Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Another well structured project from Marchozelos, aka Marquis on Guitars, piano. Michael ford aka Nachttoter on rituals, vocals and A.Donvito on Bass. This time creating a suggestive rhythmic piece of pure Occultism Death/rock gothic art in the vein of Sisters Of Mercy, Christian Death,Bauhaus,just to name a few, but having its own definite sound, and charisma through each one of the 6 tracks included in this demo I. Elegy of Madeline was formed out of the desire to express through morbid poetry and dark bass lines the moody atmosphere necessary for the concepts that founder Marquis extols, i.e. that of chaos magick, ritual atmospheres, Victorian era romanticism, decay, decline, all that is with and without a means for expression by any other outlet other than musickal art. "The Bridge Of Sighs (Lord Byron)" is the first track, and just a very interesting opening short track, full of harmonic piano passages and percussive tunes.So, then comes the second one "Our Naked Masque (hymn To Dust)”, built into impressive work of guitar and voices going together accompanied by the percussive tunes arranged in a perfect way, creating a balance in the whole structure of the composition. The bass line and voices complements the whole track. Though the third one "Madeline" things are still going sticking and lugubrous,reffering the way as drumming elements in its own dynamism and voice effects are converging together, and how voices, bass lines mixed with the rest of elements creating one of the best tracks here, without a doubt. "Lazarus Descending Into Hell (Canto I)”,sticking bass parts and rhythmic guitar parts dressed with such melancholic voices and percussive elements. Is interesting to mention that they are preparing and rehearsing for live shows starting with the local area in South Florida, and will be including a ritual film in the background as well as a live performance of a necromantic rite with heavy emphasis on Wamphyric godforms and deific masks. Pure Occult, Luciferian and Edwardian gothic deathrock.... The next track is a cover track from the act NEVA entitled "Louchald", and closing the release is "Weeping Entities Of Death" a very melancholic, dense piece full of sorrowful piano passages and percussive elements surrounding the whole track! Just enter and feel the melancholy dressed through purple veils of death, through this excellent piece.

T.O.M.B (usa)
"Pennhurst" Cdr 2010
(Death Posture Ritualis)
A unique ritualistic experience based and recorded at Norristown State Mental Hospital and Pennhurst State Hospital in Pennsylvania. And so...emerging as one of the best catastrophic black noise ambience able to mutate into the most abrasive, corrosive and obscure forms with any limits. A suggestive journey to the most insane hidden mental larva’s evoking the necessary paradigms to keep your senses in a catatonic state all the time. "Pennhurst", includes a total of 5 compositions, which begin with "Primevil Sorcery" a lethal industrial composition with strong and dark platform, converging into a claustrophobic piece, encapture the whole essence of what T.O.M.B, can create through the whole album."Maz Ov Tha Damd”, has been evoked through Invoking images of suffering, the voices and mind of the departed through channeling of bones and other habiliments of the grave. Subliminal percussive elements and obscure atmospheres emanating its malefic forces through the extreme uses of diverse elements and drone soundscapes. Another ritualistic piece here is "Goetic Naos", more dense than the last ones, but still keeping such suggestive and obscure sounds crawling into such vaporous drone elements and envisions the magnificent of what T.O.M.B is all about. The track is so long almost 25 minutes, of pure psychotic oppressive musik."Audi Alteram Partem", comes into obscure female chants as evoking atavistic forces bit similar to the ones at Diamanda Galas. The final composition is the title track "Pennhurst",a deconstructive black noise piece full of schizophrenic states and agonic structures with intense moments from start to finish. The album comes on a black cdr with velvet pouch, drawing sigils and special packaging. Is known this is project is developed by the creative and eclectic spirit called Marchozelos.

