Tuesday, 5 January 2010


"Black Lake" 3cdr 2009
(Meka Prods)
Not so much is known from this act coming from Moscow, Russia...Evgeniy Kuleshov,is the mastermind behinds ARX KAELI,and after some years of silence since 2006,after the release of "First Basis"Mini Cdr,he arrives with a concept album titled "Black Lake”, in which is exposed all the skills and creativity from this Russian Artist. the album consist of 5 compositions all of them giving such personal elements based on Ambient soundscapes which varies from time to time.” Around The Black Lake" is the first track, an offer us an in deep voyage to the deeps of black lake, an unconscious world created by electronic harmonies and ambient soundscapes, creating a thin composition with brilliant exposition of sounds. The second opus included here is "Bridge Divides" a more dense composition in comparison with the first one, but almost built into the same musical structure with some different elements here and there. This track is an inner trip to your own reality, based on experiences when hearing the track, due its own functionality and in deep message. Then comes,” Deep Springs" a surreal defragmentation of sounds converging and mutating all the time into ambient/electronic passages,creatings brilliant meditative soundscapes able to transport yourself to the sublime black lake. “From Coast To Coast" is a short composition with such experimental ambient touch, offering you fluid soundcapes built in a very original way. The final track is "Hidden Bay" an enigmatic voyage to the centre where everything begins, the hidden cycle complementing perfectly through ambient atmospheres and dressed in marvellous arrangements to a perfect final, where everything will returns again to the deeps of Black lake, which is hidden latent in the deeps of your mind. Without a doubt, a very promising act coming from Russian Federation. The album comes in wooden box painted silver color, limited to 10 copies only. Metal insert in the centre on the front side. Inside the laser engraved letters. Also, there is a Plexiglas box edition limited to (90 numbered copies) only. So for more information just contact Mr.Kuleshov.

"Divine Misanthropy" Cd 2009
(Self Released)
The rising psychotic star namely NIHILISTA,was born in Breslau, initially involved into punk subculture and moving into diverse scenarios from occultism to industrial movement, with the pass of time they moved to London, where finally the band released their debut album called "divine Misanthropy" as a way to unleash all the inner apocalypse to mankind through soundscapes able to penetrate your subconscious in a very addictive drug, as heroin penetrating slowly your Veins, is what NIHILISTA is all about. The album includes a total of 13 compositions all of them with such psychotic sensitive reality revealed to you. “Wolves Against Misrule” and "South tower" are perfect combinations of sticking guitar parts, mid tempo drumming elements and a voice floating in a suggestive way. The music keeps such strong feeling and charisma when we explore tracks such as "Kain", being so aggressive and chaotic in its own essence due violent nature of the track. Or "Wisdom Of The Fuck",covering all under aggressive guitar riffs and perfect work of percussions accompanied by a floating voice, creating a picture in you mind about what they want to transmit with the music.NIHILISTA is one of such acts which keep your senses alive all the time due as each one of the tracks are handled here. "Nothing" is one of such tracks which brings such nostalgic feelings and evocative atavisms, due slow agonic riffs and voices crawling from darkness outside to the darkness within, also some electronic voice effects are used to give the track a bit different sensation. Also you shall experience rhythmic tracks such as "Moveless As A Rose" or "Breed No More" with such sticking elements floating around the whole picture of both tracks. “Divine Misanthropy" is an album with so many interesting elements worth to explore, from each angle you observe this, you shall find enough arguments to love it or to hate it, but you must sure this will cause an effect on you.NIHILISTA consist of Nihilista,Goter,Neon M3,Deus 69... APOCALYPSE HAS BEEN CANCELLED!!!

"Lehadbik" Cd 2009
(Black Note Music)

The Labyrinths where explored...The portals where opened...And the seals where broken!!! A suggestive and hypnotic trip to the centre of chaos is what VIA SINISTRAE reveals us here through each one of the 18 compositions generated here. The whole tracks where created for the web gallery www.viasinistrae.com in which you shall find in deep poetry and surrealistic images floating beyond realms of perception...So, each one of the tracks offered a point of nothing ,but traces of subconscious atavisms evoked by each magickal composition. "Yog-Sothoth”, emerges as a vast ambient structure crawling from the void, through ethereal cryptic atmospheres. “The Mermaid Of Elsinore”, is built into electronic pieces with percussive elements and effects adapting perfectly to the soundscape in general.” Panic Club" is one of such pieces which transport you to unknown regions in your mind, due how percussive elements and female chorus, and other devices are mixed here. Through "The Flight Of The Eagle”, the shamanic trip offers you another reality through electronic soundscapes and amazing atmospheres. At "For The Gods Are Here(Carriego)" , the rhythmic patterns builts a piece mixing diverse structures and excellent sticking percussive elements, in a very appropriate way. This piece is the creation of Juan Carlos Mendizabal (Aka KYRON) who has been developing its experimental art through more than 15 years. also the participation of Etanna Sack, an explorer of ritual activity and noise, and Lydia Harari,photographer,dancer and experimental video artist.so such trinity evokes "Lehadbik" has one of the most creative structures I've heard, due the dynamism and creativity created in the whole tracks. “Ritual By The waves”, emerges as another of the tracks which floats in the universe of dynamism due how each second the music evolves creating diverse magickal structures. “Crown Of Stars”, is a suggestive ritualistic ambient piece full of dense atmospheres surrounding the whole structure of the track. “To Pan”, “Hidden Veins”, and "Once We Were Gods"...are some of the tracks which take part of "Lehadbik".A ritualistic mutative piece where your inner gods or demons shall rise offering you diverse elements yet to be discovered by yourself!!!