Thursday, 14 October 2010


"Inej Senju Kornej"
Its primal forces awakened from the icy far forest of Rusia, emanating all its atavistic forces beyond the nature forces. So a proud to present the release of two of the most enigmatic projects coming from russian federation both of them creating dense and obscure pulsations though the whole three tracks included on this album. The album was recorded under the influence of winter woods of Vepsky Park, and the result was so amazing, because the music itself seems to be a transfigurative organism growing and growing with pass of minutes, at moments the music reminds me to Halo Manash, the Finnish project, but HLADNA and VRESNIT has its own characteristic sound mixed and created specially for this concept release. One of the most important aspects of this album is how osbscure pulsations generates such high states of trance and meditative structures for ritual use. I am very impressed by such suggestive enigmatic pieces of both artists namely, Nikolay Kalmykov (Hladna) and Sergey Ilchuk (Vresnit), so penetrating our sences in a very suggestive way, due to dark dense atmospheres and well created use of singing bowls, and other structures. At the second track you shall hear some strange vocal mantras as if there comes from the trees speaking in strange languages. A ritualistic piece of drone noise ambient highly recommended to all those into obscure mantras dressed with such shamanic pulsations always bringing new elements with this kind of projects!!! The album is limited to 383 copies and the whole album designed by full-color six-panel envelope From Vresnit Art.

"Kornej Senju Inej"
The transmission continues, and even the organic cells of nature mutates one more time, to create the second part of this collaborative release of HLADNA & VRESNIT. This time the suggestive pulsations emerges under almost the same facet as on its first part. Offering you a vast, dense drone ambient structures gathered under such subliminal forces with a very obscure and vaporous atmosphere. At moments music is a gateway to the worlds of elementals of nature due how each one of the four compositions here ihas been built. The second track including here has some very tribal druming parts such as its spirits opens its portals to coming to underworld. Its corridors opened and the drone passajes emerges to encapture the listener with such shamanic ritualistic soundscapes. Using some field recording ,wind isntruments and metal sounds they have created a very amazing piece having such high connotation due how the music penetrates slowly to your mind, and opens to you channels of perception to a latent magickal world. This kind of music is just perfect to be listened under the use of magickal herbs. Also some spoken voices can be hear at least on track 3. A very meditative piece of ritual musik persented by both artists creating a monumental artistical expression due its magickal connections with nature. The album comes in a six panel cardboard and limited to 181 copies only!! just write Vetvei recs now!!

"Seme>Zemlya" cdr 2010
NEZNAMO is one of such projects arriving from russian Federation and founded in 1996 by dmitry shilov,reveal us part of all its creativity and well structured music,due the dynamism and eclectic nature in each one of its albums.So this time we have the pleasure to review "Seme>Zemlya" an album with so many intereting facets focusing into drone/ambient minimalist atmospheres,creating vast soundscapes full of dense and versatile moments.So two long tracks being the first one a 9:30 minutes track called " Zemlya",built into drone elements and covered by such eclectic atmospheres from start to finish.The interesting point here is how the track is evolving within the pass of minutes ,creating a very rich and well structured piece, based in drones as the principal element here.So,then comes the second one ,through 10:14 minutes in which you shall experience a kind of different facet due the minimalistic elements handled here ,but still with some strong atmopsheres worth to explore.The whole album has such strong elements which keep your sences alive all the time,such enigmatic atmospheres crawling from within the core of this interesting russian project.For more info just contact Moonsun Productions.

"Slepok Soznaniya" Digipack 2009
(Muzyka Voln)
Though this debut album,this promissing Russian project emerges as a very interesting one,when we look the projection this alum has,due the intense moments and creative musical exploration developed through each one of the 9 tracks developed here.The name of the project translated as warrior (sanskrit), great warrior of the truth, which can one foughts with a thousand... KSHATRIY has been creating music since 2004 ,but now it arrives with a proper concept based on a perfect equilibrium between mind,body and soul,creating such vast and enigmatic passages to a cosmic dimension full of joy,liverty,light,love... tracks as "Put' Voina" and "Magic Forest" opening the album,through well structured drone ambient passages and diverse field recording creating an amalgame of soundscapes with incredible passages.Then come tracks such as "the Spirits" and "Loki",being the first one an indeep exploration to nature's world,evoking the elemental powers of water through sensitive soundscapes full of power.And more with some industrial traces and the inclusion of some kind of voices as background at the middle of the track.The other one is more dense and cryptic,full of slow agonic drone passages gathering around a vast execution of sounds converging perfectly in the atmosphere handled here.Some percussive sounds emerges too to enrich the whole atmopshere of the whole track.The suggestive trip continues with tracks such as "Lights" and "Hymn To Kali(Part I)",both of them amazing pieces built through dense drone passages,floating into obscure atmopsheres with such enigmatic touch with Characterize KSHATRIY through the whole album.This album is just amazing,this one encaptures the true essence of dark industrial feeling mixing also such in deep drone elements which incorporates perfectly for a perfect result in "Slepok Soznaniya"! An unforgetable album with very interesting moments worth to explore. Other tracks included here are "Space Travel","Mother Earth",and "Moment Istiny"!! important to note thar Muzika Voln is a sub divison label of Zhelezobeton! forinfo just check the link.