"Invokation" cdr 2010
(Death Posture Ritualis)
Death Posture Ritualis under the shape of Marchozelos, surprise us with a very special release. This time with a live show from BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY, which take its place in Salt Lake City, Utah. The blind serpent's grimorie has arisen from the unknown spheres and revealed though sonic ritual mantras, created by BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY. spoken voices Invoking the latent energies, prevailed from aeons to aeons and becoming flesh through the use of extremely dense soundscapes and eerie atmospheres covered by subliminal voices and arrangements, creating one of the most amazing live shows,encarnating pure vacuity of senses in all possible ways. A transmission of atavistic resurgence through almost 30 minutes in which you shall experience the dynamism and density structured as only BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY can create. This release is limited to 100 copies only, comes in a transparent case and with the price of $10.50 usd.

"Shades Of Melancholy" 7"Ep 2010
(Death Posture Ritualis)
Again, and again Marchozelos, surprise us with a very interesting release, this time one of his bastard sons, CORPUS PRINCIPIUM arrives with a psychotic experience with a two inch Ep release, with very interesting elements worth to explore. The first track here is called "shades Of Melancholy”, an ambient gothic track with slow agonic atmospheres and cryptic passages, full of piano elements, bells, and chorus. The whole music here is just brilliant as the way as each composition seems to possess you and transport you to ancient medieval ages. The concept behind Corpus Principium is 'ritualistic gothick morbidity exploring the mediaeval grimoire, cultus Varcolaci and the Tunnels of the Kliffothic spheres. The atmosphere is exuding the musty stench of an old Victorian crypt as the spirits of long forgotten nobles haunt the caves of the damned. The second track here is "Immortal Manifestation (Fisternis)" which emerges as another piece full of sorrowful elements and dressed with such lugubrious atmospheres and percussive tunes floating through the more than 4 minutes of pure ritual gothic ambient!! So, I think this Ep is a kind of advance of the upcoming album, so just wait a very interesting piece here.

Monday, 14 June 2010


"Defiler" Demo 2009
(Death Posture Ritualis)
Thomas Marzhozelos known due to its connection with tHe Order Of Phosphorus,and american Grim Black Metal horde Black funeral,send us the demo of its ritual ambient project DEFILER.and surprise,the music here is so very very impresive,converging into obscure invocations and dense structures with strong atmospheres. "Meditation Obscurium I",obscure pulsations crawling slowly to create spectral emanations with so very dense atmospheres.The whole composition converges into strong soundscapes and vociferations,evolving from time to time.The interesting point here is how each composition will carry you to depth regions of sabbatical practices mirroring you pre-eval atavism of lycanthrophy nature. "Procession IV -Visualization",arising from hidden labyrinths,marching into the void,the spectral emanations continues stronger than ever before,this time arranged through the use of hypnotic drone passages covered with suggestive vociferations,creating in depth atmospheres which keeps its own essence through the whole track.also is worth to mention in this demos DEFILER has included contributions from Cinifer of the Black Metal horde Miasma. It is to be seen as a ritual of becoming, utilizing Electronic Voice Phenomena and field recordings from the most obscure crypts of Mexico."Ascension III -Transgrssion Of Infinite Balance"translucid spheres floating through vaporous atmospheres,ritualistic soundscapes created through the use of diverse field-recordings ,effects,and gathered through specific ancestral methods are the main elements which you must find here,as on the whole demo.Offering you dense and primitive ritual ambient atmospheres with a high context due how the main structure was built. " Meditation II-Defilement" Still evoking its own nature through raw and primitive atmospheres,bathed in blood through the spectral use of diverse effects and field recordings.DEFILER has a strong potential,a dark rising star raising in the horizon.This unique black cassette tape reliquary and limited to 50 copies. With silver R wax seal, black moon incense and ashes in each copy..hand numbered. $7.00 usd is cheap due the high context included in each one of the 4 compositions. The four tracks appear as one long track. Same tracks on both sides.Total playing time of each side: 30 min.

