Sunday, 31 January 2010

NO ANGELS productions (Interview)

By Kerval

A promissing Polish Record Label,which is run by Radunir,which has released some interested releases such with acts as: BUBEN,IN (S)CISSORS,SIMULACRA,EXPERIMENTS IN DARKNESS ...among others!! so just read the whole interview in order to know more about this great Polish Record label.

Salut Radunir, and to start with this conversation...will be interesting to know more about the necessities in your life to create a record Label? Perhaps the first

Intention was to give support to underground Ambient/Dark Wave/ Neofolk/ experimental scene?

Hi Kerval. Yeah, it’s good question for the beginning of this chat, heh. Well I guess there were no “necessities”, but something more like “curiosity” of checking out how would it be like to do more for music, than just being a listener… Firstly, I started to create my own music, and some years later I wanted more involvement in this kind of activity. One of important reasons was also the fact, that no-one wanted to release my early shit-music, haha. Well it’s released right now by some labels, but I still think it’s a piece of crap. And why I choose this kind of aesthetics in music? I think it was very natural consequence of my interest in all those dark situations in human mind, actions, ideas, mythology, history, etc. I guess it can be quite common among some group of people.

Tell us about the hidden meaning behind the name NO ANGELS? And what's the main ideological facet handled by you when decided to create the record label? How has been the development since 2004 until now year 2010 E.V?

What does label’s name mean, I do not exactly know, even if it is my idea, heh. It was rather an impulse of protest in my head. I think it could be negation of some ideological aspects hidden in religion (in the global sense). The element of religion (of all religions) which makes people do things, they would be ashamed of, if they were sober – more rational. I hope you know what I mean. After years this situation is still up-to-date. I believe that “sweet slavery” (symbolized by “angels” in this case) of minds, served by religious and political leaders, is getting even stronger. It hurts… But do not seek for such ideology in our releases. They are a kind of escape from mad world.

Talking about was the celebration of 5 years of NO ANGELS’ existence? And reveal us some more details about “5 years Of Calm Fury" release?

It was interesting moment… one of the points in life when you have a chance to look back over your shoulder. Checking a distance you’ve just crossed. I’m too retrospective, maybe. There was no loud celebration. I wanted this moment to be a minute when I feel some more peace. I don’t remember really if I felt it, heh. “5 Years of Calm Fury” is a special release that includes all the projects we’ve released during the years. Those are extremely talented people. Album is varied but still represents unity on many levels. I love to recognize dichotomies in everyday situations. In music also. The title of the album tells us almost everything – there was five years period, fury of protests and negations (which I’ve mentioned before) and calmness of musical forms presented on the album.

How difficult is to run a label in Poland, knowing some economical situations there? Tell us a few about promising acts rising from Polish scene?

I don’t know what to say. I feel no difficulties. Maybe just the fact that there are many great labels here and it’s hard to be noticed, hehe. I think people here work in very professional way with music, even if there is only a hobby. It’s quite easy to recognize if you consider that we have here one of the biggest events in Europe (to mention only Wroclaw Industrial Festival or Castle Party). But honestly, I’m hungry for small pub live performances for engaged audience. I’ve been trying to organize such parties in my hometown. Each time it was a great time. As for economical matters – I’m curious what do you know about the situation. I must say that people from both Americas usually have small pieces of information about what happened 20 years ago. And that’s all. I can only ensure that you can expect Poland to be totally different place after all those years. The fact is you need to work very hard to get any progress. I think that almost everyone here knows about it, and maybe this is the reason for rapid changes in this country since 1989. I can tell you more – here is the source of the changes that flooded entire region of Europe. What else can I say? I love this odd place, hehe. Come and visit.

From your point of view, which are the two release which you think are the best at No Angels, knowing all the releases has important elements worth to mention?

Oh man… It’s a very difficult question. Every single release was a step further. Decisions were always considered, and that’s why every album is very important to us! I can tell only which albums appeared to be little more successful, little more noticed outside. If I need to point only two, let it be: 1. IN SCISSORS “The Veratrine Evangelicum” (Vincent had great achievements with his project after this release, but he’s the one, who deserves credit); 2. Our latest release INNER VISION LABORATORY & ROTO VISAGE “Cinema Stain” (people seem to like it very much… that is good).

Which are the principal elements you think in a project to choose to release something. Perhaps the musical and ideological elements play a 50% and 50%, for such decision?

The most important thing is quality of presented music. A combination of emotional feelings we can get while listening, crossed with high skills of the artist. If there are both of conditions fulfilled, and if there is agreement between us and the artist, we can make it.

Which are the next upcoming releases coming from NO ANGELS in a near future? And tell us a bit about "wieczor Konca… (The Evening Of The End...)" live show you co-organize, developing HOARFROST and DEAD FACTORY?

I’m sure about one release in upcoming two months. It’ll be first full-length CD of SIMULACRA from Belgium. Great stuff for “void-lovers”! “Wieczor Konca” was a very nice idea of Rafal from Hoarfrost project (Poland). He told me he’s ready to play with Maciej (Dead Factory) in September in Ustrzyki town, and asked me if I can help in organizing cinematic part of the evening. I’ve contacted a few film authors and they agreed to let us present their works. One of them was Peter Andersson (Raison d’Etre), who supported us with a copy of his Natura Fluxus movie. Big Thanx! So we spent whole night with Rafal, Maciej, our ladies and other people in restaurant where the concert took place, and on after party in a hotel room. It was really great time.

Have you thinking in the idea to release 7'ep or LP in a no distant future? So, what’s your opinion about vinyls? And any vinyl jewels in your personal collection?

Vinyls are amazing thing! Yes, there was an idea to release vinyl ep of In Scissors (Greece). It’s not finalized yet, but I deeply hope that we’ll make this dream come true.

So, any worth act coming from South America, which you consider could be released on NO ANGELS? And reveal us a few about your personal activities besides NO ANGELS?

Sure, some people from South America contact with us, from time to time, asking if we can release their music. I can say only that for now there are lots of “closer” projects that we would like to have in our label. In other words – we would like to focus more on our “local” scene. Beside of No Angels Prod., I’m a regular guy. Two years ago I’ve finished university studies, for some years I was working in big IT company, but now I do what I like most - I’m graphic designer in a nice little studio. I’m spending my life on collecting memories which will make me a happy man when I get old. Let it be my little secret, haha.

Do you see the possibility to express yourself though a musical project? Or perhaps visual art, poetry or other forms of art?

As I said before, I’m a graphic designer (for many years it was just my passion, now it’s profession) so I express my visual creativity every day. I also run my musical project - Zmierzch. You can check out one single track on “5 Years of Calm Fury” compilation. Unfortunately Zmierzch is sleeping now, waiting for better moment to rise up.

Really, this was an effective chat Radunir!! Thanks a lot for the support within PAN.O.RA.MA journal...a final message could be written here. Thanks again!!

Do not stop dreaming.