronic strings and guitars, moulding a strong structure mixed by the perfect work of voices, suggestive to the point to get hypnotized by such subliminal mixture of music, voices and atmospheres. Is always interesting to have the opportunity to get such kind of releases for review, because it gives to you enough basis and elements due the dynamism and experimental nature, ready to be explored by one as journalist. Next comes an untitled track, which is a fine composition full of harmonies and beautiful soundcapes, created to the excellent development of electric piano, cello and viola. Closing the album are "Magma" and "Used To Be The Last”, the last one a monumental, hymn of melancholia and sadness in its maximum expression. A very interesting release if you are looking for something sensitive, hypnotic and original.


"The K Syndrome" Digipack 2009


Arnaud Sponar,a French Multi-instrumentalist having more than 20 years of musical experience, comes with his debut album called "The K Syndrome" in which you shall experience the different emotive moments and beautiful pieces of musical enlighten due how each one of the 12 compositions revealed here, are created,moulded,manifested...through diverse emotions and perspective which only a dedicated artist could release when playing from heart. The whole tracks were recorded in diverse countries and under diverse emotional experiences which makes of "The K Syndrome" a unique, album, an exquisite piece full of harmony and emotiveness. Some of them were recorded on countries such as Switzerland, Germany, and Usa. The whole tracks are built into acoustic guitar elements with strong influences in Blues, Electronic Pop and Downtempo Ambient. Also the use of percussive elements in tracks such as "Klippings","Expekt" give you more motives to keep on hearing more the whole album. Or when crossing the limits of perception a find tracks such as "Oktober" or "Skypeiano", generated into specific nostalgic atmospheres, giving to you remembrances of past events on your life which will never come back again. Or the tribal begining on "Kreuzberg 963", are just some of the elements you shall find when hearing carefully each one of the tracks present in "The K Syndrome" which is without a doubt ,an excellent debut by a creative artist as Arnaud.So,just what comes the future relating this dedicated artist!!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


"Black Lake" 3cdr 2009
(Meka Prods)
Not so much is known from this act coming from Moscow, Russia...Evgeniy Kuleshov,is the mastermind behinds ARX KAELI,and after some years of silence since 2006,after the release of "First Basis"Mini Cdr,he arrives with a concept album titled "Black Lake”, in which is exposed all the skills and creativity from this Russian Artist. the album consist of 5 compositions all of them giving such personal elements based on Ambient soundscapes which varies from time to time.” Around The Black Lake" is the first track, an offer us an in deep voyage to the deeps of black lake, an unconscious world created by electronic harmonies and ambient soundscapes, creating a thin composition with brilliant exposition of sounds. The second opus included here is "Bridge Divides" a more dense composition in comparison with the first one, but almost built into the same musical structure with some different elements here and there. This track is an inner trip to your own reality, based on experiences when hearing the track, due its own functionality and in deep message. Then comes,” Deep Springs" a surreal defragmentation of sounds converging and mutating all the time into ambient/electronic passages,creatings brilliant meditative soundscapes able to transport yourself to the sublime black lake. “From Coast To Coast" is a short composition with such experimental ambient touch, offering you fluid soundcapes built in a very original way. The final track is "Hidden Bay" an enigmatic voyage to the centre where everything begins, the hidden cycle complementing perfectly through ambient atmospheres and dressed in marvellous arrangements to a perfect final, where everything will returns again to the deeps of Black lake, which is hidden latent in the deeps of your mind. Without a doubt, a very promising act coming from Russian Federation. The album comes in wooden box painted silver color, limited to 10 copies only. Metal insert in the centre on the front side. Inside the laser engraved letters. Also, there is a Plexiglas box edition limited to (90 numbered copies) only. So for more information just contact Mr.Kuleshov.

