Wednesday, 27 October 2010


"Zavet" Cdr 2010
NEZNAMO is a project which emerges from russian Federation,having as principal basis the exploration of human's true ego through the development of soundscapes and atmospheres which open channels via uncosnsious currents,as a way to enter into deep states of mind. "Zavet " is the third part of a trilogy concept released by Dmitry N. Shilow,the mastermind behinds NEZNAMO,in which through dense atmospheres you shall be submerged in such enigmatic dimension full of distant soundscapes and eerie passajes with very somber elements thoguh the whole album!A long 31:15 minutes voyage to the center of earth through the well performed use of drone elements bathed with a kind of suggestive and subliminal atmospheres going perfectly arranged with the whole structure of the track.The high impressive use of percussive elements mixed with such field recordings makes of this release one of the most interesting ones by Neznamo. At moments such hypnotic composition seems to transport you to the very primal states of counciousness,due the magickal atmospheres created by Dmitry.Without a Doubt another excelent release by Russian Vetvei recs,also its worth to note this release comes in a special package of full colour six panel envelope!!! for more info just visit Vetvei's page...

"Tunvet" Cd 2009
when talking about creativity,and intense magickal development we must mention this Russian project known as VRESNIT,which has been polluting the world with all of its interesting releases,all of them with such hypnotic elements which encaptures the listener though a ritual shamanic voyage,due how the music is developed.So,this time through " Zavet" an album which fill my spectatives in a proper way,coz through the solo track of this release you shall explore the intense drone ambient atmospheres and eerie elements created here. At moments its as if a natural vortex of energy is open ready to devour and transport yourself to another level of existence.Through the whole album the well executed use of floating wind instruments and such archaic persussive sounds are gathered to offer you something more than just an album,but a chtonic voyage to the labyrinths of nature in all its forms,showing you strange symbols and wooden totems.A perfect equilibrium when hearing the metal gongs and diverse ritual instruments mutating all the time,going around with such dense drone atmopsheres.The natural development in "Tunvet" is the path of nature with its own mysteries and enigmatic elements ready to be explored by yourself.Again VRESNIT surprise me a lot with such kind of ritualistic music,always offering intense and in deep moments from start to finish. The album comes in a special package,having six panel digi file with archaic visuals reprsenting just the visual side of what you shall experience when hearing the ritual mantras generated at "Tunvet".

"Taet" Cd 2009
Again VRESNIT surprises with this amazing release,but now with a cooperation release with another russian project known as KSHATRIY handled by Uak-Kib from St. Petersburg/Moscow. this project has been developing several albums going oriented into drone ambient elements.and VRESNIT is well known by its shamanistic ritual exposition of atmospheres from time ago...So both spirits joined forces to create a vast scenario of drone ritual structures collapsing perfectly to consagrate mother gaia,in all its enormous splendour.This long 48:50 minutes composition has such intesne passages and structures based into drone soundscapes surrounded by suggestive whispers ,subliminal spoken mantras and organic atmospheres whcih together generates differents sensation in human aura,as isolation,inner transformation,meditative states. The most impressive element here is how the whole composition involves you with such archaic percussive pasaages and wind instruments floating mysteriously through the whole album. Water falls sounds,past incarnated spirits evoking its proclamation in nature's world,petrified drone patterns and eerie atmospheres complements the whole stuff here,generating a very amazing release worth to check. Shamanic Ritual trance album is what both artists offer us here.Just keep an eye open because a full interview with Sergey the spirit behinds VRESNIT and Vetvei will be done soon to cover all the enigmatic reality behinds this acclaimed russian project.The album comes in 7"EP 6-panel cardboard envelope covered with the signs of Vetvei. Standing in awe of Majesty and experience of true Beauty. Tradition, vibrations for a New Cycle.