"Szertartas" Demo II
(Death Posture Ritualis)
The ritualistic expression known as GRÄVEN PESTANZ was born in 1994 E.V.and since them has been growing stronger at the point to become an obssessive transformation without limits,such limits were and are broken each day ,in each release...so,we have the pleasure to have inour hands "Szertartas" its second demo in which Marchozelos,explores his diverse incarantions through the use of diverse filed recordings and elements creating a mastepiece with monumental structures due how the music is developed here. Gräuen Pestanz is an expression of isolation of the highest order. Our spirit is that of the Lunar current, or that which is of balance between the nightside and dayside spiritual realities. The destruction of duality by means of the rites of the Death Posture. The Night of the Witch in the eerie light of the mid noon sun is the ultimate envisioning of the Sigils invoked within each Hymn. To penetrate into the Womb of the earth and grasp the meaning of our unholy brood, this is our manifesto. The reworking of human nature into the highest Alchemical transformation possible - the final end. That which is without god, at the hand of Adversarial guidance....The demo includes 9 hymns of darkeness which you shall being inmerse in total vacuity when penetrating in tracks such as "Ritual Irance (Dirgdoden)" built into extreme atsmospheres covered with such obscure elements including voices,diverse field recordings,screams and corrosive effects with create a vast spectral dimension ready to be explored by you. or perhaps the opening track "Dies Irae" with such middle eastern influences,giving you sensations to be in a persian ritual at desert...so,chant evolving through the whole track...so tracks as "Incarnation","Szertartas",Scelus Basiation" converges into such vaporous atmospheres some of them covered with such percussive elements which enrich so much the enigmatic atmopsheres created here. Bell sounds,whispers,marching tunes aer clear examples of how GRÄVEN PESTANZ evokes puere dark atmospheres with extremely ritual elements at the whole 9 tracks included on "Szertartas" this demo is one of those which you will never forget,due the magickal and ritualistic transcendence transmitted from start to finish.just wait a full interview with Marchozelos the mastermind behind GRÄVEN PESTANZ, next week here!!!May the gates to Arezura open wide, ZAZAS ZAZAS NASATANADA ZAZAS!!!!!

"The Wordless Aeon Awakened" Cass album 2009
(Death Posture Ritualis)
The ascencion to the six aon,has arrived through the 4 tracks cassette album released by the Salt Lake City's ritual ambient act BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY,evoking the absorsion of the other 5 aeons ,and as the god of silence,just exploring the void,the emptyness of human consciousness through unknown potencies of the eye of the serpent unveiling the aeon which bears no name, for it is beyond the speech and utterance of the human tongue. "Spacial Exhumation",congregating as the first exploration,mixing in deep dense ambient strcutures and voices creating different layers from ritual passages to drone spacial soundscapes.The way as voices are handled here are very interesting due the effect it causes when complementing with the whole atmophere and drones in general.The magickal continues its eclectic path through "Bornless,I Have Become",unspoken voices,visions of nothingness dancing through obscure pulsations and repetitive drone defragmentations creating powerfull atmospheres.One aspect to mention here is how each composition seems to put you in a magickal state trance due the dense hypnotic soundscapes evoked all the time. The process continues though "Devouring Conscioussness",another spectral piece with such obscure currents moulding themselves to the point to transport you to another levels of existence.The title track "The Wordless Aeon Has Awakened" is a reconstruction of the first three offerings by Akhkharu, being the first original material they have released since Nos Noctium Dominarum.so,a very interesting work released by Death Posture Ritualis and comes contained within a velvet pouch with a specialised sigil adorning each as received by Marchozelos of Grauen Pestanz. Within each is also contained various physical keys of meditation that unlock the wordless aeon... These keys include human and animal bones, consecrated grave soil and various other accoutrements....

