Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Another well structured project from Marchozelos, aka Marquis on Guitars, piano. Michael ford aka Nachttoter on rituals, vocals and A.Donvito on Bass. This time creating a suggestive rhythmic piece of pure Occultism Death/rock gothic art in the vein of Sisters Of Mercy, Christian Death,Bauhaus,just to name a few, but having its own definite sound, and charisma through each one of the 6 tracks included in this demo I. Elegy of Madeline was formed out of the desire to express through morbid poetry and dark bass lines the moody atmosphere necessary for the concepts that founder Marquis extols, i.e. that of chaos magick, ritual atmospheres, Victorian era romanticism, decay, decline, all that is with and without a means for expression by any other outlet other than musickal art. "The Bridge Of Sighs (Lord Byron)" is the first track, and just a very interesting opening short track, full of harmonic piano passages and percussive tunes.So, then comes the second one "Our Naked Masque (hymn To Dust)”, built into impressive work of guitar and voices going together accompanied by the percussive tunes arranged in a perfect way, creating a balance in the whole structure of the composition. The bass line and voices complements the whole track. Though the third one "Madeline" things are still going sticking and lugubrous,reffering the way as drumming elements in its own dynamism and voice effects are converging together, and how voices, bass lines mixed with the rest of elements creating one of the best tracks here, without a doubt. "Lazarus Descending Into Hell (Canto I)”,sticking bass parts and rhythmic guitar parts dressed with such melancholic voices and percussive elements. Is interesting to mention that they are preparing and rehearsing for live shows starting with the local area in South Florida, and will be including a ritual film in the background as well as a live performance of a necromantic rite with heavy emphasis on Wamphyric godforms and deific masks. Pure Occult, Luciferian and Edwardian gothic deathrock.... The next track is a cover track from the act NEVA entitled "Louchald", and closing the release is "Weeping Entities Of Death" a very melancholic, dense piece full of sorrowful piano passages and percussive elements surrounding the whole track! Just enter and feel the melancholy dressed through purple veils of death, through this excellent piece.

T.O.M.B (usa)
"Pennhurst" Cdr 2010
(Death Posture Ritualis)
A unique ritualistic experience based and recorded at Norristown State Mental Hospital and Pennhurst State Hospital in Pennsylvania. And so...emerging as one of the best catastrophic black noise ambience able to mutate into the most abrasive, corrosive and obscure forms with any limits. A suggestive journey to the most insane hidden mental larva’s evoking the necessary paradigms to keep your senses in a catatonic state all the time. "Pennhurst", includes a total of 5 compositions, which begin with "Primevil Sorcery" a lethal industrial composition with strong and dark platform, converging into a claustrophobic piece, encapture the whole essence of what T.O.M.B, can create through the whole album."Maz Ov Tha Damd”, has been evoked through Invoking images of suffering, the voices and mind of the departed through channeling of bones and other habiliments of the grave. Subliminal percussive elements and obscure atmospheres emanating its malefic forces through the extreme uses of diverse elements and drone soundscapes. Another ritualistic piece here is "Goetic Naos", more dense than the last ones, but still keeping such suggestive and obscure sounds crawling into such vaporous drone elements and envisions the magnificent of what T.O.M.B is all about. The track is so long almost 25 minutes, of pure psychotic oppressive musik."Audi Alteram Partem", comes into obscure female chants as evoking atavistic forces bit similar to the ones at Diamanda Galas. The final composition is the title track "Pennhurst",a deconstructive black noise piece full of schizophrenic states and agonic structures with intense moments from start to finish. The album comes on a black cdr with velvet pouch, drawing sigils and special packaging. Is known this is project is developed by the creative and eclectic spirit called Marchozelos.

"Invokation" cdr 2010
(Death Posture Ritualis)
Death Posture Ritualis under the shape of Marchozelos, surprise us with a very special release. This time with a live show from BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY, which take its place in Salt Lake City, Utah. The blind serpent's grimorie has arisen from the unknown spheres and revealed though sonic ritual mantras, created by BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY. spoken voices Invoking the latent energies, prevailed from aeons to aeons and becoming flesh through the use of extremely dense soundscapes and eerie atmospheres covered by subliminal voices and arrangements, creating one of the most amazing live shows,encarnating pure vacuity of senses in all possible ways. A transmission of atavistic resurgence through almost 30 minutes in which you shall experience the dynamism and density structured as only BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY can create. This release is limited to 100 copies only, comes in a transparent case and with the price of $10.50 usd.

"Shades Of Melancholy" 7"Ep 2010
(Death Posture Ritualis)
Again, and again Marchozelos, surprise us with a very interesting release, this time one of his bastard sons, CORPUS PRINCIPIUM arrives with a psychotic experience with a two inch Ep release, with very interesting elements worth to explore. The first track here is called "shades Of Melancholy”, an ambient gothic track with slow agonic atmospheres and cryptic passages, full of piano elements, bells, and chorus. The whole music here is just brilliant as the way as each composition seems to possess you and transport you to ancient medieval ages. The concept behind Corpus Principium is 'ritualistic gothick morbidity exploring the mediaeval grimoire, cultus Varcolaci and the Tunnels of the Kliffothic spheres. The atmosphere is exuding the musty stench of an old Victorian crypt as the spirits of long forgotten nobles haunt the caves of the damned. The second track here is "Immortal Manifestation (Fisternis)" which emerges as another piece full of sorrowful elements and dressed with such lugubrious atmospheres and percussive tunes floating through the more than 4 minutes of pure ritual gothic ambient!! So, I think this Ep is a kind of advance of the upcoming album, so just wait a very interesting piece here.

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