Wednesday, 6 January 2010


CHTHONIC Prose & Theory

By Vadge Moore


Vadge More is an American author which has been developing as musician and writer from long time ago, he has written a lot of articles, relating occult themes and now we have the pleasure to introduce us in its own chthonic reality via this book, which includes two parts I Prose:Psychopathy,Vicera. And theory:Cthonic Gnosis. So, lets just start with Psychopathy,where Mr Moore develops an in deep series of thoughts about how oneself must live life with no restrictions or moral codex, to live by our own instincts in order to transcend via sensations, also he express that freedom is a state of mind that invigorates the nerves, destroy illusion, detonates to pieces all mental prisions,and frees the body to explore every imaginable pleasure, for good or ill. Also you can read long exposition of matters relating repression of sexual instincts, how people lives in an illusion reflect of material world among other topics. Vicera: reveal us aspects of his constant change and unlimited creativity, reflected in his life and each one of the developments as artist and writer. Tells about the eternal returns of nietzschean philosophy. So the Second part of the book,Chtonic Gnosis makes reference to the underworld aspects of minds reflected on myths and legends. The psychopathy of the psyche, the darkness of the Freudian id and the id's death instinct. He expresses the Chtonic as the soil from which the human ego must grow. Also he speaks about the theories and interpretations of magicians such as Aleister Crowley, and Kenneth Grant among others,refering the Chthonic energies of qliphots.The psychological aspects on Dionysus in human psyche, the George Bastille’s mysticism of death, the animal in man, among other interesting topics which are expressed through each one of the 132 pages, in English. "This is the zeitgeist of our current age; that sin and sanctity are essentially the same." - Vadge Moore

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Keep eyes open because soon will be released Antibothis third issue of ANTIBOTHIS will feature texts/interviews from/with:

John Zerzan, Joe Ambrose, Earth First, Z..ev, Nigel Ayers (nocturnal emissions), Ewen Chardronnet, Social Fiction, Iona Miller, Chad Hensley, Adi Newton and Jane Radion Newton ( Tagc/Clock Dva), among many others.

Scheduled for the cd compilation

(To be included in the book) are:

Master Musicians of Joujouka, Gjoll, Phillipe Petit Vs Lydia Lunch, Adi Newton and Jane Radion Newton ( Tagc/Clock Dva ), Gintas K, Alan Courtis, Stilluppsteypa, Orbit Service, Kal Cahoone, Checkpoint 303, La Stpo, among others .


"Troglobite" Digipack 2009


This is the project of the always creative and dynamic spirit of Fabrizio Palumbo, former member of the Italian cult band Larsen. And this time BLIND CAVE SALAMANDER, emerges as a mutating amphibian organism projecting itself through seven nocturnal soundscapes in which you shall experience the enigmatical sonic frequencies and harmonies created here. One more time Mr.Palumbo presents just a part of all his creativity. "Troglobite" is the exposition of in deep sonic spaces in which is found the strong character and dynamism, always moving into different facets through the whole tracks. "Moonfish" for example is an experimental ambient composition with such amazing sensitive moments, due how atmospheres are created here. "Blue Lagoon" is another track built into such emotional elements which are mould specifically through the use of electric guitar, viola, piano and other elements creating an specific mood which the listener must find in order to have an exact idea of what BLIND CAVE SALAMANDER is all about. Through "Transition”, things goes a bit different, offering you melancholic piano passages as the main structure, surrounded by field recordings and other electronic devices."(Set The Controls For) The Heart Of The sun" arrives with such hypnotic electronic strings and guitars, moulding a strong structure mixed by the perfect work of voices, suggestive to the point to get hypnotized by such subliminal mixture of music, voices and atmospheres. Is always interesting to have the opportunity to get such kind of releases for review, because it gives to you enough basis and elements due the dynamism and experimental nature, ready to be explored by one as journalist. Next comes an untitled track, which is a fine composition full of harmonies and beautiful soundcapes, created to the excellent development of electric piano, cello and viola. Closing the album are "Magma" and "Used To Be The Last”, the last one a monumental, hymn of melancholia and sadness in its maximum expression. A very interesting release if you are looking for something sensitive, hypnotic and original.


"The K Syndrome" Digipack 2009


Arnaud Sponar,a French Multi-instrumentalist having more than 20 years of musical experience, comes with his debut album called "The K Syndrome" in which you shall experience the different emotive moments and beautiful pieces of musical enlighten due how each one of the 12 compositions revealed here, are created,moulded,manifested...through diverse emotions and perspective which only a dedicated artist could release when playing from heart. The whole tracks were recorded in diverse countries and under diverse emotional experiences which makes of "The K Syndrome" a unique, album, an exquisite piece full of harmony and emotiveness. Some of them were recorded on countries such as Switzerland, Germany, and Usa. The whole tracks are built into acoustic guitar elements with strong influences in Blues, Electronic Pop and Downtempo Ambient. Also the use of percussive elements in tracks such as "Klippings","Expekt" give you more motives to keep on hearing more the whole album. Or when crossing the limits of perception a find tracks such as "Oktober" or "Skypeiano", generated into specific nostalgic atmospheres, giving to you remembrances of past events on your life which will never come back again. Or the tribal begining on "Kreuzberg 963", are just some of the elements you shall find when hearing carefully each one of the tracks present in "The K Syndrome" which is without a doubt ,an excellent debut by a creative artist as Arnaud.So,just what comes the future relating this dedicated artist!!!