Wednesday, 7 July 2010

EMME YA "Beyond The Secret Flame"(The Aiwass Manifesto)

"Beyond The Secret Flame"(The Aiwass Manifesto)
(The Mercurius Collective)
Emme Ya’s “Beyond The Secret Flame” is a voyage to inner trascendence beyond nothingness, based on the three chapters of Liber Al Vel Legis sub figura CCXX, in which is revealed through diverse audial soundcapes and atmospheres, the revelations of Aiwass in Cairo, Egypt. when dictating the Book of law. The three chapters converge in its own enigmatic message dressed through codified phrases and symbolic structures. The whole album is a dedication not to the Scribe (A.Crowley) but, to a such vast entity known as Aiwass-shaitan and the totality of experience beyond the complex current 93 and The thlemic trinity.
Ritual ambient soundscapes combined with some tribal influences and completed by spoken words from Crowley's The Book of the Law.


1-The secret flame (The dance of Nuit)

2-The coiled serpent (The invisible light of Hadit)

3-The Throne Of Power (The Mask Of Heru-Ra-Ha)
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The Being’s debut album deals with the concept of inner-transformation and personal growth on a spiritual level by combining the arts of philosophy & poetry, music & magic into one coherent whole.

A musical style perhaps best described as neofolk / neocabaret - though not strictly bound to a genre as such - takes the listener on a journey through a the realms of self-transformation with a strange, unworldly and experimental mixture of moodswings that intentionally shock the mind and purposefully disturb the mental balance.

- Digipack CD

- 20-page booklet filled with poetry and art by The Being.

And also Available in 12" BROWN VINYL

01 - Introduction
02 - Dancing Danger
03 - Icarus' Wings
04 - The Mixing Separation
05 - Luna and the Hidden Hazard of Milk
06 - I am Movement
07 - Through Madness to Mercury
08 - The Parental Urge
09 - Fragile is the Beauty of a Rose
10 - Madman's Walz
11 - A Flight through the Bright Night
12 - The Question
13 - 13 in the making

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