Monday, 8 November 2010


"Transhuman Reconnection Ecstasy" Cd 2010
POSTHUMAN TANTRA is an enigmatic project emerged from the transdimensional parallel paradigms,such mutative magickal machine was created by Edgar Franco aka Oidicius a multi media ,multi facetic,multi trans human creature,which has been creating music from long time ago...This time Edgar arrives with an album with so many interesting elements always floating into experimental ritual ambient structures and industrial patterns which are just more than perfect!!! The album opens with "The Cyber Pagelanca" a shamanistic piece with such suggestive trans human chants and privimite soundscapes able to transport yourself to such dimensional sphreres.Then comes "The False Sadness Of The Oldest Galaxy On The first Antimater Particle Of My DNA",still converging into obscure atmopsheres and spectral voices crawling from within.Effects and soundcapes arranged into proper structures to create a very enigmatic piece here. "Transbiomorphosis'Ecstasies",built into such psy-fi atmospheres and repetitive experiemntal soundscapes this track is a call to entering such vast dimensions created by PHT.A very amazing composition is found in "The Sinister Mantra Of Human dogmas",so an in deep dense track full of distant atmopsheres and spoken voices handled in a very obscure way.the use of guitar elements enrich the whole structure of the whole track,also you can hear scream voices appearing to direct the music into a more sinister one!! "The Gaia's Holes Ritual","The Masters Of The Alien Werevolves'clan" are both of them obscure pieces of transmutative energy and power due as at every passage of the track you shall explore the creativity and suggestive atmopsheres bathed with such characteristic sound in which you shall experience a transformation of ecstasy and pain. next you shall enter the future trancendent poshumankind through "The Misanthropic Meme's Extinction","Trangenic Pineal Orgasm","Transient Visitor From My Holotropic Dimension" all 3 tracks full of dynamism and experimental passages giving us a clear idea of the trascendence of POST HUMAN TANTRA music and its high levels of post human gnosis reflecting in the whole album.Other compositions included here are "Transhuman Tempestuous Totem","The Posthuman Embrace","towards The Earth's Womb","Telurico Hino Da Reconexao(Telluric Anthem To The Recconection). Woth to note that a lot of special guest musicians recorded participations on the album as: Kale (TransZendenZ - Switzerland), Asenath Mason (Poland), Gareth Miller (Xa-Mul - England), Dimitri Brandi (Psychotic Eyes - Brazil), Lord Evil (Melek-tha, France), Marcelo Diniz (Analog Dream - Brazil), Amyr Cantusio Jr. (Alpha III, Brazil) and Lycanthropy's bands members (Brazil).the album includes a video clip of the track "the Gia's Holes ritual" and a multimedia animation track :Against Neo Racism"...the album include a 12 pages booklet with images and lyrics so just ordered it directly through Edgar franco or just wirte to Legatus recs!! A POST HUMAN DAWN,FOR A NEW ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!!!

Cdr 2007
AUTONOMOUS INDIVIDUAL NETWORK of the 23rd current was in past known as T.O.P.Y a collge ov creative individuals focusing into all forms of mackigal currents,through such currents they converges in a multi-facet reality full of paradigms going in all directions,so such mutative organism known as AIN 23 ,is now just more than just an organization but a collective of spirits devloping differents forms of art be it visual,musical ,and other artistic platforms.So after some problem with this package finally this one arrives to be explored by myself in order to handle one of the creative elementsdeveloped at AIN this is a collective musical,musical dimension converging into 12 transformative audial sigils...The first piece here is INSTAGON "420 buzzkill" a rhtyhmic pice full of interesting bass lines and interesting deconstructive elements. the next is STOMACH PUMP EXPERIENCE "Virus Amoung You" a very suggestive piece full ov narrative spoken voices surrounded by atmosphereric passages creating a very sutile but strong composition here.Through UNEXPECTED SLUG "Ontology Recapitulates Phylogigeny",things goes more orineted into an experimental direction,with such extreme eclectic nature focusing into diverse elements and bringing such industrial patterns with a very harsh perspective.PC 23 "Over The Wire,Under The Radar" is built into drone atmopsheres and corrossive atmopshere mutating all the time,the music here is very hypnotic and well elaborated!!! COYOTE 380 offer us a composition called "An Issue Of Permanence",an experimental voyage to the center ov chaos,handled into percussive elements,voices and decosntructive atmospheres,creating vast soundscapes from diverse magickal platforms.COYOTE 412 comes with a post punk track called,"Assassin"...a rhythmic structure with such sticking keyboard elements and voices!!! COYOTE 426 "Aiming For Wakefullness" is one of such suggestive hypnotic pieces with a in deep atmopshere from start to finish,the drone atmoipsheres fits perfectly the whole structure of the track,such spoken mantras and percussive beats gives the track a very ritualistic magickal atmosphere.Some other artist present here are COYOTE 179,and ALL HAVE NUMBERS NONE HAVE NAMES!!! for more info just visit the site in order to order this piece of total descontruction,discontrol...By consciously attempting to gather knowledge and information from these simple comtemplations,the magickian can gain better control over ones own reality and find clearer paths for sorcery!!!

"Ephemeros(ante' Te Deum)"Digipack 2010
formed since 2000 E.V ,BISCLAVERED has become one of the most impressive ambient experiemntal esoteric projects worldwide due the enigmatic visual and musical artistical exploration through each one of its releases.This Polish due its highest development and enigmatic magickal touch!! This time BISCLAVERED surprice with "Ephmeros (Ante 'te Deum) a concept album dealing with men and the angels having each one of them a respetive title.An esoteric voyage to such obscure regions of mind where you shall find your own angels ready to be evoked by yourself! "Ofis" is the first invocation,and amazing opening track with such piano passages dressed by spoken voices,whisers and eerie atmopsheres creating a pictoric reality beyond any rational concept.The esoteric continues through "Ejael" is focused into such intense eerie atmospheres and such magickal spoken mantras which generates different sensations due how are adapted to such subliminal guitar tunes.The whole track is a kind of invocation due how voices are developed here. Through the next one called "Donkuel",a tribal ritual druming emerges from the void to reveal us its enigmatic path,with such obscure and sutile feelings at the whole picture of the track. A higlight for "Ephemeros'Te Deum" is how music itself catch you suddenly and transport you to such esoteric labyrinths of mind in which all demons and angels dwells. "Izrafael" is one of such pieces which carves your mind to a point of gnosis due how the piano passages and voices are joint together and more when such industrial percussive beats emerges to open channels of perception,to open new paths to self liberation and self illumination.The fifth opus arrives and its called "Semakiel",a piece composed with such tribal percussive atmopsheres and bathed by nostalgic piano passages giving a preludium for spoken voices and atmopsheres latent through the whole composition.The whispers elemnts seems to reveal you akind of enigmating message hidden behind the mirror of angel Semakiel,reflecting all its own masks though such vast atmsopheres full of dynamism and darkness.Without a doubt BISCLAVERET has pointed a high precept with this release,so in my opinion one of the best releases from this year 2010. Though "Azrael",things goes more into such kind of nostalgic suggestive atmopsheres,with high emphasis on keyboards and voices,but still piano passages,spoken voices,erotic whispers and percussive sounds makes its presences announcing the entrance to the seventh and last passage called "Androgyne",a mystic one ,ful of ghastly atmopsheres and voices coming from the hidden nature of man!so this is a perfect piece to close the album due the enigmatic and subliminal passages offering to us the end to a new beginning which must be awited through the new album by BISCLAVERET!!