"Divine Misanthropy" Cd 2009
(Self Released)
The rising psychotic star namely NIHILISTA,was born in Breslau, initially involved into punk subculture and moving into diverse scenarios from occultism to industrial movement, with the pass of time they moved to London, where finally the band released their debut album called "divine Misanthropy" as a way to unleash all the inner apocalypse to mankind through soundscapes able to penetrate your subconscious in a very addictive drug, as heroin penetrating slowly your Veins, is what NIHILISTA is all about. The album includes a total of 13 compositions all of them with such psychotic sensitive reality revealed to you. “Wolves Against Misrule” and "South tower" are perfect combinations of sticking guitar parts, mid tempo drumming elements and a voice floating in a suggestive way. The music keeps such strong feeling and charisma when we explore tracks such as "Kain", being so aggressive and chaotic in its own essence due violent nature of the track. Or "Wisdom Of The Fuck",covering all under aggressive guitar riffs and perfect work of percussions accompanied by a floating voice, creating a picture in you mind about what they want to transmit with the music.NIHILISTA is one of such acts which keep your senses alive all the time due as each one of the tracks are handled here. "Nothing" is one of such tracks which brings such nostalgic feelings and evocative atavisms, due slow agonic riffs and voices crawling from darkness outside to the darkness within, also some electronic voice effects are used to give the track a bit different sensation. Also you shall experience rhythmic tracks such as "Moveless As A Rose" or "Breed No More" with such sticking elements floating around the whole picture of both tracks. “Divine Misanthropy" is an album with so many interesting elements worth to explore, from each angle you observe this, you shall find enough arguments to love it or to hate it, but you must sure this will cause an effect on you.NIHILISTA consist of Nihilista,Goter,Neon M3,Deus 69... APOCALYPSE HAS BEEN CANCELLED!!!

"Lehadbik" Cd 2009
(Black Note Music)

The Labyrinths where explored...The portals where opened...And the seals where broken!!! A suggestive and hypnotic trip to the centre of chaos is what VIA SINISTRAE reveals us here through each one of the 18 compositions generated here. The whole tracks where created for the web gallery in which you shall find in deep poetry and surrealistic images floating beyond realms of perception...So, each one of the tracks offered a point of nothing ,but traces of subconscious atavisms evoked by each magickal composition. "Yog-Sothoth”, emerges as a vast ambient structure crawling from the void, through ethereal cryptic atmospheres. “The Mermaid Of Elsinore”, is built into electronic pieces with percussive elements and effects adapting perfectly to the soundscape in general.” Panic Club" is one of such pieces which transport you to unknown regions in your mind, due how percussive elements and female chorus, and other devices are mixed here. Through "The Flight Of The Eagle”, the shamanic trip offers you another reality through electronic soundscapes and amazing atmospheres. At "For The Gods Are Here(Carriego)" , the rhythmic patterns builts a piece mixing diverse structures and excellent sticking percussive elements, in a very appropriate way. This piece is the creation of Juan Carlos Mendizabal (Aka KYRON) who has been developing its experimental art through more than 15 years. also the participation of Etanna Sack, an explorer of ritual activity and noise, and Lydia Harari,photographer,dancer and experimental video such trinity evokes "Lehadbik" has one of the most creative structures I've heard, due the dynamism and creativity created in the whole tracks. “Ritual By The waves”, emerges as another of the tracks which floats in the universe of dynamism due how each second the music evolves creating diverse magickal structures. “Crown Of Stars”, is a suggestive ritualistic ambient piece full of dense atmospheres surrounding the whole structure of the track. “To Pan”, “Hidden Veins”, and "Once We Were Gods"...are some of the tracks which take part of "Lehadbik".A ritualistic mutative piece where your inner gods or demons shall rise offering you diverse elements yet to be discovered by yourself!!!

