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By Kerval

VIGINTI TRES SAECULA is a magickal emanation converging in the most hidden side of human nature,so this time we have the pleasure to explore one of the most interesting and promising ritual acts devouring everything its for more info just visit the German label Quartier 23.
Answers are given by Mark (DK), Fr.U.E.G.O. (ES) and TDE (DE).

93/93...salut my friend!!!And let us enter your magickal project...knowing more about which motives were in your existence to express yourself though VIGINTI TRES SAECULA? And reveal us some about the hidden magickal connections relating the name VIGINTI TRES SAECULA?

TDE: The names have various things inside. From a numerological view, you can find various interesting and strong numbers. And all culminate in the magick square of 23. This square can work like an oracle, like a unit of magickal wisdom, like a game, like everything and nothing. This square can be "converted" to sheet musick or whole musickal sequences.

Fr.U.E.G.O.: VTS is no typical "band" as most of the groups out there. It is a magickal emanation in sounds and noises. We also couldn't work as a normal "band" because of the distances between our living spaces in Denmark, Germany and Spain. But we live in times where communication and exchange are easy.

In magickal perspective, we could say VIGINTI TRES SAECULA, represents your true will,a magickal emanation focused on your experiences, studies and works in the fields of Left hand path sorcery and occultism in general?

TDE: VTS represents not our will in general. It is more just a part of it. We collect and compose sounds and musick for our magickal work into the brotherhood θίασος – in the face of styles.

In March you will performance "Ritual In Black Leather" in, tell us more about such performances and which rituals will be developed there, according to the magickal concept you handles? So perhaps a sexual based ritual?

Fr.U.E.G.O.: It was a different performance as someone maybe is thinking about. We collected the soundtrack for this sex magickal rite and a group of international, but mostly Spanish actors performed this rite in exact the way it is written. Our musick were pre-recorded except some little elements like bells and the giant gong.

Because of its explicit content it was a private event. But more than 600 visitors were excited and pleased.

Which Kind of visuals and suggestive imagery, elements will be used in order to give a more magickal atmosphere, knowing the in deep and dense, dark music VIGINTI TRES SAECULA develops?

TDE: We always develop symbols which will represent the material we record and also for our philosophic work in the brotherhood θίασος. Stay curious...

Tell us more about each one of the members included on VIGINTI TRES SAECULA,and their experience in other musical projects and interest in magickal currents such as thelema,typhonian magick,occultism and left hand path sorcery...etc?

TDE: We all never stride only one path to our work. So there will be always a special help of very special people around us. As the Spanish actors group from Madrid e.g.

I finished with my musical work with NATURAL FAITH PROJECT in 2.009 e.v. after ten years. Mark was often a helping hand with NFP and he often did crazy things and sometimes some serious too. I am not sure into which category falls his F.LEO-CROVEY...

Mark: … in neither the one nor the other Fr.U.E.G.O.: I played the organ in a godless church near Barcelona for many years. Also all the other musical experiences are of private nature.

So talking about magick, could you reveal us some about the closest connection between VIGINTI TRES SAECULA and the German Magickal order Fraternitas 333?

Mark: We all are involved in the brotherhood θίασος, also known as Fraternitas 333/C.-E. It is a loose brotherhood existing since more than two decades. It is no secret society or something like that. Every brother or sister is an individual first. All share the joy of free minds, study, magickal science... etc.

Do you think with the release of impressive and well structured work such as “Ritual In Red And White", VIGINTI TRES SAECULA has reached an important peak for upcoming releases? So, is this the sound you were looking since early 1990 E.v, or its just normal to think in an evolutive process in each release?

TDE: I think that we will change the style as often as necessary. We can't prophesy the sound of the next work. What I mean is, maybe the next musickal work is a ritualistick one, maybe a dark ambient, maybe a neo-classical one. Who knows?

Fr.U.E.G.O.: It will always depend from the theme and our mood and the magickal content.

Talking about "Ritual In Red And White" could you give us a more in deep explanation about the general concept of the album? Tell us about your upcoming material ready to be unleashed?

TDE: The work is shared in three parts during the second one is the true ritual. The first is a kind of intro, a preparation. And the last track is for relaxation, call it "cool down"...There are various activities for forthcoming material at the moment. There will be a work for the magickal fire called "אש", another one for the magick square of the number 23, a death ritual based on the Egyptian book of the dead...

Mark: At the moment we're also working on a conceptional implementation of our Astrologick Progressionis, what is about the 13 signs of the true zodiac. Our astrologick work includes all the true thirteen signs and all the correct times the sun is staying in.

Before closing with this conversation, will be interesting to know how happened Ma.rco from Quartier23 signed you as one of his principal acts, and how has been the cooperation between both of you within the years?

Fr.U.E.G.O.: We know each other since many years and so we will continue with releasing our material on Quartier23 in the future. Some material will also be released internally in the brotherhood θίασος, as the "Ritual in Black Leather" vinyl-set e.g.

The thought about the "how to release" is the very last thought in our work. It is because we don't care about the sale. It makes no difference for us if we sell one or thousand copies.

Well, was a pleasure for me you answered some questions...this space is for you so, express whatever you wants!!! so thou what I do, thou what thou wilt!!!93/93

Mark: Love is the law, love under will.

Fr.U.E.G.O.: The pleasure was on our side. Keep up the good work.

TDE: Live, Love & Enjoy.

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