Tuesday, 9 February 2010


"The Waste Land" Digipack 2009
(Cold Meat Industry)
So, Perhaps some of you have never heard this album, from this excellent ritual folk, ambient act called :GOLGATHA:,so,well this is a re-release from the first ever released album, in which :GOLGATHA:,reveal us how was its first steps into its devotional strucutres,which at the present moments became one of the most impressive and acclaimed acts worldwide. Due the way as was released "The Waste Land" by cold Meat Industry, we consider this a total masterpiece full of intense moments, obscure ,heretic expressionism revealing the nature is which :GOLGATHA: was born...so, the whole tracks were re-mastered, especially for this release! 14 compositions + two bonus tracks is what you must find in this re-release. tracks such as "Purification”, the opening one, offer us a hypnotic ambient atmosphere created though gongs sounds and elements which give us an idea of how ritualistic is the main structure in: GOLGATHA:, Christoph Donarski, the mastermind behinds this ritual project continues his explorative path with tracks such as "vortex Of life”, built into dense ambient atmospheres dressed with eerie soundscapes and drone elements which seems to absorb yourself al the time.” Eternal Kali Yuga" is just brillant, thorugh the use of percussive ritual elements and haunting atmospheres this track is one of my favorites,giving you a vacuity full of sensations and different feelings while hearing voices ,appering though the whole track. Another track here is "The End”, a suggestive piece full of ambient passages and female voices, increasing its power when the inclusion of ritual drumming elements complementing perfectly with the whole structure of the composition."Shadowland" is one of such pieces which you will never forget, due the amazing production and musical structure created by ritual chants and atmospheres mixed with an excellent dark ambient soundscapes.while "Agonia/Invasion", and emerges into melancholic acoustic guitar parts and sticking percussive drumming elements dressing the structure of the track. The highlights at "the Waste Land" album is how is track has been built into a dynamic way, opening new channels of perception and offering you new horizons due high levels of musical deconstructionism generated here. so, the use of Arabian chants in "The Clash" is a proof of it, giving such an oriental atmosphere due how the track is developed, full of drumming elements and chants this became a must track to hear once again and again. The use of diverse elements as Bamboo flute, African drums, metal scratchings, violin, voices, Japanese gong, is enough arguments to explore "The Wasteland" just more than a simple album "The Wasteland" is a inner voyage to magickal, desolated paradises visualized to be travelled by yourself.” March and Elegy" is another composition full of power and energy, due the magnitude of the atmospheres and percussive elements dressing the whole track.

"New Dawn" Digipack 2009
(Cold Meat industry)
AETERNA is the magickal exaltation of Birthe Klementowski Aka Alfa and Christoph (Omega) known for his ritual folk act :GOLGATHA:,here in this project he explores diverse visions and dimensional paradigm focusing on trans-modern, neo-shamanistic, animistic spectrums,transmited via musical incantations though the inner light searching for a new dawn...an inner death where to reborn and to die are cycles of the same dimensional pattern.so,AETERNA is such luciferian light, such invisible light emanating its rays upon yourself.” New Dawn" offer you 11 compositions of apocalyptic ritual folk, in which you shall enlighten your mind and spirit due the emotive of the whole tracks.” New Dawn" is an album in which the obscure scenarios are present at every moment, from the opening track "Invocation”, built into dense atmospheres and mysterious soundscapes full of power, to the last one "Tears" transforming enigmatic voices, flutes, acoustic guitars into a dark melancholic piece full of sadness and sorrow. Is amazing to have the pleasure to delight ourselves with such expressive cinematic, destructive marching hymns such as "End Of Days”, apocalyptic marching drums and atmospheres evoking death. A ritual composition with the necessary power and energy to keep you expectating all the time.” New Dawn" is a composition of beautiful character, veiled into melancholic acoustic guitar parts, effects and perfect female voices appearing through the whole track. A rich track full of sensitive expressionism is what you shall experience here. The next track "Waves" seems to be a kind of continuation of the last track, but this time with Male voices, in which alpha express all his reality though Acoustic guitar parts, and interesting atmospheres."Wolfcross”is just a perfect soundtrack for a movie, full of dense atmopsheres, percussive soundscapes and spoken voices accompanied by melancholic acoustic guitar parts, tranforms the whole structure in a solid atmosphere full of enigmatic soundscapes.Though "Transition" thing goes oriented more into drone passages surrounded by obscure atmopsheres, and dismal soundscapes."Ultimate Will" crawls into martial drumming parts with spoken voices by alpha, and some whispers creating ghastly apocalyptic atmopsheres.Wtihout a doubt there a new dawn, a new dark star shinning in horizon, because AETERNA,is such inner light unleashed into earth, where death, mysterious enigmatic realms are the keys to find such luciferian torch!! So, for more information and samples just visit AETERNA's my space page. Also is worth to mention the amazing cd art such talented german artist Birthe Klementowski.