"Vukolak" Cd 2010(Behemoth)
Michael W. ford Aka khtya Nachttoter,formed BLACK FUNERAL back anoon 93 E.V with the sole purpose to emanates grim ugly black metal,with in deep connections related Vampirism,Luciferism and magick.and since then,the band has released so many stuff as demos and albums all of them with powerful raw production which has characterized BLACK FUNERAL since the very beginning.so,now he has joined forces with Marchozelos in order to create a more grimmish and obscure album...then,"Vukolak",has risen from its crypt and mutating through lychantrophic rituals,evokes 10 tracks + Intro,outro. in which you shall expreience the most raw and primitive Black Metal album coming out recently.The Album opens with an intr called "Into The Ballinok Mountains II",a melodic piece using synth elements as a funeral march opening the gates to vampyric energies awakenened by "Under The Black Caul",rising as a ripping track with so primitive ,strong elements and mid tempo parts,and agonic vociferations which creates a very interesting piece full of anger and evil. So,then comes "Undead Hunger",another piece full of wrathful sounds and grim guitar chords which transport us back to early 90's BM days.The riffing structure of VUKOLAK is of Akatash as the fiend of perversion and the cold tomb of Nosferatu, a grave rotting in the blood of the dead. Each song guides through the violence of Nachtzehrer, who tears violently at its’ grave shroud and limbs, ripping through the grave in search of the warmth of fresh blood.then comes "Impaled Fields" and "Shades Gather Among The Blood",the first one arranged through sticking ripping chords and penetrating druming parts going from fast to mid tempo with a very suggestive atmosphere of guitars and bass!! and the second one,beginning with a ritualistic evocation and with the seconds turning into Grimmish and rawish sounding BM as characteristic sound on the whole track. "Sanctum Wamphyri",a kult track,built through percussive tunes,bathed with cold eerie atmospheres."Vukolak" the title track is a piece of demolishing darkness with strong elements from start to finish,arrrgghhhh!! " Wolfskin Essence",opens with funebre passages created by keyboards,giving you obscure and desolated sensations. "The Moonlight Glittered Upon The Snow","Ars Upir Sabati" are next tracks to comes,both of them with furious BM feeling and cutting edge gruitar chords,and closing the release are "Ripping Through The Aura" and Outro " Mors Omnipotens" Vukolak is stirred forth in the nightmares of the listener; the very essence of the Varcolaci-Astwihad Sigil is the gateway to each individual. Black Funeral’s VUKOLAK will be hated and adored as primal black cult metal; it is not for the ears of all.A masterpiece of pure Vampyric Black Metal Chaos in the old primitive vein!! A KULT!!!!

"Into The Fire Of Isolation"
(Black Plague)
Another kult release coming to my hands...Black Plague records release a very obscure split cd from two excellent acts.The opening track is from the Canadian horde, MIASMA in the shape of Cinifer Valiros with the piece,"Into The fire",a dense mid tempo BM track with strong emphazing on cutting riffs and chords coming otgether to create a piece full of depressive BM atmospheres and dark passages from star to finish.so then comes GRÄVEN PESTANZ focused on the hidden spiritual path of forbidden witchcraft, and is of the spirit of Hecate. Our goals are many, but one is of sharing the pleasures and pain of the forbidden fruits of the Adversary. If you are interested in learning more about the Varmamarga, or Left Hand Path traditional witchcraft please,arrives with "Inceptum Quod Visum",a visionary transition full of obscure vociferations and dense pulsations,creating vasst atmopsheres with so extremmely obssessive elements.So MIASMA continues its destructive steap with ""Reaching for Choronzon",a dense composition with subliminal chords and screaming vociferations,creating suicidal atmopsheres,with a sutile but effective personality.GRÄVEN PESTANZ returns with "Ritus Excessum",a piece based on ritual soundcapes gathered through specific drone elements and sounds petrified into corrossive voices and effects,evoking distant spheres covered with qliphotic spectral visions.The participation of MIASMA in this release finishes through "Formless Reflection",torturing us with a fast composition full of sticking guitar parts,faster drumming parts and voices crawling from the whole structure of the track.Indedd,this composition have such powerfull elements worth to explore,due the intensity,and dark message transmitted through each one of the tracks contained here. GÄVEN PESTANZ surprise us with a track full of Maniacal,cutting BM chords giving us to think how destructive and obssessive is GRÄVEN PESTANZ when evoking its most in depth BLack Metal roots!!! an excellent piece for all those into ugly,grimm BM in its most destrcutive way.And also to those looking for obscure manifestations through obscure ritual ambient atmospheres!!

