Friday, 5 February 2010



"End of Story" Cdr 2010


After the impressive track released on "subconscious Primitive Musik", Gian Luca returns with a massive structure full of dark eerie spaces which floats through your mind when listening it at first time, and with pass of minutes you seems to fall into its dense universe full of paradigms representing the parallel universe in which resides DERLIST.This time with "End Of Story" an album built into diverse structures with excellent evolution of the whole tracks, from start to finish. Tracks such as "Malady”, with strong dense atmospheres and percussive elements floating through the whole structure and evocative vocalizations, which enrich so much the composition in general. Or "Derlist" with such obsessive guitar tunes and industrial percussive sounds, voices generating a perfect, dense and hypnotic atmosphere.” Fancy Free" floats into melancholic atmospheres, and drone elements mixed with such excellent structure of percussive nature, in which one more time DERLIST express us all its potential.” Error 10" is a dark drone evocation of sounds in its more pure form! This track has so many strong elements and bathed with surreal, eerie atmospheres gathering and transforming all the time! So, the latent potential of DERLIST is a fact, you must explore in order to know more about this promising Italian act! Other tracks are: "Still In My Heart","Waste","It Was A Dream" among, for more info just contacts Gianluca!!!


"An.Unna.Ki" Cdr 2009


The unknown regions explored at B-universe, generating the transmission for apocatasthasis of humanity, has just begun!! The backward countdown in which AN.UNNA.KI is the personal mutation of Gian Luca, from DERLIST and NEURATH has been unleashed. An exploration of distant spheres ruled by ancient gods, and futuristic organisms, experimenting so many facets. One of them is "The Return To Nibiru", the first transmission evoked here, where the ambient atmospheres are mixed with cybernetic vociferations creating a dismal paradise reflecting the Sumerian new Aeon, through codified visionary musical perceptions. Though "The Flight Of nergal", everything is transformed into a more dense structure but still the deconstructive futuristic atmospheres are present to show you a latent visionary reality through the eyes of Nergal.While "Tschnozoyd" is a subliminal hypnotic transmission with no lineal patterns are dressed with such enigmatic defragmentation of sounds mutating from time to time. The whole atmosphere in this release is brillant, has the necessary essence due hoe the dense structures evolves with the pass of minutes."Ninurta" is built into such hypnotic voices emerging from the void, and reflecting the enigmatic atmosphere behinds AN.UNNA.KI. Drone soundscapes surrounding the whole atmosphere of the composition."In Pressence Of Innana" is a gate to subterranean tunnels where you Could explore the density and cryptic atmospheres in its maximum expression. Repetitive fragments converging into a catastrophic track full of exciting moments. Closing the album is An.UNNA.KI, complementing the perfect deconstructionism revealed through the whole album. A very interesting project, which surely will get your attention due dynamism and enigmatic structures handled here!


"Psychonaut" Cd 2008

(Mescalinum Music)

After its debut album "Endtime", this ambient German act arrives, with its second one, in which you can feel the in depth development and matureness, due how each one of the five compositions includes here are performed.DOOM, float in a dense sea where darkness embrace you and bring you to its deep regions, to such evocative magickal dimensions where you can explore the sensitive and eerie expressionism created in "Psychonaut". The psychic trip begins with "Shadows” pure ambient atmospheres surrounded by excellent penetrating passages, and enigmatic elements dressed with subliminal soundscapes, creating a perfect opening track. The percussive elements make its pressence, giving to the track rich mixture of atmospheres and soundcapes, though almost 16 minutes. "Trauma” operates under percussive elements and chorus dressing the composition in a very in deep way, such combination creates a very apocalyptic atmosphere from start to,with ""Hope And Fear”, things goes more calm and relaxing, but still with some atmospheres worth to explore due how they has been generated by Matt sick, the mastermind behinds DOOOM.The imaginary walk through the fields of mind, continues its subconscious exploration through "Rebirth”, a track which is penetrating and well structured, built into mysterious and dark atmosheres,creating eerie,the last track is "Caravan Of Restless Souls”, a strong track generated by rumblee percussive elements and subliminal spaces floating through the entire atmosphere of the main ambient structure. Bells and other sounds are mixed perfectly for such creation! DOOOM has developed a very interesting album from start to finish. ALWAYS DEEP, ALWAYS DARK, ALWAYS...DOOOM


"Brutpop" Cdr 2009

(Electro Arc)

Started as a project in 2006, from the ashes of the band Vacuum FIRST AID 4 SOULS has positioned as one of the most relevant acts coming inside the Hungarian scene. Its music is full of passion, energy and feeling. FIRST AID 4 SOULS, devepoes a kind of experimental music fusioning diverse elements from electro pop, electronic music, industrial atmopshres."Brutpop" includes a total of 13 compositions in which you could experience the diverse and imaginative world created from these guys coming from Budapest! Tracks as "Painkiller" with its electronic atmospheres and rhythmic structures. Or "powa" with such incredible electro patterns and exceptional voices from Linda Daemon."First Aid", built under so calm rhythmic soundscapes and dressed with a melancholic piano passages, and excellent female vocals.” The Unborn Child”, is one of such sticking tracks you could find here full of energy and power. The whole album includes such psychedelic expressionism created through electronic rhythmic patterns and trance passages dressing mostly of the tracks. "Wings Of Morpheus" includes some electric guitar parts arranged through electronic pasages, creating a deathly excellent composition.” Hairy-(ass) ed (Hun Version)" is just brillant.pure industrial electro with strong traces and powerful elements.the voices in Hungarian give such a more strong touch to the whole track. Perhaps the best track here, although all of them include so many interesting elements worth to explore. Other tracks are "robochon","the wave”,” Before The Light" among others!! Just check this interesting Experimental/electro/industrial project.