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Bisclaveret - the indigenous representative of the psychodelic / dark ambient scene.. Duet Radosław Murawski (Thorn) & Maciej Mehring (Dragos) is following their own music path. Relying in on the dark/wave ambient stylistics and taking inspirations from illustration music they are creating sounds, thanks to which the atmosphere of horror and psychodrama is enhanced. Creating their compositions, the musicians are trying to close them in tight albums, in which the text is an integral part thanks to which Bisclaveret introduces the listeners into the world of their own visions, claustrophobic fears and questions about human existence. They use their own literature and musician code. The whole answers were given by Dragos with the purpose to cover everything refering this excellent Polish act!!!

2010.10.02 Bisclaveret - "engill Ljssins" (Zoharum)
2010.06.14 Bisclaveret - "ephemeros [ante 'Te Deum']"CD (Zoharum)
2008.02.29 Bisclaveret - "Amalgame"CD (Zoharum)
2007.07.12 Bisclaveret vs Bruno - "Les Mannequins" CD (Zoharum Records)
2007.03.23 Scontrum act VI - kolaboracja (Waroffice Propaganda/Rage in Eden)
2006.12.11 Psyche nomine (The Eastern Front - Israel)
2004 Er Roud el aater fi nezaha el khater (Cynfeirdd-France)
2004 I'll Concerto VCD (Wyrm/Serpent's Fang)
2003 In Hortis MCD (Wyrm Records)
2001 Aegri Somnia... MCD (self-released)

Greetings Dragos & Thorn,9393/, reveal us a few about the closed connection between magick and BISCLAVERET?And reveal us about how happened BISCLAVERET was transformed in a latent magickal force as its recognized today?
Hi,Hm...Bisclaveret is peculiar magical medium. By the band We can express ourselves. We evoke own thesis, ideas and thoughts. By the band We exist in other space. Bisclaveret is our sacrum sphere.Each Bisclaveret concert is somethting as ritual, during which We create new creation. Somethimes is ephemerical but it exist only for this one moment beyond the reality. Bisclaveret is manifesto of our ego; it’s a form, which We use to create new sounds and images.

What's your own interpretation behinds the name BISCLAVERET,and how do you visualize each one of your releases until now year 2010,from your perspective as artist?
Bisclaveret is the old Irish name of werewolf taken from celtic legend.
When We decided to call the band this name, We were enchanted of beatiful sound and predatory meaning of this word. It reflected state of our sprit, mind and our artistics which is also beautiful sometimes mysterious and predatory too. Each Bisclaveret’s activity was next step in our artistic and individual evolution. When We remind our choices, Live acts and releaeses We know that each one had reflected our emotions in that moment.
What has offered to your existence BISCLAVERET, as a driving magickal force and primal element in your life? As I said Bisclaveret is our magical medium – manifest of ourselves – as artists, authorrs and people.

Let just enter to "Psyche nomine", tell us about the general ideological concept behind such masterpiece.and about the inspirational thelemic strcuture known as"Akeldama XIV"? Psyche nomine is our first concept album. It was tale about the man, who roams in various aspects of high magick. Album reveals the fragility of human in opposite to the Great World of Chaos .We try to warn people of the danger waiting for them if they deal with the subject of occultism recklessly. Akeldama is one of my favourites Aleister Crowley lyrics. It was ideal to fulfill our album concept., so We decided to use it on Psyche noMine. I offen read various Aleiser Crowley texts – these one about the magic aspects and other philosophical essaies and poetry. His philosophical aspects are the closest to me. I love to immerse into his strange ideas, puns and riddles .

You knows how paradigmatic is the essence of,we could say "Madness is initiation,and initiation is madness"? due the trascendence and trasnmutative changes we develops when exploring the differents paths of Magick?
Madness – as every extreme emotion state - is a critical moment, when live changes. Then every change is after-effect of those critical moments. These two definitions exist inseparably. For example music can be composed through the strong emotions and the music can explore strong emotions during you’re listening to it.. Similar feedback exist in our normal activity and in the special, important moments that we celebrate during different occasions.

How is a perfect visual representation of BISCLAVERET, when developing your music through stage? Any especial performance which you reminds under a nostalgic ,or effusive facet?
Bisclaveret is a Project which is still searching for new and expanding . We don’t have only one manifest. Each album shows us in new perspective. Only one costant element is discovering of new meanings for old symbols. We are looking for answers of a question about human existence.
When We start work on our new album We think about all aspects of sounds, words that will create one concept story. In this time, when we prepare new tracks, We create new photo sessions, performance, visuals etc. We place emphasis on coheret message, which will show new theme.