Thursday, 3 June 2010


"Grey Eminence" Digipack 2010
(Tesco Germany)
After its highest acclaimed album "Raspad" POST SCRIPTVM arrives with its enigmatic 4Th Album,still keeping such powerfull surreal atmospheres covered by ethereal spaces transporting to cold, dark corridors.One important point at "Grey Eminence" album is the dynamic emotional process reflected in each one of the 8 compositions included here. "Grey Eminence" is a meditation on the clandestine forces laboring tiressly to prevent humanity from archeiving its ultimate spiritual goals.The opening track is "Bell Glass Dome",a ritualistic piece buitl into dynamic sugesstive passages and evoking the insane nature and spectral agony of a world born through shadows.The track is so penetrating and obscure from start to finish. Coming next its"Abortion Of Memory",the veils of illusion broken to give birth to a paranoid reality...a reality based on surreal transmissions and soundcapes floating into cinematic pieces arranged through diverse soundsources and effects moulding perfectly with the whole structure of the album.Serpentine vociferations and mystic atmospheres complements the mostly atmospheres created through this second track. Within the third track, "Tarantula Pattern" the strong percussive elements makes its presence creating dense beats,together voices and soundscapes creating an apocaliptic piece worth to explore in its totality due the enigmatic mysticism expresed here."Nausea Vortex" is a plateu of hypnotic elements collapsing themselves to create industrial ambient elements bathed with the dynamism and eclectic deconstructionism necessary to keep your mind altered all the time.Spoken Voices emerges from within to complement this ritualistic piece. Another piece which you must find here is "Upon Decadent Scum" A claustrophobic piece,disonant voices covered by corrosive atmospheres creating bizzarre soundscapes and intense moments of maniac depressive disorder. The whole album has such intensity and ethereal,dynamism which keep your sences altered in a way or another due how each piece is moulded here."Rauschnarkoz","Homo Spectator" and "White Shamans" are the other three tracks which you must explore in order to get a more exact idea of the main concept behinds "Grey Eminence". So for me "Grey Emience is a mental state,an individual phase of individual fragments built into our own illusions,paranoic sensations,bizarre visons and the most insane aspect of our nature.The whole album was mastered by Andreas Wahnmann of FIRST LAW. The album comes in 6 panel digipack!!!

"Isula" Cdr 2010
(Black Note Musik)
Another RFCL album has reached our hands recently and an amazing journey to the most hidden regions in our subconsious,"Isula" is a collection of dubtronic experiemnts connected by particular creative process and a minimalistic aesthetic.12 compositions generating diverse sensations due the eclectic nature of each one of them. "Several Scenes At Once",rythmic percisive beats ,bass sounds and sutile atmospheres covered by particular voices arranged perfectly."At The Same Time", is another track which floats into dubtronic elements and rythmic patterns creating sticking atmospheres. such experimental compositions at "Isula" give you so much ideas of the whole conceptual stuff handeld by Juan Carlos Mendizabal,Etanna Sack,and Lydia Harari when performing togehter as RADIO FREE CLEAR LIGHT...So then comes "Other Memories" and "Ghost Stories" both of them,pieces with a high context in the way as slowly penetrating your mind the first one more sutile and avantgardish,and the second one more into percussive sounds with a more strong nature but still with sutile elemnts here and there.RADIO FREE CLEAR LIGHT is an experimental dimension with diverse elements worth to explore.The album makes its way through the halls of ambient chill and comes to rest in the kingdom of dub step voodoo glitch. "always Different" is one of the best tracks here,dur its strong percussive and bass lines crossing themselves to create a frantic piece of ritualistic nature,some moemnts reminds me to COIL,specially when adapting some experimental touches to the whole track."I Did" is one of such tracks with such dense moments and seems as emerging from a lSD trip due its soft but psychedelic touch and evolving voices crawling you to its most hidden paradise."There Is No Song", is a percussive track surrounded by different atmospheres and rythmic elements gathered especially for this one.So here you have a very experimental album with so eclectic nature ready to be explored by yourself. So just go away and get your copy now through Black Note Music...Let your mind be enlightment by the dark nature of such distant star RADIO FREE CLEAR LIGHT!!