Monday, 4 January 2010



"Three Days Of Darkness" Digipack 2009

(First Fallen Star)

The Apocalyptic Dark ambient structure known as INNFALLEN, surprise us with and impressive work, full of dense moments and vaporous atmospheres crawling from within to create dismal paradise evoking desolation, death and darkness. This project consist of veteran Doyle Finley (INVERCAULD) and talented newcomer Kevin Scala,both individuals plasmed an interesting and in depth album concept known as "Three Days Of Darkness"... the first track "Prologue(Inner Locutions)" offer us immersive soundscapes creating dense dark ambient structures appearing slowly through the whole composition. Through "Darkness Descends”, the eerie atmospheres continues through intense atmospheres transcending the limits of perception due how each moment in the track is developed here., evoking pure infernal drone elements with charisma and character. "Day One(Outside The Righteous Door)","Day Two (Gnashing Of Theeth)" and "Day Three (Closing The Veil)" are the proclamation of darkness throne on earth, through dense atmospheres and abysmal soundscapes ,emerging from the void to devastate everything on earth. The word "Darkness" expressed through sonic atmospheres and more when the palpable sensations about death and desolation are present when exploring the tracks carefully. "Light Returns" is a new dawn focusing in darkness where is hidden the true light, as a platform for inner freedom, through vaporous atmospheres and dark soundscapes collapsing themselves all the time. "Epilogue (Scattered Remains)" is a more ambient track with interesting elements ready to be devoured by listeners. And closing the album is "New Dawn”, sutile soundscapes developed through cosmic atmospheres and subliminal elements converging in an almost perfect way. Without a doubt an interesting album with so strong elements worth to experience. The album comes in an incredible A5 digipack and limited to 1000 copies.


"Morben" Digipack 2009

(First Fallen Star)

Coming from Germany arrives this Ambient experimental act which is the side project of EVOKE SUCURVEE,and what we shall found here is an expectating voyage which fill our expectative as entering into black corridors through cold labyrinths, with no escape, and blind you by the inner light reflected through "Morben" debut album by ASPECTEE,a mutative organism growing through 9 compositions in which you shall experience the dreaming nature of tracks such as "Stuhlmann" and ""Dianthus”, with such experimental elements surrounded by ambient atmospheres executed with carefully expressions, due the way as its perceived by our brains."Newin" is a carnivore plant opens its petals and offering you dense drone structures with so cold soundscapes and fusioning different elements here and there which complements perfectly. Through "GotheDr Stone”, things goes more ambient floating stuff with sutile elements and fine atmospheres crawling through the whole composition. "Kince”, a structural, mutative organism floating into experimental soundscapes bathed with the always amazing dark ambient passages and subliminal voices, gives the album a kind of industrialish sound which helps to the dynamism which ASPECTEE tries to develop here. "Aspectee" and "Betho Et" are both dressed with such experimental paradigms floating in all directions always offering you a high quantity of realities which you must experience in order to have a more concrete idea of what ASPECTEE is all about. Finishing the album, you shall find "Leanon" and "Unwic", both of them with strong ambient atmospheres and subliminal passages painting the whole structure of the album.really, a very impressive work by this new dark star rising from the sea of our own perception. The album comes in digipack.So for more info just visit First Fallen Star page!


“Through The Eyes Of A Stranger" Cd+Dvd 2009

(First Fallen Star)

Expressing himself through this project KARSTEN HAMRE, the Nordic spirit rise again from desolated cold spheres with a very interesting and creative release. This time coming with an special DVD in which you shall experience the visual aspects related through "Through The Eyes Of A Stranger" in which each passage is a trip to such desolated cryptic ambient spaces collapsing all the time and showing you another dimension of possibilities. The cd opens with "chapter I-Darkness Gently Falling”, a deconstructive dark ambient machine giving you a vast no lineal structures in which each time mutates into different sounds, and eerie atmospheres.

