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"Ai Ma Ra" Double Cd 2009
(Aural Hypnos)

Spectral soundscapes converging through unlimited realities, astral emanations which were taken from different ritual sessions between the years of, from such unknown dark regions emerges "Ai Ma Ra" as a latent procreative atavism, which has been developed under hermetism and now finally revealed through two cds.Mostly of the title album and descriptions are focused into the ancient methods of Via Negativa.Yet those with a more ratiocinative predilection may glean divergent insight from cognate attributes of the twelve aesterisms of the zodiac, the twelve steps of the venerable path of the Alchymist and so forth. The enigmatic, unknown voyage to "Ai Ma Ra" Cd 1...emerges through "Stillatory Of Umbrae”, a mysterious composition with dense elements and slow percussive fragments, and dismal chorus penetrating slowly the atmosphere of the whole track. The highest aspect here is how the tracks at the whole albums evolves, transformating in spectral paradises full of diverse convergences and abstract realities."Unto Chthonic Waterways Consigned" is the second track...strings gathered from the unknown to open resurgences of obscure melodies; everything here turns so eerie, bathed with such dismal atmospheres, which enrich the whole structure of the composition."HibernaculuM", transports yourself to such inner regions of your subconsious, always bringing meditative, ritual elements through a high perspective, due the mysterious atmosphere evoked here."Coffin Chrysalis”, cymbals crawling from the utter darkness, obscure passages and dense drone ambient soundcapes covering the main structure of the, next comes "Cryptomphalos", built into Eastern soundscapes but still floating in its own magickal cell, the whole track is a very impressive expression of ritual magickal passages, at moments transporting me to Persia to the Angra Mainyu's cult, due the atmospheres created through the whole track. And closing the Cd 1 is "The Urn" dwells from different instruments as the whole

tracks, but this time including vibrational gongs, and suggestive harp sounds which together emerges as ritualistic atmospheres from start to finish. The whole ritual passages here transport you to another level s of existence. The ritual consecration continues through the second Cd which is a live performance in Londinium. "Abodes Of Daybreak”, an exposition of diverse instruments building enigmatic passages full of mysticism and magick.wind gongs, sunbean strings and other devices gathered for this trance ritual voyage."Intra-Arboretum”, floats into a secret pattern rapped on a fretted wooden gate. Using some wood and bronze percussion, horns, Harmonium and hollow bones, crawling you to the most mysterious labyrinths created by ARKTAU EOS."Adjustments Of The Magnetic Corpse”, a magickal experience worth to explore due nature of the track,sutile atmospheres charged with dense moments, voices crawling from within and transforming into ritual mantras, creating."Oracle Of Frozen Sands”, is one of such dense atavisms manifested through soundscapes, eerie atmospheres and subterranean passages submerging you in a state of luciferian gnosis, in which everything is possible. "Retrocession Into Astrolit" Of the route of return, and the sun-bearing waters...keep on its strong nature focused into dense black corridors, penetrating slowly your mind through such suggestive mantras and percussive elements. Perhaps one of the best tracks here. The final track here is "Nails Of power”, absorbing and transforming the whole substance of chthonic forces into a sole atmosphere full of singing bowls,gongs,percussive soundscapes and spectral evocations emerging from the core of the astral realm generated by ARKTAU EOS. An album with in deep interesting elements. "Ai Ma Ra" was first conceived within a specifically consecrated cell, closed to prying eyes and sealed shortly afterwards. May those daring to breach its peace find the sophic lamps still alight! "Ai Ma Ra", pressed in 1.000 copies, comes in a sturdy, deep green cardboard box stamped with the mark of ARKTAU EOS. Contained within is an 8-page booklet bound in tête-bêche format on high quality paper, a small talismanic print, and two CDs.

"Taiwaskivi" CD + DVD 2009
(Aural Hypnox)
HALO MANASH, has never sleep, they were just floating in its own luminosity, and risen again through the primordial darkness, with a very interesting purpose, as the whole productions generated by Aural Hypnos. This time HALO MANASH emerges, with an opulent work of solar ambient and primordial Ur music. "Taiwaskivi" is one of such transformative sonic mantras, emanating its own primordial and spectral forces through this existential plane,"Taiwaskivi" is self transformation focusing in trance ritual elements producing the entering to another facet of reality, to transcend the primitive atavisms of past Aeons in time. The primordial cell floating in a void full of possibilities, consisting of seven interrelated tracks opening with "Crossing Over-Wings Rise Radiant”, Solar emanations emerging from darkness, through dense elements and eerie atmospheres, crawling though ritual ambient soundscapes.The Pilgrimage voyage continues through "Burial-Self Flesh Given As Offering To All”, is an obscure ritual march built into agonic atmospheres and voices coming from the nothingness converging into trance evocative atmospheres, revealing the in deep mysteries gathered though "Taiwaskivi". The use of diverse instruments such as Gongs, ritual drumming sounds, field recordings, string instruments, bells, voices and more we are discovering through the enigmatic exposition of sounds generated at the whole release. "Summoning-Toward CardinalPoints,Into All Worlds" keeps on the tension and obscure nature into representative atavistic forms ,gathering slowly and offering strong soundscapes dressed into sutile but dense atmospheres. "revealing-The Celestial Crown Reflecting Rays Of Sol And Shade" seems as Horns announcing the coming of stellar races into earth, the primigenian ancient gods evoked through such ritual mantras with so diverse and provocative soundscapes collapsing all the time, and offering you more, than just music."Renunciation-A Jewel Bowl For The Final Feast”, Percussive defragmentative sounds, and ghastly atmospheres gathered around subliminal passages and voices coming from the other side of eden. "Conjunction-A Vessel Springing With Nectar From The Skybound Source" and "Consummation-Bathed In Sacred Fire" closes the release offering us a sequence of tracks with such enigmatic,mysterius ,vibrational structures bathed with the evocative sounds only generated by a magickal act as HALO MANASH.An air of finality abounds, as “Taiwaskivi”, although a complete work in itself, can also be viewed as the third and final facet of a tripartite series of works that are part of one holistic creation – a treelogy, with seed, root, trunk and finally, branches. Being the culmination of an ascending journey through the aforementioned realms within and without, “Taiwaskivi” is the celestial crown at the peak, reaching toward Sol, source and beyond; it is the leaves and fruit of the branches and their skybound nectar ever-flowing - the sacred fire, the consummation and conjunction of all. This Release also includes a DVD...visual enchantments through subliminal nature images and its close interrelationship against HALO MANASH,elementals.almost 50 minutes in which you can feel the enigmatic realms explored by HALO MANASH,evoking distant passages and suggestive rituals,mudras,everything created exclusively for this release. At moments you shall experiment desolated landscapes and hybrid scenarios covered by the enigmatic HALO MANASH shapes, moving, through ritualistic postures. Without a doubt the best release coming to my hands in many times, due its own magickal nature as such as vast obscure passages explored at both sides, the visual and audial ones. The final part of the DVD offer us a nightly dark ritual, evocations converging through atavistic masks and flames burning beyond the starlit sky...The whole DVD was filmed on location in the North and South 2007-2009. The album comes Comes in a hand finished cardboard booklet. Two different editions are available; regular CD edition and CD + DVD with inserts. Both are limited to 500 copies.

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