Monday, 4 January 2010



"Three Days Of Darkness" Digipack 2009

(First Fallen Star)

The Apocalyptic Dark ambient structure known as INNFALLEN, surprise us with and impressive work, full of dense moments and vaporous atmospheres crawling from within to create dismal paradise evoking desolation, death and darkness. This project consist of veteran Doyle Finley (INVERCAULD) and talented newcomer Kevin Scala,both individuals plasmed an interesting and in depth album concept known as "Three Days Of Darkness"... the first track "Prologue(Inner Locutions)" offer us immersive soundscapes creating dense dark ambient structures appearing slowly through the whole composition. Through "Darkness Descends”, the eerie atmospheres continues through intense atmospheres transcending the limits of perception due how each moment in the track is developed here., evoking pure infernal drone elements with charisma and character. "Day One(Outside The Righteous Door)","Day Two (Gnashing Of Theeth)" and "Day Three (Closing The Veil)" are the proclamation of darkness throne on earth, through dense atmospheres and abysmal soundscapes ,emerging from the void to devastate everything on earth. The word "Darkness" expressed through sonic atmospheres and more when the palpable sensations about death and desolation are present when exploring the tracks carefully. "Light Returns" is a new dawn focusing in darkness where is hidden the true light, as a platform for inner freedom, through vaporous atmospheres and dark soundscapes collapsing themselves all the time. "Epilogue (Scattered Remains)" is a more ambient track with interesting elements ready to be devoured by listeners. And closing the album is "New Dawn”, sutile soundscapes developed through cosmic atmospheres and subliminal elements converging in an almost perfect way. Without a doubt an interesting album with so strong elements worth to experience. The album comes in an incredible A5 digipack and limited to 1000 copies.


"Morben" Digipack 2009

(First Fallen Star)

Coming from Germany arrives this Ambient experimental act which is the side project of EVOKE SUCURVEE,and what we shall found here is an expectating voyage which fill our expectative as entering into black corridors through cold labyrinths, with no escape, and blind you by the inner light reflected through "Morben" debut album by ASPECTEE,a mutative organism growing through 9 compositions in which you shall experience the dreaming nature of tracks such as "Stuhlmann" and ""Dianthus”, with such experimental elements surrounded by ambient atmospheres executed with carefully expressions, due the way as its perceived by our brains."Newin" is a carnivore plant opens its petals and offering you dense drone structures with so cold soundscapes and fusioning different elements here and there which complements perfectly. Through "GotheDr Stone”, things goes more ambient floating stuff with sutile elements and fine atmospheres crawling through the whole composition. "Kince”, a structural, mutative organism floating into experimental soundscapes bathed with the always amazing dark ambient passages and subliminal voices, gives the album a kind of industrialish sound which helps to the dynamism which ASPECTEE tries to develop here. "Aspectee" and "Betho Et" are both dressed with such experimental paradigms floating in all directions always offering you a high quantity of realities which you must experience in order to have a more concrete idea of what ASPECTEE is all about. Finishing the album, you shall find "Leanon" and "Unwic", both of them with strong ambient atmospheres and subliminal passages painting the whole structure of the album.really, a very impressive work by this new dark star rising from the sea of our own perception. The album comes in digipack.So for more info just visit First Fallen Star page!


“Through The Eyes Of A Stranger" Cd+Dvd 2009

(First Fallen Star)

Expressing himself through this project KARSTEN HAMRE, the Nordic spirit rise again from desolated cold spheres with a very interesting and creative release. This time coming with an special DVD in which you shall experience the visual aspects related through "Through The Eyes Of A Stranger" in which each passage is a trip to such desolated cryptic ambient spaces collapsing all the time and showing you another dimension of possibilities. The cd opens with "chapter I-Darkness Gently Falling”, a deconstructive dark ambient machine giving you a vast no lineal structures in which each time mutates into different sounds, and eerie atmospheres.