"Chapter II-Ode To The Nightspirit" offer us more dense desolated structures but time arranged with specific soundscapes which seems as portals opening to the spirits world. a very evocative composition, from start to finish. “Chapter III-The End Of The World", encaptures the essence of Mr. Hamre in the way as the track is built, due how music is slowly growing from Dark Ambient patterns to hybrid scenarios ready to be explored by listener due subliminal traces found through the whole track. "Chapter IV-In Silence Going Down" is an ambient structure dressed with strong experimental elements and subterranean atmospheres crawling through the whole picture of the track. “Chapter V-Through Past Times”, emerges as a hymn to darkenss, perhaps the best track here, full of dense eerie atmospheres bathed with interesting percussive elements which complements perfectly with the desolated tunes generated here. Again, Mr. Hamre surprises us with a creative album full of intense moments from start to finish. Chapter VI-Keepers Of The Bones" return back to calm sutile dark ambient structures arranged under specific methods creating hypnotic passages. Closing the album is "Chapter VII-Remember The Past" a categorical final to entering the realms of death, a remembrance of old times through vast dark ambient atmospheres and such experimental sounds mutating through the whole atmospheres created here. Then comes the DVD part, with 43:50 minute in which you shall experience the visual art of Mr.Hamre, expressed through diverse photographic expositions taken from him, which were and are used for live performances. From old ancient statues, desolated, abandoned places, castles, old buildings, skulls, us a clear idea of the hidden concepts behinds each one of the VII chapters included on this amazing release. “Through The eyes Of A Stranger" is presented in a DVD case with professional pressed Cd and professionally printed artwork, limited to 1.000 copies! The first 500 copies are presented in a 2-disc DVD case with a professional pressed bonus DVD (Pal format).


"Time Lost In Oblivion" Cd+DVD 2009

(First Fallen Star)

A sensitive cinematic experience by one of the most creative souls inside the dark ambient scene. having working in several projects such as PENITENT,ARCANE ART,DEFRAKTOR and KARSTEN HAMRE,this time he emerges with sutile atmospheres dressed with a beautiful but still dark and mysterious elements which surely will transport you to the enigmatic world created through "Time Lost Into Oblivion" opening the album is "Chapter I-From Oblivion"...and the enigmatic voyage begins, through calm in deep atmospheres..."chapter II-A Voyage From The North”, floating into dismal soundscapes with diverse nocturnal spectral sounds mixed with animal, insects soundscapes and other devices creating a cinematic soundtrack to unknown regions still to discover. The "chapter III-Through Fjords & Burning skies”, is a latent trip to cold, icy Norwegian landscapes, submerging you in dense ghastly atmospheres ready to devour you. The mysticism continues embracing you through "Chapter IV-The Kingdom Of Bucovina”, this time with some strong arrangements and industrial patterns mixed perfectly with the ambient atmospheres through the whole track. “Chapter V-Time Lost In Oblivion”, increases more the interest when exploring carefully you are slowly crawled to such dense corridors full of abstract shapes, and immersive soundscapes."Chapter VI-Through Eternity" is just brilliant!! Pure dark ambient structures covered by spectral percussive elements which give to the track a very suggestive atmosphere. “Chapter VII-The Guardians Of Stanglieno, begins where the last track ends…Pure enigmatic percussive elements dressed by such ghastly keyboard atmospheres. With the pass of minutes it reveals us a different facet, being more into industrialish soundscapes but still with such interesting dark ambient elements as principal basis for the track. “Chapter VIII-The Black forest”, congregates effusive enigmatic atmospheres with spectral soundscapes evolving through the whole track. Also the percussive elements are present to enrich the main structure of this chapter. “Chapter XI-A Woman's Cave, and Chapter X-The Girl Next Door" closest the release to giving a place to the DVD, in which Mr.Hamre one more time enlighten us with almost 55 minutes of his photographic art which has been used at live performances, nightly landscapes,Norgewian Fjords,trees,old houses, statues…And more !! The Album comes in DVD case and remember first 500 come with bonus DVD!! Ready to the voyage to the the time lost in oblivion!!!