Tuesday, 12 January 2010

BLEIBURG (interview)


Greetings, and let me start the interview asking you which were the principal basis for the creation of BLEIBURG as important aspect in your life? And tell us a few about BLEIBURG in relationship to history connected with your fascination with wars, specially the Second World War?

S. Rukavina: Every past second is history – so BLEIBURG have for the future enough themes to use them. This is the main aspect of BLEIBURG and my life. War has no fascination – If you was there where I was in Croatia in 1992 you will be sure what I mean. Maybe for others it looks like a fascination, but read between the lines and there will be enough room for definitions. I don’t like to tell people what to think and everyone is free to search in BLEIBURG songs for own interpretations.

Due, to lot of material released by BLEIBURG, I am a bit curious to know how do you do to create music without falling in repetitive or monotonism? Do you think Creativity is latent in each person, and it must be developed individually?

S. Rukavina: This question must be answered in two parts.

1: If you mean BLEIBURG solo songs I think that except in the actual or forthcoming records “Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter” and “Till The Last Night” (out by The Eastern Front, Israel) – which where concept records – I start with an idea (in sound, in concept, whatever ...). I record the music for a record in some days or a week because only this way of work will guarantee for me the same musically-feeling. Later - but also from the beginning to the end – I add text, samples, additional sounds ... BLEIBURG is my groups and I am the only constant member, but from record to record guests like E.W. Schroeder of MDMA/Tento11 and A. Schwarz of MANMACHINE was temporary members too. E.W. Schröder is the voice in some BLEIBURG songs and he writes also the most lyrics of the songs he was involved. A. Schwarz was involved for additional sounds or in the split record BLEIBURG featuring MANMACHINE „History In Flames“(out by SkullLine, Germany).

2: If you mean my collaboration works it is everytime a surprise to hear what other groups have done with my prepared sounds, samples, Some groups add only some sounds, some only voice, some use parts of my sounds and add it their own ideas, ... .

Do you think the principal element for the success of BLEIBURG is the dynamism when creating music? I mean dark electro, experimental, ambient, industrial, martial and apocalyptic, folk music which can be heard in each one of your releases?

S. Rukavina: Basically I do only music for myself. If others like it, it’s good if not, I have also no problem with it.

If I have in mind to create for example such apocalyptic-atonal sounds like on „Occidentem Appello“(out by SkullLine, Germany) I do it. Why not?

I like crazy sounds. In my archive you will find also something like Martial-Hip Hop (really) or others, but I think that this is also for BLEIBURG too daring to be published. Only a very crazy record called „Musique Grotesque“was published (also via SkullLine) where the concept was to buy „equipment“for not more than 20 € and record a 2CD: and I have done it – hehe. But naturally this are only experiments.

In fact: give me 8 different one-shots and I will create the style you like to have.So at the present there are enough questions for theme-records or to be a part in some theme-sampler. All informations of forthcoming records you will find on the homepage: www.bleiburg.de. Find there 99 songs from the last 12 years of BLEIBURG history. For me it is important not to copy me from record to record, so I always buy new equipment for every new record. Maybe this is also a reason why BLEIBURG records sounds always different.

Does BLEIBURG has reached its highest peak at the present moment, or yet is more to be created in the dynamism universe in which BLEIBURG's floats? Tell us more about "The Way Of Crosses" album and the collaboration between you and LARRNAKH?

S. Rukavina: „The Way Of Crosses“was a product of personal choice by The Eastern Front after sending them so much BLEIBURG songs.

The song you find in collaboration with LARRNAKH we have done after out first collaboration you find on the 2CD „Pieces Of A Broken Dream“. This was the same way like everytime: the main music was done and they add the voice and some extra sounds and the song was ready: like in the first collaboration song.

If BLEIBURG have reached the highest peak? I don’t know. Decide yourself after hearing “Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter” and “Till The Last Night”.

Tell us about your collaboration with Justin/Cold Spring, Rodolfo/Old Europa Cafe, Igor, and Tania/The Eastern Front? And in which were they take part on the evolutive process BLEIBURG has reached through the years?

S. Rukavina: I know Justin and Rodolfo since the THAGLASZ days and so the step to publish there some records was not far.

I like by The Eastern Front the fast and good communication and their great publishing work. The actual and forthcoming BLEIBURG record has the perfect home for these two records.

I also like SkullLine: it reminds me sometimes on the THAGLASZ days....

From your position in which way consumism and plastic American culture are deteriorating so many old traditions in countries around the world, in your case Europe?

S. Rukavina: For individuals or for countries are the same: there are some which welcome this and some not. Most of them which welcome Coca Cola (I prefer Pepsi – hehe) and Co. are without roots or traditions. But the problem is that most of them don’t recognize that that is not European and believe because of TV, advertisements, that MTV or VIVA that what they see is the real life. Nothing against ass-shaking girls – definitely not – but if such „aesthetics“are normal in Europe than good night.

I describe myself as a cosmopolitan European – in my world are not rooms for this when I must see it every minute. Nothing against the music – I sometimes listen myself also sounds like 2 Live Crew, Stevie B., NWA, Africa Bambaata or Freestyle/Electro-Funk, but this because of the fact that these groups using the same instruments like later use for example EBM groups. You see I’m open and tolerant for enough, but some things are (for me) definitely enough.

Ignore it or not – everyone should decide what the best is.

Let's go back in time and tell us a few about the Thaglasz age? And in which way these old times were inspirational influence for what is know today as BLEIBURG?

S. Rukavina: THAGLASZ and BLEIBURG are totally different. THAGLASZ was only a label and BLEIBURG is a music project.

Because of my health problems I gave THAGLASZ to a person from Berlin after the wooden/steal 10LP box „Security Of Ignorance“. This guy hasn’t done anything since many years and so THAGLASZ is definitely dead.

Since these times I have more or less good contacts to some groups of this time and so I have done some songs with them – actually there are three more BLEIBURG collaboration-records finished (2CD – „The Grey Years“, 2CD – „Gods Of War“, CD – „Follow Me“), but up to now they are not published.

Now inform us a few about your other project RHESUS FACTOR to all those who haven't the opportunity to heard about it? Any future plans for RHESUS FACTOR?

S. Rukavina : Yes, I focussed my plans for 2010 on this project which is musically totally different than BLEIBURG : it is (old school) Electronic Body Music and Aggrepo (early 90´s electronic sounds like stuff of „New Zone“, „Boy Records“, „ZYX“, „Zoth Ommog“, ...) and in a few songs it is Dark-Electro.

Till middle of the year we will be able to play live, with a special „old school“video projection, show ... and the second men on the stage will be T. Rohlfs of SCHALLGEWALT which is a member of RHESUS FACTOR.

“Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter” and “Till The Last Night” albums will be out via The Eastern Front recs. could you reveal us which are the principal concept and musical direction of both albums?

S. Rukavina : Well, as in the past every BLEIBURG record was not in the same music style as an other I decide after starting with RHESUS FACTOR to publish with BLEIBURG in future only Martial, Neoclassic, Apocalyptic Folk, Dark-Ambient, Atonal, ... and with RHESUS FACTOR strictly Electronic Body Music and Aggrepo.

Both are concept-records:

“Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter” has the theme: Austrian-Hungarian monarchy and “Till The Last Night” has the theme: Israel.

This was a short but informative interview so thanx for your time and keep on BEIBURG's weapons rising on high!!

S. Rukavina: Thank you and all the best.