Tuesday, 13 July 2010


"There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood" Cd 2010
(No Angels Prod)/(Consouling Souls)
SIMULACRA is a Belgian project Handled by Miguel, and after the excellent work at "Somewhere...Inside A Void " mini cdr,he returns, with an album filled with strong drone atmospheres and obscure passages reflected through 5 compositions, each one of them having strong connection with each other, so creating an in deep concept based on minimalistic ambient soundcapes covered by such obscure vaporous and enigmatic elements in tracks such as "Unsullied By The Torch Of Time" and the title one "There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood”, both tracks with such obssessive elements which hypnotize you and put you in an state of gnosis ready to explore the hidden fountain and to drink from such magickal elixirs. Interesting to note how each track is progressing within the minutes into a mass of dense and desolated atmopsheres.Then comes, “In Solitary Confinement”, another suggestive piece full of sorrowful atmospheres gathered in a specific way to transform each atmosphere in a sole foggy dark piece immersing you in a deep sea filled with blood. A very interesting piece due as each one of the elements are put together to create such hypnotic and subliminal track. The next track is "I have No Blood, I have No Heart”, emerging from the inner void, an impressive drone ambient track with so strong elements and atmospheres collapsing all the time evoking pure Degradation, degeneration, fear, sadness, loneliness which are the main elements focused in this conceptual work by Miguel Boreau giving us an in deep message which must be understood when exploring deeply and meditate upon each one of the compositions included here."There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood" symbolizes the source of death, the place we constantly head on in our gloomy existential pilgrimage. And closing the release we have "Above Me Only A Shimmering Light”, a remix track by the German act MYSTIFIED, and the result is very interesting, a piece full of enigmatic passages and eclectic nature inside the dark ambient atmospheres! Packaging is non-typical: pressed CD is buttoned on plastic mount, inside of cardboard, printed, folded packaging. Foiled. And strictly limited to 500 copies only!

"Schattenkrieger" Cdr 2010
Having working as Phalanx Feat. The White Rabbit on past days, and now under a different platform, but still generating such sensitive kind of music Sven Phalanx returns with a very interesting production this time under SCHATTENSPIEL's name and adapting diverse monumental classical compositions into "Schattenkrieger", a compendium of neo classical military pop dressed with ambient passages and industrial patterns creating a very eclectic release full of so high interesting moments from start to finish. "Alone In The Dark" is the opening track, creating through ambient soundscapes.Them comes "Sturmwarnung" and "El Gato Negro" ,both compositions are really impressive in its own conception. The first one is a collaboration one between SCHATTENSPIEL and BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK, converging into military percussive sounds and such classical atmospheres surrounding the whole composition. While "El GAto Negro" is a very suggestive piece full of mysticism and melancholy created through the cooperation of South American (Argentina) act IGNIIS.One of the most sublime tracks I've ever hear before. The music is constantan entering to your mind and penetrating everything, impressive use of voices in Spanish language dressed with such tribal percussive sounds, makes of this, one of the best tracks here.So,continuing with the voyage into SCHATTENSPIEL's world are "Niemandsland",and "Symphony Of Loneliness”, both pieces immersing yourself into sutile beautiful atmospheres gathering diverse soundscapes able to transport you to the core of your heart, to explore the most hidden sensitive visions ever seen before. Through "Solang Mein Herz Noch Schläht" and "Tigerauge" the inclusion of such percussive elements mixed with such atmospheres creates a very interesting gathering of sounds and elements ranging from strong, suggestive ones to sorrowful melancholic ones.Although are worth to mention "Tigerrauge" is far stronger due how military drumming parts has been executed here. "U-29" is crawls as an industrialish one with some German spoken words and other arrangements covered with strong atmospheres from start to finish. And so on the whole album congregates so many elements worth to explore due the magnetism each one of them have. Other tracks you can find here are "Vendetta","Flashback","Väterchen Frost" among others...This release includes a special package from card board A5 digifile with postcard and limited to 150 handnumered copies only.