Monday, 20 September 2010


"Through Madness To Mercuriy" Digipack Cd 2010
(The Mercurius Collective)
In our dirty hands,and blind eyes we perceive something at the distance,and was a vison,a dream shall flesh,its the debut album by Dutch project THE BEING,a psychodelic project run by Boudewijn the man bahinds The Mercurius Collective recs! and what a fucking brillant experience was when opening listening the album,I was very curious about this project,because he is a personal friend and I want to know more about his musical
explorations..then,after an intro which is like a circus presentation,comes "Dancing Danger",and everything start to goes into psychedelic atmospheres through melodic mouth rythms,percussive elements and voices as coming from another dimension due the way as poems seems to be appearing through the whole track.The next one is "icarus wings",an excellent composition built into percussive sounds and spoken whispher voices with so very in deep atmosphere,creating a dark piece,getting your attention all the time.Through "the Mixing Separation"things goes more oriented into neo-cabaret stuff with such sticking guitar sounds and always attractive percussive sounds ,which are accompanied by male,female voices creating something different in its own context."Luna and The Hidden Hazzard Of Milk" ,is just an amazing ritualistic piece full of spectral elements ,chorus,spoken voices and atmospheres,an in deep voyage into the splendour of mercury brought by THE,then comes "I am Movement" a folk based track with such guitar parts which goes at hand with percussive sounds creating an ancient opus full of dynamism,nostalgic feelings and melancholy. "Through Madness To Mecury" express in essence the nature of the whole release,a psychotic trip to inner transformation,a creative piece beyond madness but to find your own marcury through self transformative process!!! a chaotic piece mutating from all to nothing,and from nothing to all!! "The Parental Urge" returns to such ritualistic sound with obscure whisper voices and percusive tunes!! One of the aspects I mostly admire from such release is the talent and dynamism Boudewijn has included through the whole release.The whole album includes a total of 13 compositions in which you shall explore the potential of THE BEING in all its own self-transformative splendour!! another track you shall hear is "A Flight Through The Bright Night",dressed in to dark and dense atmospheres,converging slowly through the use of spoken voices giving us a very obscure atmopshere through the whole track.This release also comes with 20 page booklet containing the poetry and art of THE BEING.Also a 12" lp brown vinyl version limited to 250 copies!! Just prepare jourself for such alchemic transformation from madness to mercury!!!

"Until It Finally Disappears" Cdr 2010
(Black Note Music)
When we explore each one of Black Note releases,we must sure it will be dynamic,creative and well well,we have in our hands the opportunity to review this interesting released called "Until It Finally Dissappears" by PROJECTIVE MODULE,and really we get so very excited by the way as each one of the twelve compositions you penetrates you in a rudimentary fiction world created by three immortal children,and how they creates musical structures conducted through specific spiritual devices."Fora" and "laber" openas the album with such sutile and beautiful emanations emerging with the support of defragmentative percussive beats,creating a cosmic dance of beautiful patterns."Terram" is just more a mid tempo druming song with such glitchy sounds going around the whole compositions,giving you emotive moments due how the track has been constructed here. Is excellent to discover experimental artists as Juan Carlos Mendizabal (aka KYRON) always moving in all directions and bringing us excellent pieces of music."coptus" is a more aggressive track,if could see how druming beats are being including here,but still bathed with such eclectic harmonic passages and sounds around the whole picture of the track."reinum" and "cintra" emerges with such sutile patterns gathered into dimensional melodic structures,with interesting movements due the beats and glitchy sounds,creating sutile and beauty atmopsheres. "Sucesus" is a more hard drum beat track if we compare it with the rest of the tracks,an experiemntal voyage to the center of the world created by such three children in the conceptual album.the interesting from this album,its how each track moves in different way but always complementing themself with each other."Aqusa" is more a glitly sounds track with some elements here and other tracks here are "Fallok","Orone","Despoch" and "Nuklae"!! so if you want to enter the realm inhabited by Koraque,Xante,and Lu,the three children of such dimension let's take a look at "Until It finally Disappears" by PROJECTIVE MODULE!!!