Monday, 1 February 2010



With Six Full lenght albums ATRIUM CARCERI,in the shadow of Simon Heath has been enlightment our spirits through dark exposiiton of soundscapes and cinematic atmospheres focusing on the mental limitations of human race,and developing structured concepts in each album,which makes of ATRIUM CARCERI ,one of the most aclaimed acts coming from Swedish scene! Simon reveal us some of his hidden secrets regarding ATRIUM CARCERI,as a driving mental force,to be explored in so many diverse dimensions...!!!

Salut, how happened in your life the idea to experiments with sounds, effects and samples in order to create a project from the magickal dimensions ATRIUM CARCERI has? Due to the act's name, could we say ATRIUM CARCERI, is a mental prision, surrounded by our own obssessions, traumas, and fears from a musical point of view?
Rather the physical prison has been put into place for us to focus on as the "real" world when it is not more real than the worlds beyond. I would also say that our traumas are what can open the prison, give us a glimpse or a pathway to the other side, whilst our fear is what holds us back from trying too uncover what lies beyond the physical.
How's your inspirational source focused into desolation, loneliness, enviromental decay as some elements expressed in ATRIUM CARCERI albums?
It is what I have seen and experienced, those who have been where I have been will know the grinding of the ancient city and every other human being will remember the monolith of the lost without knowing why they do.
Due to the high development in the whole ATRIUM CARCERI albums, I ask you how important is the creativity for you when developing music? And what's the main element you try to focus when creating a definite album concept?
Creativity is highly important; my main element of focus is that every album should be important in itself, but more imp
ortant together with the other albums. If you listen from Cellblock to Phrenitis, you will quickly discover that Cellblock was a lot about fear and escaping the prison of both the mental and physical.
seishinbyouin is where the illusion cracks open even more than on cellblock, due to the heavy ritualistic approach of trying to see through, the interest have been peaked. Kapnobatai is stepping through the doorway, the ancient stairs and the walkways. Ptahil about coming back to our real home, the shattering of the persona and is deep on the other side of the illusion, Souyuan completes Ptahil in this way. Phrenitis on the other hand is a lot more about having all this enlightened knowledge and seeing hope and sadness for the first time when catching glimpses into the illusion where all our common sleepers live and breed, focused on problems connected to the apparent world and not a "real one".
“Souyuan” is your fifth album
, so could you tell us a few about the general concept of the album such as musical as ideological? Could we say this is the best release in ATRIUM CARCERI Existence?
Souyuan is about relearning the ropes, being reborn, shattered and put together, having gone far through the cracks. I have a hard time saying any release is better than the other; each release serves a very specific purpose to enlighten.
One aspect which we can observe is how cinematic atmospheres are crawling through the whole, perhaps is this the principal structure which has characterized ATRIUM CARCERI, which has given a strong identity inside the dark ambient scene?
I believe so; the primary musical concern of me has always been to create visual music that does not need a music video/live-performance to be "seen
". Also I am known for being insanely interested in mathematics in music and how they affect our minds, which results in a lot of experimentation and studies on people while constructing the albums.
Do you think mostly humans lives in a mental prision, be it through a religious moral codex, political ideology or obsessive psychic structures? So, what’s for you mental freedom?
I know they do, but the sleepers are put together by oblivious fragments but often thousands, the odds that someone does not have ANY knowledge of what lies deeper is tiny, it is just blocked out mostly by the societal
structure and propaganda. Mental freedom is cleverly masqueraded, because those that do see beyond the current are by society looked upon as the mentally handicapped and often are not even allowed to express what they see openly. In any open society would not the members of it be interested if someone discovered something out of the ordinary?
So, in connection with last quaestion, could we say world is a mental asylum and we are the subconscious mental illness screaming for cure? Is ATRIUM CARCERI the cure?
Atrium Carceri just (hopefully) makes you remember enough of to open your eyes slightly and glance at the world in another light.
Could you explain us the general concept of your past albums, and how each one was taken by scene according to you? Any live performance in ATRIUM CARCERI existence?
I only played once with Atrium Carceri at Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig many years ago and was not allowed to do it beyond a black screen. I am strongly opposed to idolry and music as show business... it's not something that should belong together in my opinion.
Is known "Phrenitis"album, will be released soon. So fill our expectatives, giving us some information about the new album such musical as ideological?
Phrenitis is out as of now; the album is a very personal one for me and as such much more emotional. People say it is not as scary as say cellblock and they are right, the album is not about feeling fear. It is about seeing the world with new eyes, sadness, beauty and the cracking illusion slowly withering at the war torn places of the world.
Before closing this short conversation tell us about your projects ZA FRUMI and ABNOCTO? And the lastest news referring both acts?
We are planning another Za Frûmi album this year and about Abnocto... well we might go down the tunnels again with abnocto but it was a real hassle getting all equipment deep down underground like that so we shall see if we use the same approach again.
Thanx for the answers Simon...and a last message to all South American Ill Mental freaks?
Do not believe the oppressors sheep, what you see beyond the fleeting is more real than what they see.
Be free brothers and sisters.