"Chapter II-Ode To The Nightspirit" offer us more dense desolated structures but time arranged with specific soundscapes which seems as portals opening to the spirits world. a very evocative composition, from start to finish. “Chapter III-The End Of The World", encaptures the essence of Mr. Hamre in the way as the track is built, due how music is slowly growing from Dark Ambient patterns to hybrid scenarios ready to be explored by listener due subliminal traces found through the whole track. "Chapter IV-In Silence Going Down" is an ambient structure dressed with strong experimental elements and subterranean atmospheres crawling through the whole picture of the track. “Chapter V-Through Past Times”, emerges as a hymn to darkenss, perhaps the best track here, full of dense eerie atmospheres bathed with interesting percussive elements which complements perfectly with the desolated tunes generated here. Again, Mr. Hamre surprises us with a creative album full of intense moments from start to finish. Chapter VI-Keepers Of The Bones" return back to calm sutile dark ambient structures arranged under specific methods creating hypnotic passages. Closing the album is "Chapter VII-Remember The Past" a categorical final to entering the realms of death, a remembrance of old times through vast dark ambient atmospheres and such experimental sounds mutating through the whole atmospheres created here. Then comes the DVD part, with 43:50 minute in which you shall experience the visual art of Mr.Hamre, expressed through diverse photographic expositions taken from him, which were and are used for live performances. From old ancient statues, desolated, abandoned places, castles, old buildings, skulls, us a clear idea of the hidden concepts behinds each one of the VII chapters included on this amazing release. “Through The eyes Of A Stranger" is presented in a DVD case with professional pressed Cd and professionally printed artwork, limited to 1.000 copies! The first 500 copies are presented in a 2-disc DVD case with a professional pressed bonus DVD (Pal format).


"Time Lost In Oblivion" Cd+DVD 2009

(First Fallen Star)

A sensitive cinematic experience by one of the most creative souls inside the dark ambient scene. having working in several projects such as PENITENT,ARCANE ART,DEFRAKTOR and KARSTEN HAMRE,this time he emerges with sutile atmospheres dressed with a beautiful but still dark and mysterious elements which surely will transport you to the enigmatic world created through "Time Lost Into Oblivion" opening the album is "Chapter I-From Oblivion"...and the enigmatic voyage begins, through calm in deep atmospheres..."chapter II-A Voyage From The North”, floating into dismal soundscapes with diverse nocturnal spectral sounds mixed with animal, insects soundscapes and other devices creating a cinematic soundtrack to unknown regions still to discover. The "chapter III-Through Fjords & Burning skies”, is a latent trip to cold, icy Norwegian landscapes, submerging you in dense ghastly atmospheres ready to devour you. The mysticism continues embracing you through "Chapter IV-The Kingdom Of Bucovina”, this time with some strong arrangements and industrial patterns mixed perfectly with the ambient atmospheres through the whole track. “Chapter V-Time Lost In Oblivion”, increases more the interest when exploring carefully you are slowly crawled to such dense corridors full of abstract shapes, and immersive soundscapes."Chapter VI-Through Eternity" is just brilliant!! Pure dark ambient structures covered by spectral percussive elements which give to the track a very suggestive atmosphere. “Chapter VII-The Guardians Of Stanglieno, begins where the last track ends…Pure enigmatic percussive elements dressed by such ghastly keyboard atmospheres. With the pass of minutes it reveals us a different facet, being more into industrialish soundscapes but still with such interesting dark ambient elements as principal basis for the track. “Chapter VIII-The Black forest”, congregates effusive enigmatic atmospheres with spectral soundscapes evolving through the whole track. Also the percussive elements are present to enrich the main structure of this chapter. “Chapter XI-A Woman's Cave, and Chapter X-The Girl Next Door" closest the release to giving a place to the DVD, in which Mr.Hamre one more time enlighten us with almost 55 minutes of his photographic art which has been used at live performances, nightly landscapes,Norgewian Fjords,trees,old houses, statues…And more !! The Album comes in DVD case and remember first 500 come with bonus DVD!! Ready to the voyage to the the time lost in oblivion!!!