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DEADWOOD (Interview)

DEADWOOD (Interview)
By Kerval
Deadwood is a one-man project that was created in 2003 under the name Deadwood Murder, its only purpose was/is to satisfy my lust for raw and filthy black Industrial music. It has been a slow process with years in-between releases. The first demo was made and sent out to several labels in 2004. . Cold Spring records agreed to release the first full-length Deadwood album "8 19" (HS?). And summer 2004 a split tape with black metal band blodulv called The Havoc We Seek was released on the French BM label Forgotten Wisdom productions. Cold Spring records released the debut album '8 19' in summer 2005. It took quite a while to get the album out and for a while it looked like forces unknown was trying to stop this dark masterpiece to ever see the light of day. With multiple delays on various fronts nothing seemed to go our way. The first print sent over by the printer was a joke with the colurs all-wrong and the discs scratched. And when it was to be re-printed, the printing factory burned down. Now 3 years later, Deadwood's 2nd full-length album "Ramblack" is due in summer 2008, featuring guest vocals from Maniac (Mayhem). Expect nothing less than pure fucking darkness!

A pleasure to have you here in PAN.O.RA.MA Mr Jansson...which were the principal elements such musical as ideological to express yourself though a darkened psychotic act as DEADWOOD? And give us some details about your relationship between you and dark side of human psyche?
The pleasure is all mine. It’s always nice to get interviewed.
A product of flesh, soul and emotion. Deadwood was born to bring you darkness in sonic form, nothing more nothing less. The idea was to have no real boundaries what so ever, and it still is for that matter. I have always looked at things a certain way that wasn’t “socially accepted” and though things have changed with age and I don’t have to act out and/or feel bad about it, it its still there. And I think it always will be. Old demons make new ones and it needs to be vented. This is where Deadwood comes in, I would probably be in jail for some reason or another if it wasn’t for the will to be creative. Also, this is a fun fact, I worked at a mental hospital for a while, it was the most rewarding job I ever had. One can learn allot from the so called insane.

Does the more important element, in DEADWOOD is the raw sound, and destructive black atmospheres? and how important is creativity for you when creating stuff for DEADWOOD?
I need to be in a certain state of mind and have a certain type of creativity when doing Deadwood, its hard to explain but when I need to work on Deadwood material I feel that I have to do just that and I get lost in the recording process. I think it’s the total freedom Deadwood brings. It’s just me through and through. So yes, creativity is very important. But not any type will due. It has to be a certain kind to make the black atmospheres sound the way they should.

So, do you need a special mood or feeling for such catasthropic,obscure compositions? and tell us about the conceptual elements involved in "Tombs, confinement and absolute silence" album?
As stated above, it’s a special creative mood that needs to appear. And when it does it’s like a force of its own.
The Tombs, confinement….Web Edition, was something I had worked on and on for quite some time. But as stated on the website “nothing I wanted for a standard Deadwood release”. The concept behind it was claustrophobia and depression. The repetitive drones for me got me to a nodding state where everything just disappeared leaving me confined, trapped but still at ease. Hence the title.

Recently, "Ramblack"album was released via Cold tell us how has been the ideological and musical concept of the album and how
do you compare this new album against the last one "8 19",to those of us who haven't heard "Ramblack" yet?I don’t know if people notice the difference as much as I do, but for me it’s a huge difference between the two albums. This might have to do with that 8 19 was almost a 100% digital, with the exception of coloring the sound with distortion pedals and filters. And Ramblack was almost a 100% analogue if we don’t count the recording equipment. This, at least to me, made a huge difference in both sound and engineering. 8 19 to me is more dark and has a great flow as an album, and Ramblack has much stronger and evil tracks. Don’t know if they differ so much in ideology, but I look at it like this: 8 19 = soul. Ramblack = hatred. Don’t know if that is how other perceives it though, and I think people should have their own opinion about albums so…..

And how happened that Maniac got involved in "Ramblack" album...any other cooperation for future releases? And due the nature of DEADWOOD music, I asked you how much you are involved into magick and occultism?
I was approached by Justin of Cold Spring asking me about his idea about me collaborating with Maniac on the upcoming album. And from that things just happened. No collaborations with anyone is planned for the near future but who knows what will happened. The new album I’m working will be all me though.
I was really into the occult and studied it for quite some time, but now days there are not much room for it. I still find inspiration in the occult and different kinds of mythology, but it’s on a whole other level these days. And to be honest there is nothing that I would gain from starting up with it again, my mind is in a much more closed state now then couple years back, but how knows maybe it will be a renewed passion later on in life.

How such magickal studies a
nd practices has developed you in order to be a more balanced individual and increase your own mental capabilities?
Dealing with different types of experiences, spiritual as well as physical, makes you grow as a person. And if one can balance the two and not let either control you, it will make you both balanced and strong. I myself derive huge strength and balance from my life’s experiences and magical studies made things shine in a whole new light. It gave me new eyes to view the world with and even though I’m not currently practicing I will never regret the time I invested in it.

Why did you choose to express yourself through Music and not other for of art such as paint, sculpture, photography or movie films? How do you visualize DEADWOOD in a picture, sculpture if you have the opportunity to express DEADWOOD through a visual shape?
Actually, working with images has always been a passion of mine. I had my own “dark room” set up in my first apartment where I worked and developed pictures. Now, I work all digital with programs like Photoshop etc. Many of the images on my releases are my work. All the photos on Ramblack for instance, are photos I took during a trip to my local cemetery.
I would love to start doing video work later on in life and visualize my audio work that way. But since I barely have time to focus on my audio work these days I think that that would be a utopia.
Is known your collaborative project THE RITUAL INCLUSION OF CODE, between you an Osman Arabi,so please let stimulate us giving us some information about such project, and the main ideological concept handled on it?
The forthcoming TRIOC album (out on Small Doses later on) titled Beta Wave Nemisis is an album I am extremely proud of. And As Osman puts it “"Beta Wave Nemisis" mixes our darkest sides in a one long piece of claustrophobic sounds and hallucinogenic frequencies that we think it will serve as medication for the paranoid and the demented”. It combines both our ways of making sound into a something really insane and dark pulsing trough your senses. And Seldom Hunt did a great job with the visuals for this album as well, its one of the best releases through and through that I have been apart of. I’ll leave it at that and let the music speak for itself and let people make up their own minds about it.

Before closing the interview, tell us about upcoming releases by DEADWOOD? and give us some details about your bastard soon KEPLERS ODD, to those who haven't heard of it?

At the moment I’m working on a new Deadwood album, working title Sheolic. All sounds are done and I only have the vocal parts and mixing left. If my vision stays true to itself I think this will be the best album I have ever made. The feeling of the tracks is just “more” then I have ever created before. And I think the lyrics will be of a much more personal nature then before. Something to look out for in the future for sure!
Keplers Odd is on ice at the moment, but I’m hoping we can breath life into the old beast real soon. KO consists of me, Magnus Moilala and Kristina Persson. Magnus I know from my time in Blodulv and Kristina was a friend growing up. It differs tremendously from Deadwood in both sound an character but the dark atmospheres are still there, just with a whole other touch. A mix of ambient, noise, drone and old style Industrial with the inclusion of guitar, both electric and acoustic. It makes for some great listening I assure you.

Thanx for your time Daniel...let's finish the conversation in the way you wants!! Through the veils of darkness...DEADWOODS reflects its hidden masks of Death...

To all of you who support me, I salute you.
Praise and hail.