"Awake For The Black Out Procession" 3" cdr 2010
(Industrial Culture)
This is an enigmatic journey to errieness and obscure vaporous atmospheres created by these two projects which has been infiltrating its hidden messages through several releases.This time a collabotrative 32 split release consisting of two compositions in which you shall experience the vacuity and inner void reflected by both artists. This Little Split album made by Luna Dopa & dead.circuit seems to point out the attention on the enigmatic legend of possible hidden entrances for secret places all around the world.Taking inspiration from the famous Twin Peaks series made by David Lynch during the '90s, both projects try to evocate the energies behind the White Lodge and the Black Lodge,as previously reflected on the TV series itself. The first composition is developed by DEAD CIRCUIT,dutch project leaded by Fabian Van Der Meer..."White Lodge Procession" is built into dense drone atmospheres covered by strong dark soundcapes creating a very enigmatic piece with a ritualistic touch around the whole picture of the track. An interesting piece with strong moments from start to finish. At the other hand we have LUNA DOPA handled by the enigmatic shape of Gabriel Luis B,an Italian deconstructionist and artis which has been deveoping its talent through many magickal devices."Holborn Black Lodge" is a suggestive piece with obscure passages and strong distorted guitar atmospheres creating a vast hybryd universe plagued under hipnotic frequencies and more yet to be discovered.With the pass of minutes the compositions evolves under experimental drone ambient structures collapsing perfectly each other. So a very impressive release by both acts. so for more information just visit the Industrial Culture page. Extremely recommended to all those people naturally attracted by the underground occult matters, related with strange places from where often people don't come back to reality.

"Liquid Subway To Oblivion" Cdr 2010
(Faraday's Disc)
Again the Enigmatic shape of Gabriel Luis B. is present this time with "Liquid Subway To Oblivion" a dismal paradise exploring the diverse confrontations and paradigms of mind through 6 ritualistic ambient pieces,which surely will transports you to such unknown regions of your subconsious. There are many people in this world who think the reality as a series of energies constantly in motion, and imagine that through acts of will, you can access those states ofconsciousness normally hidden. LUNA DOPA seems to be part of this group of people. The opening track is "Dimensional Cross",calm dark ambient passages bathed by sutile fragments and voices chanting,opening as prelude for the upcoming ones."Moon Phase To Black",is built under diverse hypnotic sounds creating dense ritualistic structures,complemented by spoken voices which creates a strong composition here due how the track is evolving through minutes. Each track seems to be a seal in which there're surreal or dreamlike experiences, leaving a constant halo of cosmic vacuum around the listener. The voyage continues with "Royal Ring",another dense piece full of obscure pulsations and drone ritual elements transforming all the time to create one of the best pieces here. Also is worth to mention how the use of voices makes its presence,giving a more ritualistic atmosphere to the track.Its like a funeral march to the void in which inhabits all of us in the deepest of our minds."Parallel Vision" crawls through decodified elements and psychick mutations creating dark atmospheres and experimental,visionary elements. so closing the release there are two tracks "Outsiders And Liquids" which is just brillant,due how obscure voices appears around the track and eerie atmospheres. And "Subway To Oblivion",an experimental ambient composition with such dark ritual elements surrounding the whole picture of the track. A world beyond the world is what it seems to suggest this album, where man no longer recognizes himself, falling into a dense web of shadows.