Monday, 15 February 2010



"Neurotransmitters" Cdr 2009


So...a very interesting cooperative release is what arrives to our hands lately.And a experimental album full of dynamic structures with strong elements worth to explore. MAURIZIO BIANCHI is knows as an icon inside the experiemental scene wordwide,due its dynamism and eclectic nature of its albums,focusing into industrial/experimental nature.By the other side we have MAOR APPELBAUM ,a producer/sound engineer/mastering engineer and musician,which has been involded in alot of collaborations releases.So, both individuals converged into a conceptual album called "Neurotransmitters".The neurotransmiters are chemicals that are used to relay, amplify and modulate signals between a neuron and another cell....So,from such perspective they created two compositions in 44 minutes,in which you shall explore both "Dopamine" and "Norepinephrine",both structures are built into strong raw drone elements dressed with a noise atmosphere covering the whole total of the tracks.Both tracks includes some diverse elements which you can experience when hearing it carefully.Full of corrossive,hybryd atmospheres both artists show us its most strong facet when working together!so,for morei nformation just visit R.O.N.F !!


"Union" Cdr 2009

(Black Note music)

Another magical representation developed by Juan carols Mendizabal...This time under the name "Union",showng us a long album,focused and developed through samples from a Jewish weeding ritual ceremony in Yosemite National park,also the diverse nature from such place,was used for this release.The result,is an amazing album as the whole creation of this deconstructive artist.28 compositions which so, diverse atmospheres and elements worth to explore from start to finish.Just for example we could explore tracks such as "The Path" and such incredible percussive sounds bathed by such incredible melodic patterns. Or just "witness 3" and "witness 10",with so minimal ambient structures surrounding around the whole picture of the track.The music is expanding into diverse creative levels. "Impermanence" a track full of repetitive chants and atmopsheres with electronic rhythmic patterns.Through "Man" you shall experience more electro elements which reminds me to the experimental minimalism structures of the British cult Coil. "Witness 9" is another strong composition which you shall explore.This time strong mutative percussive elements dressed under electronic devices and such minimal atmospheres. Tthings Stay The Same",congregates surpresive nature elements bathed into percussive soundscapes.Initially small musical fragments were created to accompany the text and photographs of the Union web installation view able at these first fragments were then re-mixed and lengthened and expanded upon to create a more detailed assortment of stand alone musical as mostly of the whole albums KYRON explores its own universe floating into experimental ambient electronic just go and order the albums at BLACK NOTE MUSIC.

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