Tuesday, 23 February 2010

KRISTUS KUT (Interview)

By Kerval

KRISTUS KUT IS EXCORCISM. a way to get control of your emotions. let them go in pieces of sound.
KRISTUS KUT IS TRANCE. let yourself float on the waves of the harsh ritual noises..
KRISTUS KUT IS MEDITATION. dive into yourself and explore your deepest desires..

Inspired by the orishas and rituals of the vodou, cantomblé, santeria and lukumi Kristus Kut creates his walls of sound. working with bass guitars, bamboo, broomsticks, vocals and guitar effects every performance is a way to get in trance and meet the gods. every performance is unique and is dedicated to a certain god of the orisha panteon.Releases are dedicated to Oya, Oshun and Yemanya. change, sex, love and sex. new things can only start when the old is destroyed. the circle of life.sex is important. to do what you want. loose yourself. pure drifts. loose the society morals. follow the instincts. during the orgasm you get into the divine. that is why KK is into the ritual sex.
So...this is the beginning of the end...how does KRISTUS KUT emerges to create a strong structure based on your own personal spiritual devises focusing the Orisha tradition and rituals of the vodou, cantomblé, santeria and lukumi?
First, before I started Kristus Kut I was in an electro punk band called Abattoir Rouge. The live shows of AR were very wild, and sometimes I ended up screaming the words over and over again when a song was ended. I discovered I could get into a trance when I just repeat the same word over and over again. The same I saw in the vodou rituals. Drums, dance and trance. And more important, the some of the Orisha are very sexual and very strong. This caught my interest and I started to explore the Orisha tradition. So I started to create my own noise rituals. It took some recordings till I was at the right wave length.
My goal is to get the audience and myself into a trance during an performance. Making low sounds that are floating in the air. With some repetition and work it all to a loud climax. It sounds simple, and I think it is, but still it works. I prefer to perform in the dark with some minal lights, so the audiene must focus on the music. I hardly use background projections cause I don’t want to distract my audience. I want them to listen and experience the sound.

How happened such latent energies from Orisha's panteon shows you this spiritual path to follow,and how closed is this within KRISTUS KUT?
Well somehow the Orisha are getting more and more important in my live. I think the powers are still alive and very practical. It gave me some comfort in dealing with my deceased family. I lost my parents and brother and I was looking for a way to deal with that. The ancestor rituals from vodou and the Orisah tradition brought me some answers I was seeking.
And I noticed when I was working with Oya (Iansa) that indeed my live started to change. I was visualizing her a lot during recordings. You can only get something new when you destroy the old. Somehow that is an important part of the idea behind Kristus Kut. The other important thing is to set yourself free by sex. The seductive side of the goddess Oshun is the other main inspiration. Some of the Orisha are very sexy. And I cant ignore that. It is in the dances, in the music and even in some rituals.
I always take Legba with me during rituals. He must open the crossroad. He is in front of me. If I am allowed (in NL you are not allowed to use candles and smoke) I honor him first and then I start the noise.

One of the aspects with surprise us reffering KRISTUS KUT is how raw and strong your music is and how eclectic everything turns when using tribal ritual elements...so,tell us how is such ritual transformation when creating music for KRISTUS KUT?
Somehow it all looks so easy. I have an idea and I just start recording. In the beginning it was just seeking how to record some soundscapes but more and more it became an concept. I wanted the full lengths to become journeys. Even the split releases contain that concept. So it is not just some noisy tracks collected, no there is a progression. There is an opening. A road. And a climax. For those who want to listen for free, try the free downloads on Quartier23/Notariqon.

Due your closes interest ,and practices to Orisha tradition,how do you relate such spiritual enlightment through your own personal Sex Magick rituals?
Ah, that is a tricky one. Fact is that during an orgasm you can get free of you mortal body. I think it is important you should experience and explore as much as possible. Sex/Orgasm is an important energy source.
And for the rest.. I prefer to keep my sex life private.

Besides orisha,what do you think about currents from Palo Mayombe in Cuba and the Dominican Republic, Umbanda in Brazil and,the Petro rites of Haitian Vodou.?
I lack the knowledge for a good answer on this one. I am very sorry.

Is the principal goal in KRISTUS KUT ,to cause trance,magickal states of consiouss to trascends beyond the apparent realities in this existence...to look inside yourself and find for knowledge?
Both. It depends on the state of mind at that moment. Some of the albums, like Kiss of the Black Queen was a journey through my own state of mind. I had to get rid of some emotions. I think I managed to exorcise them with this album. The same for the Mambo Kiss and Hail the Black Queen.
Emotions like anger and love find their way in those recordings. But if you listen to recordings like droomLicht, For the Love of the Black Queen, Music for Sex Rituals you will find that those ones are made to meditate. Long deep monotone tracks with minimal variation. Just enough not to fall asleep so you can focus on the sound and go down in your innerself.

Is know your live performances are from high caliber,due extremity of shows ,and obviously enigmatic,twisted atmopsheres...so,tell us more about visual,audial performances you creates through KRISTUS KUT?
The live performances are getting famous. It is all about getting totally into the performance. I really get high and carried away. I need a good stage sound for a good performance. I need to hear myself. The white clothes, Legba, the candles and the incense it is all needed to create the right ambience.

Now,tell us about the KRISTUS KUT/PHALANX "Soundtracks For Masturbation Sessions" part 3 ?and about upcoming releases coming soon this year?
Haha..the soundtracks for masturbation sessions. Well that was a nice series. Somehow they are quite good. I was my way of promoting the monofocal sexritual. I think masturbation is underestimated. Somehow I don’t think there will be a part 4 but you never know.
Right now I have release ready. Called the Butterfly King. It is more introspective. I hope to release it sometime this year. The Vagina Libertatis, the final track is now an important part of the KK live climax. And if things go well there will be a rerelease of I on cd.
I will also be working on some new tracks. In the actual live set I created some pieces that I would like to record and put out. You can find of such ideas in the player on the KK myspace profile. There you can also find the links to the free downloads.
I am also thinking of a new sex ritual release. But then done in a much different way. But I am still working on that plan.

In which way,do you think the KRISTUS KUT sound has reached a point of transformation,since the very beginning until now year 2010 E.V?
Yes. Sure. When I look at the first recordings and the first performances they were totally different. I think now it is more professional.

So, more than a pleasure to have the opportunity to share some words here...just thanx and clsoe this as yuo wants my firend!! keep on floating through the inner light of your infinite being..so,may loas guide your path!!
Thank you