Thursday, 3 June 2010


"Grey Eminence" Digipack 2010
(Tesco Germany)
After its highest acclaimed album "Raspad" POST SCRIPTVM arrives with its enigmatic 4Th Album,still keeping such powerfull surreal atmospheres covered by ethereal spaces transporting to cold, dark corridors.One important point at "Grey Eminence" album is the dynamic emotional process reflected in each one of the 8 compositions included here. "Grey Eminence" is a meditation on the clandestine forces laboring tiressly to prevent humanity from archeiving its ultimate spiritual goals.The opening track is "Bell Glass Dome",a ritualistic piece buitl into dynamic sugesstive passages and evoking the insane nature and spectral agony of a world born through shadows.The track is so penetrating and obscure from start to finish. Coming next its"Abortion Of Memory",the veils of illusion broken to give birth to a paranoid reality...a reality based on surreal transmissions and soundcapes floating into cinematic pieces arranged through diverse soundsources and effects moulding perfectly with the whole structure of the album.Serpentine vociferations and mystic atmospheres complements the mostly atmospheres created through this second track. Within the third track, "Tarantula Pattern" the strong percussive elements makes its presence creating dense beats,together voices and soundscapes creating an apocaliptic piece worth to explore in its totality due the enigmatic mysticism expresed here."Nausea Vortex" is a plateu of hypnotic elements collapsing themselves to create industrial ambient elements bathed with the dynamism and eclectic deconstructionism necessary to keep your mind altered all the time.Spoken Voices emerges from within to complement this ritualistic piece. Another piece which you must find here is "Upon Decadent Scum" A claustrophobic piece,disonant voices covered by corrosive atmospheres creating bizzarre soundscapes and intense moments of maniac depressive disorder. The whole album has such intensity and ethereal,dynamism which keep your sences altered in a way or another due how each piece is moulded here."Rauschnarkoz","Homo Spectator" and "White Shamans" are the other three tracks which you must explore in order to get a more exact idea of the main concept behinds "Grey Eminence". So for me "Grey Emience is a mental state,an individual phase of individual fragments built into our own illusions,paranoic sensations,bizarre visons and the most insane aspect of our nature.The whole album was mastered by Andreas Wahnmann of FIRST LAW. The album comes in 6 panel digipack!!!

"Isula" Cdr 2010
(Black Note Musik)
Another RFCL album has reached our hands recently and an amazing journey to the most hidden regions in our subconsious,"Isula" is a collection of dubtronic experiemnts connected by particular creative process and a minimalistic aesthetic.12 compositions generating diverse sensations due the eclectic nature of each one of them. "Several Scenes At Once",rythmic percisive beats ,bass sounds and sutile atmospheres covered by particular voices arranged perfectly."At The Same Time", is another track which floats into dubtronic elements and rythmic patterns creating sticking atmospheres. such experimental compositions at "Isula" give you so much ideas of the whole conceptual stuff handeld by Juan Carlos Mendizabal,Etanna Sack,and Lydia Harari when performing togehter as RADIO FREE CLEAR LIGHT...So then comes "Other Memories" and "Ghost Stories" both of them,pieces with a high context in the way as slowly penetrating your mind the first one more sutile and avantgardish,and the second one more into percussive sounds with a more strong nature but still with sutile elemnts here and there.RADIO FREE CLEAR LIGHT is an experimental dimension with diverse elements worth to explore.The album makes its way through the halls of ambient chill and comes to rest in the kingdom of dub step voodoo glitch. "always Different" is one of the best tracks here,dur its strong percussive and bass lines crossing themselves to create a frantic piece of ritualistic nature,some moemnts reminds me to COIL,specially when adapting some experimental touches to the whole track."I Did" is one of such tracks with such dense moments and seems as emerging from a lSD trip due its soft but psychedelic touch and evolving voices crawling you to its most hidden paradise."There Is No Song", is a percussive track surrounded by different atmospheres and rythmic elements gathered especially for this one.So here you have a very experimental album with so eclectic nature ready to be explored by yourself. So just go away and get your copy now through Black Note Music...Let your mind be enlightment by the dark nature of such distant star RADIO FREE CLEAR LIGHT!!

"Awake For The Black Out Procession" 3" cdr 2010
(Industrial Culture)
This is an enigmatic journey to errieness and obscure vaporous atmospheres created by these two projects which has been infiltrating its hidden messages through several releases.This time a collabotrative 32 split release consisting of two compositions in which you shall experience the vacuity and inner void reflected by both artists. This Little Split album made by Luna Dopa & dead.circuit seems to point out the attention on the enigmatic legend of possible hidden entrances for secret places all around the world.Taking inspiration from the famous Twin Peaks series made by David Lynch during the '90s, both projects try to evocate the energies behind the White Lodge and the Black Lodge,as previously reflected on the TV series itself. The first composition is developed by DEAD CIRCUIT,dutch project leaded by Fabian Van Der Meer..."White Lodge Procession" is built into dense drone atmospheres covered by strong dark soundcapes creating a very enigmatic piece with a ritualistic touch around the whole picture of the track. An interesting piece with strong moments from start to finish. At the other hand we have LUNA DOPA handled by the enigmatic shape of Gabriel Luis B,an Italian deconstructionist and artis which has been deveoping its talent through many magickal devices."Holborn Black Lodge" is a suggestive piece with obscure passages and strong distorted guitar atmospheres creating a vast hybryd universe plagued under hipnotic frequencies and more yet to be discovered.With the pass of minutes the compositions evolves under experimental drone ambient structures collapsing perfectly each other. So a very impressive release by both acts. so for more information just visit the Industrial Culture page. Extremely recommended to all those people naturally attracted by the underground occult matters, related with strange places from where often people don't come back to reality.

"Liquid Subway To Oblivion" Cdr 2010
(Faraday's Disc)
Again the Enigmatic shape of Gabriel Luis B. is present this time with "Liquid Subway To Oblivion" a dismal paradise exploring the diverse confrontations and paradigms of mind through 6 ritualistic ambient pieces,which surely will transports you to such unknown regions of your subconsious. There are many people in this world who think the reality as a series of energies constantly in motion, and imagine that through acts of will, you can access those states ofconsciousness normally hidden. LUNA DOPA seems to be part of this group of people. The opening track is "Dimensional Cross",calm dark ambient passages bathed by sutile fragments and voices chanting,opening as prelude for the upcoming ones."Moon Phase To Black",is built under diverse hypnotic sounds creating dense ritualistic structures,complemented by spoken voices which creates a strong composition here due how the track is evolving through minutes. Each track seems to be a seal in which there're surreal or dreamlike experiences, leaving a constant halo of cosmic vacuum around the listener. The voyage continues with "Royal Ring",another dense piece full of obscure pulsations and drone ritual elements transforming all the time to create one of the best pieces here. Also is worth to mention how the use of voices makes its presence,giving a more ritualistic atmosphere to the track.Its like a funeral march to the void in which inhabits all of us in the deepest of our minds."Parallel Vision" crawls through decodified elements and psychick mutations creating dark atmospheres and experimental,visionary elements. so closing the release there are two tracks "Outsiders And Liquids" which is just brillant,due how obscure voices appears around the track and eerie atmospheres. And "Subway To Oblivion",an experimental ambient composition with such dark ritual elements surrounding the whole picture of the track. A world beyond the world is what it seems to suggest this album, where man no longer recognizes himself, falling into a dense web of shadows.