Wednesday, 10 February 2010

SILKMILK Magizain Vol IV Out Soon!!!

Vol IV
Square-bound A4-size Journal:
184 pages, 80 in full colour, including colour pull
-out and covers
Comes with DVD: 2 hrs audio, 1 hr video.
70 contributors.
Background image:Fascinum Panel 4 by Iain Whittaker, from the SilKMilK 4 centrefold.
The delayed birth of this 4th s p o o l seems to be for good reasons other than my own preoccupation with other project(ion)s:
In the inter-rim (the great circular and illusory edge betwixt that which lies without and that which lies within) real (as opposed to virtual) world wide webs have been e x pan d i n g along other channels.
Extensive travels have unravelled new connections in an ancient tapestry of old souls,
new blood in the esoteric commUnity and the continuity thereof is greatly reNewed
by their presence in the new s p o o l 's possibly-pristine pages...

On a material level new opportunities in production have enhanced the physical vessel of SilKMilK, allowing much more colour (thus expanding the range of visionary artists contributing)
and a DVD including film rather than just an audio CD.
So silken sensualists all may now delight in a magizain of much greater quality and quantity for almost the same price
(at least in coins of parlance, for the same sluice of your soul is required to partake as of previous s p o o l s, perhaps even more.
But partake, partake, for we give of our own souls in return, pouring our passion through Art into the new s p o o l 's potentially-pragmatic pages)...

Limited to 1000 copies (including contributors copies).
Official Launch Date: 16th February 2010.
Now taking advance orders (to be posted by the end of February at the latest):

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INFORMATION about the MELBOURNE LAUNCH (with musickal and theatrickal performances and art exhibition from local contributors) HERE

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