Wednesday, 6 October 2010


"Passing Through The Outer Gates"(Eulogy Series,Vol I) Digipack 2010
(First Fallen Star)
when talking about creativity and eclectic nature we must inmmeditely must carve deeply in the shape of Thomas Park,a musician with has been creating lots of interesting releases through the years,and now is here presenting us ,a part of his creativity though Eulogy Series,Vol I,founding so very attractive elemnts and suggestive pieces of music which reveals us different aspects of his own perspectives and visions.revealing the spiritual trascendence of his own visions reffering death and its entrance to another levels of existence,the passing of soul through different gates.The album opens with "Eulogy For Thomas Park" and the revelation began,created through classical atmospheres full of eclectic sounds and sutil passages generating a very impressive collage of different musical vortex.Then,comes "Dark Transition",an obscure piece full of neo classical atmospheres and percussive sounds increasing the whole aspect of the track with a kind of atmospehre rich and dynamic!! "Lost My Body",show us another surreal piece of ambient passages,this time bathed by some experimental passages and percussive sounds which gives such magickal ritual touch to the whole track in general. Through "Up Down Or Out",things here are going more dense,floating the whole composition in minimal dark ambient passages but stil dressed with such classical tunes surrounding everything.Really,a very interesting piece full of dynamism and well performed is what you shall find in the whole album."Approaching something" is one of such ambient experiemental pieces which keep your senses alive all the time due how its growing within the pass of minutes,so dark,moody,and dynamic,one of the best tracks here. "Soul In Motion",emerges with its infiltrating atmopsheres and very impressive work of experimental percussive soundsmutating all the time,to create vast soundscapes full of diverse characters as voice effects and more yet to be discover.other two tracks which complements the whole release are "The Final Gate" and "The Soul's Resting Place" both of them complementing perfectly each other to give you birth to another dimension perceived through the gates.A very recommneded release due the trascendence all the whole album has from start to finish.The album is presented in an A5 digipack with silver foil embossed lettering and a specially die-cut cover whose coffin-shaped hole reveals only a hnt of the true album cover artwork underneath! Featuring David Demaret's "burning Souls" to 500 copies only!!!

"Restles" Digipack 2010
(First Fallen Star)
The enigmatic minimalistic ambient duo known as SECRET DRUID SOCIETY,present us an work based on desolated soundscapes,hybrid atmopsheres which seems to express a latent reality which must be present in a near future,a desolated dismal paradise with no life.Though 7 compositions of dark ambient expresionism SECRET DRUID SOCIETY arrives with not just a simple album,but an spectral voyage to isolationism!!! "Desert World" is the opening composition floataing into dense ambient atmopsheres and minimal structures emerging slowly to create a vast amalgame of circular sounds moulding themselves to the point of transporting yourself to, the next track is"Restless(Foreboding)",a more based drone pattern track full of power and character due how each one of the sounds crawls themselves to create a cold and strong seems to carrie you to a near future in which cold isolationim rules everywhere.Though "Lonely Moon",the drone patterns seems to capture you to the void,and momified your spirit though such intense moments of cold atmopsheres,and distant colosal isolationism."Phobia(Stones Are Moving)",continues with its strong march to nothingness itself,but ths time the drone passages are mesmerized by such sutile atmopheres gathering slowly through each one of minutes of the whole composition here.Erosive atmospheres going aroung repetitive movements once again and again!. "Restless(night Is Here)"offer us dismal
passages and sugestive drone elements,covered by such sutile sticking dark ambient atmospheres which makes of this release a piece of dense dark ambient with so much well processed elements."Dawn Over The Deserted World" is the equilibrium of nature calling for freedom,is the self procreative reality of nature,this time expressed through sutile melodies and ambient structures converging themselves to create a vast universe,a new dawn in a desert world.And closing the release we find a tack called "Endless Ice plains",taken the hybrid scenarios,this time with such drone cold sounds and sterile atmospheres to create a perfect final for this album!!! Also limited to 500 copies and as the whole First Fallen Star Releases,coming in a digipack format with an 8 pages booklet featuring short poems penned by the hands of the project's musicicans.

"Paths To Emptiness" Cd 2010
(The Eastern Front)
FAHL being part of the artist circle "Die Neue Runde",and founded in 2008,has been developing an universe full of dense atmospheres and soundscapes with a very sugggestive touch.So this time FAHL arrives with its debut album,in which you shall explore 10 compositions,in which everything was created into special subconsious methods and becoming flesh for your own personal experimentations.The album opens with a track floating into obscure passajes and diverse whispers and voices as background with a powerfull while the second one,is a very sutile dark ambient composition full of minimalistic atmopsheres and spoken voices crawling through the whole track.The main structures of the whole album are the spoken voices and atmospheres which together creates such magnificent pieces of music with a powerfull and suggestive track 4 for example is one of the best one,with an almost perfect work of voices and atmopsheres which seems to be hypnotizing you with the pass of minutes.All in all, you shall discover the enigmatic essence of the whole album withing hearing the complete tracks,because each one of them has such a codified structure which you must discover by yourself.The Album concept is based on the Mahabharata as well as poems and texts by John Milton, Jack London, Stefan George, Christian Dietrich Grabbe and Cornelius Waldner. One of the aspect We must mention here is how it seems each track is connected to each other.The albums comes in a jewel case cd and includes a 8 pages booklet with images and information about the concept and project!!! so,a short but effective review here and reccomended for fans of Lustmord,Endura!!! THERE ARE SIGNS OF THE END OF THE YUGA!!

"Fear Of Dawn"
(The Eastern Front)
A new rising star is shining at the distant horizon,and its bright enlight us with such incredible melodies and neo-folk we are proud to present the debut album by PALE ROSES,a French project which has been very inspired by acts such as Sol Ivictus,Death In June just to name a few...they have created their own unique style focusing on ,melodies atmopsheres created by acoustic guitar tracks and voices which seems to transport you to such pagan era back in time,so one aspect to mention here is how each one of the 10 tracks developed here have such nostalgic feeling and penetrating sadness which touch your heart,so tracks such as "Flow My Tears" and "four winters" opens the release in a proper way.Really I am impressed by the development of this act,so much due the effect music produces in my mind,so perhaps because when writting and listening it there was a plenty rain over the city and as I living near mountains so the atmosphere and fog its really great!! The next track is a tribute to Tony Wakeford called "Sol Invictus",and this is really amazingly beautiful,such acoustic guitar tunes and voices gathered specially for this composition.Through tracks such as "Lord Gregory" and "Heroes Dawn",things goes a bit different,for example in the Gregory's one you only hear a spoken voice alone through the whole track,and with the next track ,you shall find some piano passajes and two viices complementing perfectly though the track, to create a very interesting musical piece."When The War Is Over" is a very sensitive piece too,with such sad melodies from start to finish."Niflheim",rises as as splendour of nature,as the splendour of your mind as a free spirit flying around,a very rich piece full of interesting moments."Pagan","Two Ravens" and "Are You Ready (For Total War)?" are closing this I higly recommend this release to all those sensitive spirits out there thirsty of good music,and professionalism!! "PALE ROSES deserves all their attention due how such pagen ,neo-folk compositions are structured here!! one more tiem a very exquisite release by The Eastern Front. The album comes with a 8 pages booklet including lyrics!!!