What's the most representative elements you try to express audience when performing live? perhaps masks used represents,the BISCLAVERET's inner nature which must explore by listeners through each one of your compositions?
When We prapare new live set, We select tracks, which We want play In this one concert.We start finding new form of transmission. We try to close each track in to one concept – giving a new meaning to the show. We compose tracks in this way that let us to tell a new story for audience by sounds, visuals and performance. We bring the audience into the new world of our symbols, imaginary land far from reality of “normal life”. Sometime it is a dream of madmen, sometimes it’s rite of initiation. We like to create world of imagination on the line of magic and madness. Our masks symbolize separation world of creation from the world before and after show.

We are a bit curious about the main ideological, and musical concepts which lead you to express yourself with BRUNO through "Les Mannequins" CD ? any other coperation release if future?
It’s the really magical co-operation! The name ‘Bruno’ in the name of project means the spirit of polish writer, who create ‘Tract about the mannequins’. On the base of this novel We created concept of this album. We both love Bruno Schulz novels. A few years ago during narcotic-ecstatatic session We experimented with sounds and words. We affirmed that was a great idea for a new album . We started to work but the spirit of B. Schulz sitll stood close to us! Will we plan new co-operation? We have some plans but We can’t say anything concrete at this moment.

Now, reveal us some information about your activities behinds ZOHARUM rec? Any new releases planned for this year 2010? how is your selection for to choose acts for ZOHARUM recs? Perhaps,any south American act for future?
Zoharum is the artist collektive and label. We created this organization to realise the Bisclaveret’s activity. We planned this kind of activity a long time ago but We didn’t have time and possibility to do it before. This situation had changed when We wanted to release the album ‘Les Mannequins’. We wanted to publish this album on the day of Bruno Schulz birthday. We didn’t have any guarantee from other labels that they could do it that day so We decided to make it by our label. Then We started and the machine speeded up.. We started to organize some events, concerts, exhibitions. We arranged new cooperation between painters, musicians and photographers. Our relation started to tighten. Our aim is to bring new people to common activity. Graphics create new layouts, musican play concerts during their exhibition etc. We belive that it is the beggining of larger activity. We started to release more other bands... Plans? We started new serie IYHHH. Now We have two titles in this collect and We plan next releases of [haven], ouroborous, different state and compilation “From the Earth to Sirius” events signed by ARTeNATIVE, a few concerts of Bisclaveret..... We still looking for interesting projects for our catalogue....

Give us some deatils about BISCLAVERET's new release "Ephemeros (Ante 'Te Deum')"?
Ephermeros [ante ‘Te Deum’] – as etery earlier CD of Bisclaveret release is a concept album , touching up a subject of human existance hidden in the symbolic of seven angel names.On this album you will find 7 songs - pieces showing various aspects of human’s nature and his cosmic dimension in the world. This album is a the trip into the human’s mind through the word and sound.Ephermeros [ante ‘Te Deum’] shows a little bit different face of Bisclaveret by using new form of expression which the musicians used in the alchemic ritual of creation.

Besides musical, which other artisitcal,magickal interest are developed by you and Thorn?
We’re intersted in various forms of art. We love good movies, literature and paintings...Each of us has his own favourite writers, painters and movie makers. I love at first XIX age literature, most of decadence artists. But last time I read R.A. Wilson. From movies my favourite directors are: David Lynch, Aronofsky, Polanski, Bergman, Majewski, from soft cinema I love the world of Tim Burton....and more and more.....I also like old cinema I can enumerate without the end....

Before finishing this conversation just tell us more about "From the Earth to Sirius" compilation Cd? any acts confirmed yet?
We almost finished work on this compilation. It will come some of popular and unpopular bands.Each artist compose one, special track only for this release.Graphic layout ‘s based on paintings of Rafal Kosela. Prologue written by Dariusz Misiuna. More details will come soon.....

Thanx so much brother!! so keep on the torch burning high!!! All the best and close this as you want!! Fr Kerval 111
Thanks a lot for Your time and interesting questions. We wish You all the best in realizing of Your magazine and Your Will.
Best regards for You and Your readers.

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