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"Grey Eminence" is your upcoming please let introduce us into the surreal forces behind such album,such musical as ideological? What "Grey Eminence" offer us in comparison last albums?
In the context of the album, Grey Eminence is a personification of the hidden forces that are pushing our civilization towards spiritual death. Music-wise it is probably the most diverse and experimental of all of the PS albums, with the greatest variety of electronic and acoustic instruments. It is probably also the most brooding and depressing of them all.

Which are the principal basis and general structures when you created POST SCRIPTVM back in time? and why the necessity to express yourself through music and not another for of art, such as paint,imagery..etc?
The original inducement for starting PS was the urge to escape reality. For that purpose music is a perfect medium.

Is known did you performed at Wroclaw Industrial Festival IV,2007!!!so how was such experience,and to share stage with acts such as Ordo rosarious equilibrio,Apoptose,Merzbow and Klanstabil? so any upcoming show planned recently?
Wroclaw Festival was quite an adventure--truly exciting and memorable. We hope to return to Europe with more concerts in 2010, but nothing is definite at this point.

Do you think that the experiementation with certain old school analogue sounds,noises and soundscapes are elements which makes of "Raspad" a very interesting release from your point of view?
The aim was to record an album that captures and explores certain extreme or borderline states of mind. The technical aspects of how it was achieved are not so relevant to us.

"Raspad" is russian for "Disintegration"....and from such word,we could assume the final result at "Raspad" is a disintegration of your mind,body and soul,into a concrete solid strucutre expressed through soundscapes?
The final result of the process referred to in "Raspad" can be either the cessation of human life on Earth, or global zombification and spiritual slavery.

Please,tell us a bit more about the general concept of POST SCRIPTVM,as an integral part of your existence? where from comes the main idea for such name? and how has been the transition from "Gauze" album to the upcoming " Grey Emience"album?
PS began at the end of the XX century, the name being a paraphrase for fin de siècle.
Over the 8 years that have passed between the two aforementioned albums the subject matter and the intentions behind the music remained virtually the same. The compositions grew more subtle and complex.

So what's coming from the act after the new upcoming album.are you involved in any other project? so please just finish this mini interview as you want please!!
We are not involved in any other music projects. New material is in the works and we are thinking of doing a mini-tour of Europe Event organizers who may be interested in having us play are welcome to contact us via or . in the second half of 2010.
Thanks for your questions and best wishes to all our listeners, hope you enjoy "Grey Eminence"!

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