Thursday, 21 October 2010


"Kalen Ven" Cdr 2009
VRESNIT emerges again, this time with its second album. Offering us a long 33:33 minutes track, in which the archaic ritualistic atmospheres converges in its own symbolism, creating a vast ambient composition with such eerie passajes, cthonic structures and subliminal atavisms evoking pure sensitive spirits though this long piece. At moments you seems to floats through such dense drone soundscapes and profound eerie atmospheres as if you were found in midle of jungle and elemental spirits calls you to its own worlds.This project is one of the best I have heard through the ambient ritual scene. Its raw, dense, obscure, it gathers allthe parameters we search in an ambient ritual project! Dark pulsations carries you slowly to such cthonic underground regions of your subconscious, being primal and dark. Without a doubt "Kalen Ven" is one of such releases which you will never forget! As the whole Vetvei releases this one comes in a especial package, this time - triple brown cardboard incl. 4 cards. Lets just immerse yourself though the Cthonic corridors and primal dakness evoked by such ritual ambient project VRESNIT!

"Skvozь Temnotu" Cdr 2007
OGNI VIDENIY is an ambient experimental project created by the shape of Petr Abysov which was born from the ashes of his other past industrial noise projectcalled: Fires Of Images. Now with OGNI VIDENIY, he has traced some parameters floating into a very impressive work of atmospheres,which seems to evolve through simple minimal sounds to diverse soundscapes,penetrating slowly through each one of the 6 compositions generated through "Skvozь Temnotu"(Through Darkness). The whole album tracks are in russian language,and has translations too.So,opening the album is "Visions Of The Source",a minimal ambient composition with such drop water atmopsheres mixed with some dense elements and arrangements which surely will surprise you due how enigmatic the trackturns.Then comes "Keepers Of Fires" and the spirits of fires burn high through the forest,with a very interesting piece in which OGNI VIDENIY offer us part of his potential with an ambient track full of desolation and obscure atmopheres,gathered around the whole picture of the track.The next composition is called "Clearing The Wind",and the enigmatic journey continues this time with a call to the spirits of air,with such sutile but effective atmopsheres,bells and field recordings."Sacral Days",is perhaps one of the bes tracks here.The whole track is built into eerie,dense atmopsheres and subliminal passages covered by defragmentation of diverse sounds and the characterized dynamism in which OGNI VEDENIY seems to focus through each one of the tracks."Internal Hearing" and "Shadows Of Grasses" closes the album,in which everything its transformed through shamanic ritual atmospheres opening so many gateways to explore the obscure mysterious of nature. Its important to note the use of acoustic instrumnets which gives to the album a very interesting touch due how music evolves from time to time. The Release is presented in six-panel full colour envelope,with the always amazing visual art by Vresnit!!

"Vjuga.Ljet.Duj" Cdr 2009
Vresnit present a long mysterious voyage to such ancestral primordial tribes which rules the desolated territories in earth thoudsand years ago,with an impressive solo piece track of 41:55 minutes.The impressinism when hearing this album was simply amazing,it generates in oneself a kind of retro atavism in which all structures of mind seems to devour themselves to create a pictoric idea of how such tribes worships its own gods,the nature open so many path of such search of knowledge.Drone ritual spaces crawling within the whole composition with intense moments and well performed use of flute sounds and hypnotizing acoustic analog atmospheres,also the use of percussive tunes are enough elements worth to expore,due how in a sutile form the whole composition if filed with dynamism and structures which appears and start to grows slowly with the pass of minutes.Some spoken voices emerges as primal evocations to complement the perfect drone ambient structures here. All is integrating in a solid structure with such dynamism and ritualistic elements which makes of VRESNIT ,one of the best projects coming from russian federation. The release comes in 8-sided red paperboard booklet + Рђ5 insert. 19 copies include 4 colored A5 inserts. And strictly limited to 181 copies only.